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bbuttonbecki.gif (1118 bytes)Every birthday I take a picture of Josh with the newspaper making sure to show the headline.  This was taken a couple of years ago.  I found a magazine article with little pictures of newspapers and stuck them around the page.

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bbuttonbecki.gif (1118 bytes)Josh is crazy about Batman and we had a Batman theme for his birthday when he turned 3 and when he turned 4!!  Here I cut out a magazine article about children's birthday parties with a super hero theme and put Josh' picture in between, then below I placed a picture of his real birthday celebration.


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bbuttonbecki.gif (1118 bytes)Here's a picture of Josh and Luigi drinking Coke- a special treat as far as Josh is concerned.  When Josh turned three, Luigi bought him a Coke in a can and here they are.  I found a frame just right for the picture!

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Thank you Lord for good times and the ability to remember them!  When we look through our scrapbooks, it's not only a time of remembering, it's also a time of counting our blessings and thanking You! You have given us so much- each person in our family is a gift from you!  We are so rich in love and peace and joy! 

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