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I've always loved reading and have come across many "quotable quotes" I wish I'd remember and put into action.  Here are some of them.  You can send these as e-postcards by going to our  writing room.

The Christian life is not so much taught as caught. 

-Dr. James Dobson

Our small steps of obedience are dwarfed by God's faithfulness to His promise to give us guidance and encouragement by His Spirit.
It is not the sense of His presence, it is the fact of His presence that is our strength and stay.

-Amy Carmichael

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-Oswald Chambers

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-St. Augustine, Sermon 185

Simplify, Simplify.

-Henry David Thoreau

Enough is a abundance to the wise.


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-Victor Hugo

Life was meant to be lived.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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-Mother Teresa

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Thank you Lord for the inspiration of your Spirit, the giver of wisdom and counsel.  May your Spirit continue to enlighten and renew men and women that one day we will all be one with you in your heavenly Kingdom.


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