Descendants of David Dean and Phebe Borland
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David and Phebe had at least:
11 children
50 grandchildren
128 great-grandchildren
153 great-great-grandchildren
98 great-great-great-grandchildren
139 great-great-great-great-granchildren
99 great-great-great-great-great-granchildren
22 great-great-great-great-great-great-granchildren
1 great-great-great-great-great-great-great-granchild
(Note: As of March 1, 2009 -- these are only descendants that I know of; the more recent generations are far from complete!)

1 David DEAN  
David Dean was born on Thursday the 31st of March 1763 at Little Britain [now New Windsor/Stewart International Airport], Orange County, New York.

About the first of March in the year 1778, just prior to his 16th birthday, David enlisted for four months in the New York Militia at Goshen. As a private during the Revolutionary War, David served first in Captain David Swesey's Company in Col. Benjamin Tustin's Regiment [New York Militia, Third Regt. from Goshen, NY]. The Regiment soon marched to Ramapo (Rockland Co., NY) where Col. John Hathorn's Regiment (4th regt. from Warwick, Orange Co., NY) was also doing duty. David was discharged at Ramapo in June of 1778. In the following September (1778), he enlisted for three months in Capt. Coe's Company, Col. John Cantine's (3rd Ulster County) Regiment. During this period of duty in the militia, the Regiment was mustered at Goshen and marched to Peenpack DeWitt's Fort in Western Orange County where David was discharged that Winter. In the middle of April 1779, he enlisted for four months in Lt. Webb's Company, Col. Tuston's Regiment. The Regiment marched to West Point spending most of their time stationed at the "gap" near West Point. He was at Beaver Brook (Battle of Minisink on July 22, 1779) when Lt.-Col.l Benjamin Tuston was killed. After being discharged, David returned home to Goshen. At Goshen David was often called out in the Militia, once he was sent to Hurley near Kingston in Ulster County to get provisions for the army (a journey which took 16 days). During this time he spent much of his time on fatigue and guarding the jail. David later recalled having seen General George Washington at Peramus, General Clinton at Fort See and Fort Montgomery, and General Putnam at West Point.

On Dec. 6, 1784 at the first Presbyterian Church in Goshen: “David Dains & Phebe Borland” were married. Phebe's maiden name had long been thought to be Sweezey but a newly found family record says that it is Borland. Their son Gabriel was born 1787, daughter Fanny was born in 1789.

1790 U.S. Federal Census: Wallkill, Orange County, NY, Family #148, p.185
Dean, David 1 1 2 0 0
[David and Phebe appear to have been living in Wallkill near Phebe's mother and brothers in 1790
I believe this census represents the following:
Free Male over 16: 1 David Dean age 27
Free Male under 16: 1 son Gabriel age 4
Females: 2 wife Phebe age 25, daughter Fanny age 1
Other: 0, Slaves: 0]

Son David S. Dean in 1792, son William B. Dean in 1793, son Jonathan in 1796, and daughter Margaret Marie in 1798.

In the fall of 1799 at the age of 36 years, David moved his family to Canandaigua in Ontario County, New York.

1800 U.S. Federal Census: Town of Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY
Dains, David 3 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0
[I believe this record represents the following:
Males under 10: 3: Jonathan 4, William 6/7, David S. 9
Males 10-16: 1: Gabriel 13/14
Males 16-26: 0:
Males 26-45: 0:
Males 45+ 1: This must be David Dean, age 37, in wrong catagory, at age 37 he should be in the 26-45
Females under 10: 1: Margoret Marie 2
Females 10-16: 1: Fanny 11
Females 16-26 0:
Females over 45: 1: Phebe 35
Females over 45 0:
---This closely matches David and Phebe Dean family but David himself should be in the 26-45 box and not over 45. Could be a transcript error or a census taker error.]

David's son Horace was born in January 1801. In 1803, when David was 40, his son Luther was born. David & Phebe also had twins, Harry & Harriet in 1806. Harriet only lived 9 days and her brother Harry 11 days.

A suit was filed against David Dean in an Ontario County Court by Birdny Norton in 1808. David was ordered to appear before the Court of Common Pleas in Canandaigua on June 1, 1808 to “answer unto Birdny Norton in a plea of trespas on the case to his damage one hundred & fifty dollars”. David may have been fined $102.

