Here are some quilt backgrounds you can use.  Please save them by right clicking  your mouse and please put a text or banner link back to me. 

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I recently learned that the first quilts were made by early American settlers who were forbidden by Mother England to weave their own cloth!  All fabric had to be imported from England and were taxed heavily.   So the Pilgrims had no recourse but to cut up their tattered garments and beddings and sew the still usable pieces together- thus was born the quilt! 

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Thank you Lord for the gift of learning, and the gift of teaching.  Thank you for my sister Tina who took the time today to teach me how to make backgrounds!  I was so eager to apply what I learned  and now I have some backgrounds I can use and share!  Thank you also Lord for your desire to always make beauty out of something ugly.  Our lives in your hands are like pieced together quilts-  formed from odds and ends of our tattered souls and salvaged by your compassion.  Thank you lord for finding ways to give meaning and direction to our lives,  for finding ways we can serve you and follow you.


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