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Say it with me now, "Awwwwww."

J14 Lifestory

"It's hard, especially with our fan base, which is mostly made up of women." - Lance, when asked the if he would ever date a fan.

Tampa Bay Soundcheck party, July 31, 2001

Little girl: My name is Kerri, and my question is, can y'all really ride horses?
All: oh yeah!
Kerri: teach me cause when I try it...I fall half-way off!
Lance: awww hehehe
Justin: I do too!
Chris: better than all the way off!
JC: yeah half-way off is better than all the way off
Lance: yeah but Justin you didn't have a saddle.

There's just something vaguely dirty about the fact that Lance reminded Justin that he didn't have a saddle the last time he went "riding."

From Challenge for the Children III, July 28, 2001

"It's about time you got wet." - JC to Joey before dunking him.

From Access Hollywood, July 2001

"I'm buying Lance's." - Joey on the Rolling Stone covers.

From the BBC, June, 2000

"I gotta say mine and Joey's relationship has struggled because of all this. He used to be so kind and pay attention to me. He used to notice little things about me when I walked in the room. But now?" - Chris

From "Access Hollywood," August 31, 2000

"Katie Couric is hot." - Lance

Yahoo! Chat with Chris on January 5, 1999

Tay1222314 asks: Did any of you kiss a girl for New Year's?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Joey kissed Lance!

People Magazine, August 14, 2000

(After Joey mentions that the fact that the women who date *NSYNC prefer to stay out of the spotlight):
"I gotta tell you, I would not want to be my girlfriend." - JC
"I would." - Chris

TV Guide, August 26-September 1, 2000

"The pants that they had me wear were so tight I felt like I was having sex with myself." - Justin

Another excerpt from the same interview:

"Looking cute, sugar!" 'N Sync's Chris Krikpatrick whoops. "Does your momma let you walk around like that? Looking ghetto fabulous!"
Kirkpatrick's you-go-girl routine is directed at Lance Bass, who's livening up some pre-photo shoot downtime by strutting around in bad-boy threads: first a pair of spangled, ripped, derriere-revealing denims, then a cowboy hat and brown chaps ensemble that's part "Midnight Cowboy" and part Calvin Klein ad.
"You should just wear the chaps," says Joey Fatone.

Source unknown

Q: Have any of you experienced a holiday romance?
Chris: JC had one, but the guy went off and joined the Army!
JC: Whatever. I didn't know it was a guy, OK?

Big Gay Lance and Joey Bear share a moment.

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