Son John was born in 1810. About 1810, David apprenticed his son Jonathan to the Buffalo Woolen Manufacturing Co. in Buffalo, Niagara Co., NY.

1810 U.S. Federal ensus: Ontario County NY, City of Canandaigua
David Danes, - 30201 01101
[I believe this record represents the following:
Males under 10: 3 -- John <1, Luther 6/7, Horace 9
Males 10-16: 0 -- [Jonathan was 14 but not listed because he was apprenticed and away from home]
Males 16-26: 2 -- William B 16/17, David S. 19 [if david had moved, one of these could be a husband of Fanny’s?]
Males over 45: 1 -- David Dean: 47
Females 0-10: 0:
Females 10-16: 1 -- Margaret Marie 12
Females 16-26: 1 -- Fanny 21
Females 26-45: 0:
Females over 45: 1 -- Phebe 45

David and Phebe bought land in Canandaigua Twp. in 1814 which they sold to their son William in 1822.

1820 U.S. Federal Census: Canadaigua, Ontario County, New York
David Daines 011201 00001

[I believe this record represents the following:
Males under 10: 0:
Males 10-16: 1: John <0/11,
Males 16-18: 1: Luther 16/17
Males 18-26: 2: Horace 19, William B 26/27 [Jonathan in Canada]
Males 26-45 0: [David S. in Canada, Gabriel in Williamson]
Males over 45: 1: David Dean 57
Females 0-10: 0
Females 10-16: 0
Females 16-26: 0 -- [Margaret Marie 22 - married and moved?]
Females 26-45: 0 -- [Fanny 31 - married and moved?]
Females over 45: 1 -- Phebe 55 [Margaret Marie 22 probably married and moved]
Foreigners 0
Agriculture 4 David, William, Horace & Luther
Commerce 0
Manufacturers 0
Free Colored 0]

In 1826 David and Phebe sold the last of their land in Canandaigua. Their son William sold his land at the same time and probably moved at that time to Penfield, Monroe Co., NY where he worked on the locks at Lockport before moving to Livonia, Michigan in the Fall of 1830. David's son Luther bought land in Penfield in 1830 and lived there until he moved to Livonia, Michigan in 1832.

1830 U.S. Federal Census: Penfield, Monroe County, New York
Luther Dean: 1 males under 5, 1 male 20 to 30, 1 male 60 to 70; 1 female 20 to 30, 1 female 60 to 70
This is Luther Dean, son of David & Phebe Dean's family
2 males under 5 William 2, Thomas 4
1 male 20 to 30 Luther 26/27
1 male 60 to 70 David 67
1 female 20 to 30 Ruth 24/25
1 female 60 to 70 Phebe 65
Son William told his descendants that his father, David, had lived in Penfield.

Phebe Borland Dean died September 20, 1831, perhaps at Penfield, Monroe County, NY where she was living in her son Luther's house the year before her death.

At the age of 69, on the 20th of August 1832, while living in Hopewell, David applied for and was granted a pension for having served in the militia as a Private during the Revolutionary War.

In 1835 David moved to Wayne County, Michigan to live with his children whom he was dependent on for support. His grandchildren described him as a kind man who loved children and enjoyed telling stories about the War. David left no will or inventory of his possessions, living his latter years with his children he presumably distributed his possessions to them. He gave his Revolutionary musket to his oldest son Gabriel. David Dean died on the 23rd of September 1838 aged 75 1/2 years and was buried in the Newburgh Cemetery in Livonia, Wayne County Michigan. His gravestone reads: "DAVID DEAN, Formerly of Orange Co., N.Y.: DIED Sept. 23, 1838, Aged 76 years". A bronze plaque placed on the bottom of the gravestone by the Sarah Ann Cochran Chapter of the 'Daughter's of the American Revolution' states simply that he was a soldier of the Revolutionary War; 1775-1783.

David Dean Headstone

Larry C. Dean (left) and Bennett J. Dean (right) at David's grave
in 1934
David Dean's headstone in 1934

By the late 1990's, David's headstone had fallen and broken in two and the DAR Plaque had been removed. It is now very worn and lying flat on the ground.

The DAR contacted me in Jan. 2009 regarding professionaly repairing David Dean's tombstone and placing a new plaque.


