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bbuttonbecki.gif (1118 bytes)Josh likes to draw and I put a lot of his drawings together with pictures in our scrapbook.  Here's his own rendering of Batman (on the top right) and Gotham City (below left).

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bbuttonbecki.gif (1118 bytes)We celebrated 100 years of our country's independence in 1998.   So I put that in our scrapbook too.  Josh was very cooperative in posing with the tableau of the making of the first filipino flag. 


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bbuttonbecki.gif (1118 bytes)Here we are with our friends Ken and Doc when we spent a weekend in Subic Bay.  We were actually posing so we could come out with a press release for our new papemelroti t-shirts!

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Thank you Lord for holidays and vacations and every day in between!  You have made a wonderful world full of things to do and places to go and people to meet.  What an adventure life can be when we open ourselves to what you want us to experience!

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