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March 6, 1999- Peggy's Page for sharing how she came through the trial of the death of her husband Jing.  Her faith and hope in the Lord is an inspiration to many, and proof that if we trust in Him we will survive gloriously.

Thank you to Patty Lerner who was so nice as to teach me how to put my banner when I sign a guestbook.  I have been visiting her page for some time now and it is always a joy.

May 1999- To the River of Life for being encouraging and inspiring.  Mary Anne's pages are full of words for refreshing the soul.

To Calej World for the beautiful, God-centered music she has composed.

Adrienne Cobbs for taking care of The Birthday Club so faithfully and meticulously!

To Barbara for her beautiful website, for her courageous spirit!

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Thank you Lord for the wonderful homepages and the wonderful brothers and sisters who 'live' in these pages!   Who would have thought  that the world would become so small because of neighborhoods like Geocities!  Although we have never met most of them, they are very real blessings to us.  How rich we are indeed in the Lord when we can recognize the treasure and riches He has given us in the uniqueness of each person!


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