Second Generation:
Children of David and Phebe DEAN

1.1 Gabriel DEAN [son of David DEAN & Phebe BORLAND]
Gabriel was born in Orange County, New York on November 10, 1786. He was about 12 years old when his family moved to the Ontario Co., NY area. He served in the NY Militia during the War of 1812 in Capt. A. Durfee's Co. (5 Jan 1814 - 1 Feb 1814), volunteering at Palmyra, NY and was later granted bounty land. He applied for a pension in 1871 but was denied because confirmation of entire service could not be proven. He married Lydia Bradner [daughter of John & Lydia Bradner] in 1810 at Williamson.

1830 census, Williamson, Wayne County, NY
Gabriel Dean
2 males under 5 -- James <1, Edmund 3 [Edwin 3 twin died, Peleg 8 died 1828]
1 male 10 to 15 -- Henry 13
1 male 40 to 50 -- Gabriel 42/43
0 female 0-10 -- Charlotte 9/10 [Miranda died 1824]
1 female 10 to 15 -- Fanny 15
2 females 15 to 20 -- Harriet 19, Almira 19/20
1 female 30 to 40 -- Lydia 38

"In the years of 1833 and 1834 Gabriel Dean felt the need of more land for less money than land owners claimed there, so he and two of his brothers, William and Luther and [brothers-in-law] Joel and William Bradner, decided to go west in search of their desired object. With the approval of their friends ...they started for Michigan. Upon reaching Detroit they were delighted with the location and it's surroundings; but wishing to find cheaper land they struck out farther west where they could make homes for themselves with their hands. They left Detroit on foot on the old Territorial Road reaching Tenycks near night, meeting the host and receiving a hearty welcome. Here they remained over night and in the morning receiving some instructions from the host went on through Dearborn, a place of some importance at that time, then to Wayne, then north to Schwartzburg, a section owned by General Schwartzburg, a man of some high pretensions and wealth. There Luther Dean bought 160 acres, one mile west. The others not being satisfied, kept on to Plymouth. Gabriel Dean purchased 100 acres, one and one-half miles east of Plymouth Village, just east of and adjoining the town line. Within a few days the party returned to New York and reporting their trip created quite an excitement among their neighbors. The following year was a busy time selling farms and other possessions not convenient to move so far. In September 1835 the party returned to Michigan, making the journey with horses and oxen, taking two long weeks to reach their destination on October 10, 1835..."

Aug 5, 1837 and Aug 12, 1837 bought land in Wayne Co., MI.[22]

1840 U.S. Federal Census, Livonia, Wayne Co., MI, FHC #014797, p.232
Gabriel Dean
2 males 5-10
1 male 10-15
1 male 20-30
1 male 50-60
1 female under 5
1 female 5-10
1 female 20-30
2 female 40-50

1850 U.S. Federal Census, Livonia, Wayne Co., MI, p.350, House 33, Family 33
Gabriel Dean 63 M Farmer $2,800 NY
Lydia Dean 58 F -- -- PA
Charlotte Dean 29 F NY
Edmond Dean 23 M NY
Jane Dean 20 F NY In School
LaFayett Dean 18 M Farmer NY In School
Mary Dean 16 F NY In School
Nancy J. Dean 13 F Mich In School

1860 U.S. Federal Census, Livonia, Wayne County, Michigan, p.287, sheet 18, 102/101
Gabriel Dean, 74, farmer, 4900, 450, b. NY
Lydia Dean, 68, b. NY

1870 U.S. Federal Census, Nankin, Livonia Twp., Wayne Co., MI, House 264, family 258
Gabriel Dean 83 M W Farmer $6,000 $150 NY
Lafayett Dean 36 M W Farmer -- $500 NY
Emily Dean 34 F W Keeping House MI
David Stuart 13 M W Works on Farm MI
Matilda Stuart 9 F W MI
Charles Lofson 19 M W Works on Farm MI

Applied for a pension in 1871 but was denied because confirmation of entire service could not be found [12]

Gabriel Dean Lydia Bradner Dean
Gabriel Dean Lydia Bradner

Gabriel was known throughout the community as Uncle Gab. He and his wife were from sturdy Puritan stock, so strict the refused to cook on Sunday - food was cooked the night before and placed on a table and the members of the family ate when they chose. Gabriel's father gave him the musket that he had carried in the Revolutionary War and Gabriel used it in the War of 1812 . [Gabriel later gave it to his son Lafayette and Lafayette gave it to his niece Narcia Smith Dubuar.]

