Opie was an unexpected addition to our family.  In late September of 2000, a man who works with my husband came to work and said he would no longer be able to keep his basset hound, because he couldn't find an apartment that would allow dogs.  That afternoon, my husband brought Opie home as a surprise for our 12 year-old daughter, Sarah.

Almost immediately he wormed his way into our hearts.  He is always ready to play.  His favorite toys are a multi-colored stuffed ball, and a small stuffed dalmation that he has carried around from the moment he moved in.
Opie loves to drink out of the faucet in the bathtub, and has taught Bentley how to do it.  He loves to go for walks in the neighborhood, and stops to visit, so all the neighbors can pet him.
He loves to sleep under the covers, and likes to sit in our lap with his feet curled under him like a cat.
Opie grew strong while running, playing and wrestling with our greyhounds, Prince and Rider.   We lost Prince to a stroke and Rider to a degenerative disc problem.   I know Opie misses playing and running with his big friends, but he now uses his speed  to outrun Bentley.
Rider and Opie wrestling.  They loved to play together.
Opie, on Valentine's Day 2002.  Playing in the snow!
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