Our Country the Philippines

phil.gif (10389 bytes)As you can see our country is composed of more than 7000 islands.  It is located in SouthEast Asia between China and Indonesia. Our climate is tropical marine and we are along the typhoon and earthquake belt!

We live in Metro Manila, a large sprawling, crowded metropolis in the largest of the islands, Luzon.  As of the 1995 census, there were 9.5 million people living in the National capital region!  In the city where I live, Quezon city, we counted 1.9 million!  The total population back then was 68 million people!

We speak both English and Pilipino.   To learn pilipino isn't all that difficult. We have some strange characteristics as a people, and you can take a test if you like to see some of our idiosyncracies!  All in fun, of course.  And not just a little exaggerated!

In 1998 we celebrated 100 years of independence from Spain.  Our history is very interesting and colorful. To find out more  and why our country is called The Philippines, visit this siteTribung Pinoy, pilipino for Pilipino Tribe, is an artistically made web journal about the Philippines and the Filipino people.

If you're interested in Philippine cuisine, Manong Ken's Carinderia is the place to go.   It's even got a listing of local vegetables. For a sample of Philippine arts and literature, click here.  Want to try a game of sungka?  You won't even need shells for this!

Local Vibe is a lively, opinionated  website about what's happening in Manila and Manila by Sunset is a good place to visit while planning your trip to the Philippines.  Filipinos are naturally hospitable and friendly.

Other sites you can visit that has links to other Philippine websites:  Philippine Cyberspace Links, Habing Pilipino Webring, Filipino Links, and Tanikalang Ginto.  Or you can go to G Spot, a Philippine web search engine.  Of course I assume no responsibility over the contents of these sites and the way they are administered, particularly as they are secular sources.

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I thank God for my country, for our rich and colorful history, all the brave men and women who have made our lives what it is today- we have the freedom  to worship our God, freedom  to learn, to work, to love.   We take these things forgranted all the time, but there are many countries not so blessed. 

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