Gabriel Dean died February 17, 1878 at the age of 90 years and was buried at the Newburgh Cemetery east of Plymouth, MI. His Last Will and Testament is dated 10 September 1874.

Obit -- “Another old Pioneer gone. -- Mr. Gabriel Dean died Sunday morning last at 1 o’clock, a.m. at his home in the south east part of this township. He was 91 years of age and father of James C. Dean, of Nevada, Cal., and Mrs. Smith and Mrs Griswold, of this place. He was the oldest man in the town and a resident for more than 40 years. His funeral took place at 10 a.m. Tuesday.” [Northville Record, 2/23/1878 p.4,c.2]


1.2 Fanny DEAN [daughter of David DEAN & Phebe BORLAND]
Born March 8th 1789 in NY. David was apparently living in Wallkill, Ulster Co., NY at the time of the 1790 Census. Fanny could have been born in either Orange or Ulster County and she could have married in the Ontario/Monroe County area of New York.
If you have any info on Fanny, please email me.

1.3 David Sweezy DEAN [son of David DEAN & Phebe BORLAND]
“David Sweezy [Swerzy?] Dean born N. York state - English. Katie Monrow Dean born Montreal Canada - Scotish Descent. Buried Wayne Co. Mich on the Ann Arbor road. David Sw..... Thirteen children born to David & Katie Dean. David Henry Dean born Aug 22, 1827 Buffalo N. York.” [Bible of David Henry Dean]

David, who may have been called "Sweezy", was born in Orange Co., New York on July 29, 1791. He was about 9 years old when his family moved to Ontario Co., NY. David later moved from NY to Canada with his brother Jonathan after the War of 1812. About 1819, while in Canada, David married Catharine 'Katie' MUNRO. Katie was the daughter of Samuel & Mary MUNRO and her sister, Elizabeth Munro, was married to David's brother Jonathan. Where was David during the 1830 Census? --probably in Canada. About 1836/37 David moved his family to Canton Twp., in Wayne Co., Michigan near his brothers Luther, Gabriel and William.

1840 U.S. Federal Census: Canton Twp., Wayne Co., MI, p.286B
census data [my guess as to who is represented]
1M under 5 [WilliamwW.]
3M 5-10 [Luther M., James M., David H.]
1M 10-15 [Charles B.]
1M 15-20 [Horace M.]
1M 40-50 [David S. DEAN]
1F 5-10 [(Maruld (or Minerva)]
3F 10-15 [Samantha, Amanda, Minerva (or Maruld)]
1F 20-30 [Phebe]
1F 40-50 [Catherine M. DEAN]

1850 U.S. Federal Census: Canton Twp., Wayne Co., MI, enumerated July 20, p.327, House 222, fam.223
David S. Dean 65 M Farmer $500 NY
Catharine Dean 57 F -- Canada
Luther Dean 17 M Farmer Canada
William Dean 14 M -- Canada
Antoinett Dean 9 F -- Mich
James M. Dean 19 M s...? Canada
Edwin Bradner 31 M Farmer NY
Phoebe Bradner 30 F -- Canada
Electa[?] Bradner 7 F Mich
[children not living in his house: Mrs. Samantha Lambert, Mrs. Amanda Dickerson, Horace, Mrs. Minerva Kelby, Mrs. Maruld Roberts, Charles B., David H.]

David's Last Will and Testament was dated Jan. 24, 1857. He died three days later on Jan. 27, 1856 at Canton Twp., Wayne Co., Michigan and was buried at Newburgh Cemetery, Livonia, Wayne Co., Michigan.

Wayne County Michigan Probate Packets, Packet #2564, LDS Film #0954508
Dean, David S. ESTATE 1856; Dean, Catherine (wife); Dean, William W. (son)


1.4 William B. DEAN [son of David DEAN & Phebe BORLAND]
Born: 20 Dec 1793 [2], [1] / 1794 [3]

Service in the War of 1812 -- “Wm. B. Dean / Ingham Co. / Son of a Rev. soldier. b. 1794 Orange Co., N.Y. d. Sept. 3, 1864 ae 70-8-14. m. Sarah Macomber. b. 1803 Vt. Peacham. d. Oct. 17, 1883 ae 80. Both buried Fitchburg cem. Bunkerhill twp. dec. 34. Soldier 1812. (Adams Hist. Ingham Co., p. 202) (Interstate hist. Jackson Co., p. 774) (cem. rec.) Sarah pens. 23290 Fitchbay. Applied CEA Jackson Co. Mar. 1, 1854 ae 60. Res. Bunker Hill. #2160.” [3]

1820 Census: Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY
Likely one of the 2 men 18-26 [the other 19 year old brother Horace] in home of David Daines.

