Thank you for the warm and loving people represented by these awards and gifts:

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Somebody thought I was special and gave me this bear hug award! (2/2000) Thank you so much Ana Grace!

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Thank you for this wonderful gift, whoever this kind sister is!

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Thank you Don for my surprise gift!

welcomegft.jpg (12694 bytes)    CM1.jpg (18290 bytes)

Thank you to Maria  and Candy who gave me a warm welcome to Caring Moms.

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Thank you to Bea and Stacey for my nice gifts.

CM2.jpg (12832 bytes)  CM4.jpg (9349 bytes)

Thank you Merethe for this cute gift and thank you Amy for Caring!

CM5.jpg (28466 bytes)

This gift is from Gigi, a fellow filipina like myself!  Thank you, Gigi!

CM6.jpg (17566 bytes)

Thank you Kim for my newest welcome gift.  It's radiant!

heartfelt.gif (10997 bytes)

Thanks to Elizabeth for my 'Heartfelt' Award above.  I really appreciate it!


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