This page is for Tony to rant and rave about anything that happens on or off the track and to keep everyone updated on how the season is goin. The views on this page are Tonys opinion and his alone and are not the opinion of Trent or those of Ohyacool Racing.
September 19th 2005
Well we hauled to Saratoga on Sat.
Someone once told me if u dont have anything nice to say......RANT ABOUT IT!!!
First we got screwed. I won the trophy dash but they gave it to some &^%$ in the 17 car after I crossed @ least 3 feet ahead of him after a very tense moment coming off turn 4 & bumping wheels 3 or 4 times heading for the checkered flag. That as it turns out bent the lower control arm n I only made 3 laps in the heat cause of it. Then in the main the 17 car spun me sideways in turn 1 & pushed me down the back streight. We finished the race a lap down. Then the officals did a fuel check & DQed us for using marked gas..... WTF? Rule book says we must use pump gas. All in all it was nice to race again even if we got screwed for the whole night. Maybe the next & last race will be better. Congrats to the 99 car on their win. Good racin Chris.

September 13th 2005
We actually made it to a race!!!
We arrived late at the track on Sunday the 4th and missed hotlaps. All in all it was a fun night. Qualified rather slow with the new motor because we missed hotlaps & didnt get the motor up to temp before I went out. We started outside front row of the slow heat and it looked like we had a shot at keeping up if not winning the race untill a sparkplug wire came off with about 3 laps left. I was in 2nd with half to 3\4 of a straightaway on 3rd when it came off. The other cars caught me very quickly after that. Finished last.
Trent and Steve got it runnin again for the main of which we started outside pole again. I thought we had a shot at keeping up when I got a good launch off the green & quickly moved in behind the leader. Then the carb started acting up again crapping out half way down the straights (still chasing this problem) and slowly the whole field moved by in a blur of absolute enjoyment for me. Just getting to race again was enough to keep me smiling. We finnished way back after being lapped by the 1st place car. But we had alot of fun. I would like to thank everyone with the IMS4's for a warm welcoming back & particularly Sharon in the 96 car & Chris in the 99 car for making room for us in the crowded pits. ITS GREAT TO BE BACK & WE'LL SEE YA @ GOOD OL SARA ON THE 17TH

August 26th 2005
Finally!!!! We made it to a practice last night.
We loaded up and took the car to Western for some laps and some fun.
Steve got in for some laps for the first time and did pretty good concidering he hasn't been in a race car in something like 10 years.
After Steves last run the car was very hot. Trent tried playing with the timing but the car wouldnt start after he did. I thought the day was over but they kept working on it till Trent put the timing back to where it was with Steve driving. Finally after almost 3 months I strapped into the car for some laps.
DAMN it felt good to drive again but the car still overheated. We have to figure that problem out now after we finally got the carb working right.
The biggest problem we had really had nothing to do with the car.
After we were done having our fun and packed up we were driving out of the parking lot when the reach on the trailer broke going over a speed bump slamming the trailer and car to the pavment. The car and trailer had to remain at the track. I would like to thank the Constantine's (All of them) for their help in the parking lot after the trailer broke.

Next we race again!!!!!! On Sunday September the 4th...... See ya there

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