Married April 21, 1825 to Sarah Ann McComber at Victor, Ontario Co., NY.

“His father’s family moved to Penfield, Monroe Co., NY where William worked on the Erie Canal and assisted in the construction of the locks of Lockport.” [4] [His parents were in home of brother Luther Dean in 1830 at Penfield] William B. Dean is listed at Penfield, Monroe Co., NY on the 1830 census -- [I don’t have this record]

Moved with wife and 3 children to Livonia, Wayne Co., MI in Fall 1831 [4]

On December 1, 1831 William B. Dean “of Monroe County, New York” purchased land in Livonia, Wayne Co., MI in the Fall of 1831 described as: “...the west half of the south west quarter of section twenty eight, in Township one south, of Range nine east in the District of lands subject to sale at Detroit, Michigan Territory, containing Eighty Acres....” [5]

Treasurer of Cemetery Soc. in Livonia 1832 [6].

1840 U.S. Federal Census, Livonia, Wayne Co., MI, p.237
William B. Dean
1 male under 5 [Geo abt 3]
2 males 5-10 [Almond abt 6, Jonathan abt 8, Wm Jr. abt 10 died 1836]
1 male 10-15 [David abt 12]
1 male 40-50 [Wm.46]
1 female under 5 [Lydia abt 1]
1 female 10-15 [dau. x]
1 female 30-40 [Sarah 37]

In 1841, William traded land in Livonia for 120 acres in Bunkerhill Twp., Ingham Co. He, his wife, four sons and one dau. lived for one year on Judge Bowdish’s farm near Stockbridge while he built a small log house on his new land. He moved there in Nov. 1842. William apparently bought this land from Geo. Rider who had bought it from the government. William was the 20th voter in the twp. He later built a large farm house from lumber cut at the Daivdson Saw-mill in Henrietta twp., Jackson Co. It was the largest structure in the community and was a favorite stopping place for travelers during the pioneer period. The family was Presbyterian but before churches were built in the area the barn was used for church services by ministers of different denominations. [4]

1850 U.S. Federal Census, Bunkerhill Twp., Ingam Co., MI, enumerated July 24, FHC #0443567
p. 042, Dwelling 102, Family 102
Willaim B. Dean 56 M Farmer $12,000, NY
Sarah Dean 46 F -- -- Vermont
David Dean 22 M NY
Jonathan Dean 18 M Mich In School
Almond Dean 16 M Mich In School
George P. Dean 13 M Mich In School
Lydia M Dean 11 F Mich In school
William B. Dean 6 M Mich In School

1860 U.S. Federal Census, Bunkerhill Twp., Ingam Co., MI

William died 1 September 1864 at Bunker Hill Twp., Ingham Co., MI and is buried in Fitchburg Cemetery, Ingham Co., MI. 

1870 U.S. Federal Census, Bunkerhill Twp. (Fitchburg P.O.), Ingham Co., MI, June 9, 1870 Census Roll 675, p.45 , Dwelling #122, Family #127
Dean, David, 42, Farmer, 8280[?], 1520, NY
----, Susan, 37, Keep House, Canada West
----, Edward, 12, at school, MI
----, ?[too faint], 6?, M?, MI
----, Sarah, 36, at home, VT

History of BUNKER HILL, From History of Ingham and Eaton Counties, Michigan
by Samuel W. Durant, Published 1880 by D.W. Ensign & Co., Philadelphia
"William B. DEAN, a native of Orange Co., N.Y., moved to Michigan from Genesee Co., N.Y., in the fall of 1830, with his family, and settled at Plymouth, Wayne Co. In 1841 he removed to Bunker Hill, arriving the 6th of January, and settled on the place now owned by his son, David DEAN. He was accompanied to the township by his wife, four sons, and two daughters, and he, at the time of his settlement, made the twentieth voter in the township. The land on which he located had been purchased from government by George RIDER, but no improvements made until Mr. DEAN settled. He died in 1864, and his widow is now residing on the old place with her son, David DEAN." [7]

