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bbuttonbecki.gif (1118 bytes)Josh gets thrilled when I put his face on a cartoon or storybook character.  He plays Buzz and his cousin Mark is Woody.  When Josh is Batman, Mark is Robin.

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bbuttonbecki.gif (1118 bytes)Now here's Josh as Hercules, another character he likes to play.   He improvises a lot and uses his imagination.  I got this page from a Time Magazine article a couple of years ago.


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bbuttonbecki.gif (1118 bytes)What kid doesn't get intrigued by Outer Space? 


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bbuttonbecki.gif (1118 bytes)This is Josh as who else but Jack and the Beanstalk.  The trick to making these pictures work is you have to find a face that will work well with the picture.  This one is OK even if Josh' face is big, and in the Buzz picture, I was quite surprised when the angle of Josh face fit the picture.  Obviously, this takes more time to do and you need a picture you can cut up.

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Thank you Lord for good times and the ability to remember them!  When we look through our scrapbooks, it's not only a time of remembering, it's also a time of counting our blessings and thanking You! You have given us so much- each person in our family is a gift from you!  We are so rich in love and peace and joy! 

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