Sarah M. Dean applied for a Widow’s pension on May 31, 1878 based on William’s service in the War of 1812. [3]

Sarah (McComber) Dean died 17 Oct. 1883, Ingham County, Michigan. [9]

William B. Dean references:
1. Family Group Record-86, by Richard L. Tyler, 19 Jun 1996.
2. “Family Record found in William Warren Dean’s Family Bible,” unpublished, This record was written on office stationery of Dean & Carroll, purveyors of home furnighings (wall paper, etc) in Memphis, TN.
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  • 1.4.1 Sarah Ann DEAN (1826-1893)
  • 1.4.2 David DEAN (c.1828-????)
  • 1.4.3William B. DEAN ( c.1830-1836)
  • 1.4.4 Jonathan DEAN ( 1832-????)
  • 1.4.5 Almond DEAN (c.1834-????)
  • 1.4.6 George P. DEAN (c.1837-????)
  • 1.4.7 Lydia M. DEAN (c.1839-????)
  • 1.4.8 William B. DEAN (c.1844-????)
1.5 Jonathan DEAN [son of David DEAN & Phebe BORLAND]
Was apprenticed at age 14 (1810) to the Buffalo Woolen Manufacturing Co., Buffalo, NY to learn the trade. He may have been there about four years. Served in the War of 1812 from 10 Sept. 1812 to 1 Jan 1814 in defense of the Niagara Frontier. Moved to Canada with his brother David S. Dean where they married sisters. He was a Mason and joined Union Lodge No. 24 in 1817 in Dundas, Ontario. He joined the Methodist (M.E.) Church in 1824. In 1825 he was living in Clarke Twp., Durham Co. in the Newcastle area of Ontario, Canada. A native of Orange Co., NY and a veteran of the War of 1812. In June, 1837, he came west on a prospecting tour with his oldest son, William B. Dean, and bought 160 acres of wild land near the NE corner of Kalamo, Eaton Co., MI. Returning at once for his family, they crossed Detroit River on their way to Michigan, Jul 3, 1837; the family remained through the summer near Plymouth (were Jonathan's brothers had settled). Mr. Dean came on at once to build a shanty and make an opening in the forest, and the rest of the family arrived on Christmas day, 1837. Wolves and Indians were plenty. From 50 to 100 Indians camped in the NE corner of the town near the Deans, and went away in the summer to do their planting. The nearest grist-mill was at Marshall, 25 miles distant. One day at the Indian camp Mr. Dean noticed a squaw pounding corn in the end of a log that had been hollowed out, and then he said he knew how he could pound corn and not have to go to mill. So he hollowed out a pair of ash blocks, bound them together with iron hoops, rigged up a large pestle and thus had his own corn cracker, which was the wonder of the settlers, who gave to the high ground on which Mr. Dean's house was located the name of Pestle Hill by which it was known for many years.


1.6 Margaret Marie DEAN [daughter of David DEAN & Phebe BORLAND]
Born July 11th 1798 in NY.
D.AR. applications of Cunningham and Dubuar listed this girl as "Mariah". If she survived to adulthood, she could have married in the Ontario/Monroe County area of New York. If you have any info on Margaret, please email me.

1.7 Horace DEAN [son of David DEAN & Phebe BORLAND]
Born January 2th 1801in NY, probably Ontario Co.

Is this Horace the same as David and Phebe's son Horace?

1830 census, Greece, Monroe Co., NY; Home of Horace Deane
2 males under 5 -- boy 1, boy 2
2 males 20 to 30 -- Horace 29, Man x
1 female under 5 -- girl 1
1 female 20 to 30 -- wife of Horace or Man x
Horace is listed as head of Household, so probably includes his wife and kids + Man X, possibly a bro-in-law, his brother John only 11?

Horace sold land in Penfield, Monroe Co., NY in October 1839.

Sept 10, 1843 A Horace Dean bought land in Jackson Co., MI -- described as Horace Dean of Washington Co., NY; see BLM records

1850 Jackson Co., MI census there is a Horace.

Is this Horace & Polly DEAN, parents of Charles B. DEAN (1826-1875) Eaton Co., MI? That Horace was 69 yrs in 1870 b. NY

1.8 Luther DEAN [son of David DEAN & Phebe BORLAND  ]
Born 13 September 1803 in Ontario Co., NY. Luther was married in Hopewell to Ruth BRUNDAGE [d/o George BRUNDAGE/Ruth INGLIS]. Luther moved his family to Michigan and settled on a Farm at Nankin/Newberg, Livonia Twp., in Wayne Co. and was President of the Newberg Cemetery Society that year. In 1835 he bought 40 ac. in Sec 35. From 1843-45 he was Livonia Township officer as well as a local school patron. Luther was also a Deputy Sheriff and was said to have been "instrumental in arresting and breaking up a gang of horse thieves and counterfeits who infested eastern Michigan and Ohio". Formed a partnership with his neighbor, Samuel Hardenbergh, and together they each owned half interest in Nankin Mills, the local grist mill. Luther died on Christmas day 1850.


1.9 Harry DEAN [twins of David DEAN & Phebe BORLAND]
Twin of Harriet. Born 05 Jul 1806 and died 16 Jul 1806.
1.10 Harriet DEAN [Daughter of David DEAN & Phebe BORLAND]
Twin of Harry. Born 05 Jul 1806 and died 14 Jul 1806.
1.11 John DEAN [son of David DEAN & Phebe BORLAND]
Born July 11th 1819 in NY (probably Ontario County). Where is John on the 1930 census? Did he die before he was 11?

Third Generation:
Grand Children of David and Phebe DEAN

1.1.1 Harriet DEAN [daughter of Gabriel DEAN & Lydia BRADNER]
Born 1811 in NY; m. 1834 to Harvey WHITE (1807-1868). Harriet died 30 Jan 1902.

1860 census, Plymouth, Wayne County, Michigan
Roll 564, Book 1, page 511, sheet 51
White, Harvey, 52, farmer, 3000 , 1117 , b. NY
_____, Harriet, 49, H. Keeper, b. NY
_____, Henry M., 22, laborer, b. MI
_____, Lydia, 17, H. Keeper, b. MI
_____, Carry, 4, b. MI

1870 census, Plymouth Twp., Wayne County, Michigan
Roll 710, Book 1, page 323B, sheet 54
White, Harriet, 59, keeping house, 6700 , 500, b. NY
_____, Lyda S., 27, at home, b. MI

1880 census, Northville, Wayne County, Michigan
White, Harriette, head, 69, widow, keeping house, b. NY, parents b. NY
_____, Lydia S., dau, 37, assisting at home, b. MI, parents b. NY

Unable to find Harriet or Lydia in 1900 census

Daughter Lydia sent a letter to her 2nd cousin, Bennett Luther Dean, 31 Jan 1902 to tell him of her mother’s death and funeral.


  • Henry M. WHITE (1837-1909)
  • Jenny D. WHITE (1840-1935)
  • Lydia WHITE (1842-1925)
1.1.2 Almira DEAN [daughter of Gabriel DEAN & Lydia BRADNER]
Born 12 Dec 1812 and died 25 Jul 1819, aged 6 years.

1.1.3 Fanny DEAN [daughter of Gabriel DEAN & Lydia BRADNER]
Born 1815 in NY. Fanny married Clark Augustus GRISWOLD [s/o Jared & Chloe GRISWOLD] 7 Apr 1840 at her father's house in Livonia, Wayne Co., MI. She died at the age of 71 on 8 March 1886.

1850 Census, Plymouth Twp., Wayne County, MI
Roll 366, Book 1, page 371B; 116/116
Griswold, Clark, 43, famer, 5000, b. NY
_______, Fanny, 35, b. NY
_______, Elizabeth, 18, b. MI
_______, Hannah, 7, b. MI
_______, Charlotta, 7/12, b. MI
Vanderburgh, Louisa, 20., b. NY
Dean, Edmond, 23, famer, 200, b. NY

1870 census, Plymouth Twp. Wayne County, Michigan; Roll 710, Book 1, page 319A, sheet 45; #418/425
Griswold, Clark A., 62, farmer, 21500 , 5100, b. Vermont
_______, Fannie, 52, keeping house, b. NY
_______, Lottie, 19, at home, b. MI
_______, Dean, 17, attending school, b. MI

1878 living in Plymouth Twp.

1880 census, Plymouth, Wayne County, Michigan, page 286D
Griswold, C A, head, 72, farmer, b. VT, parents b. VT
_______, Fanny, wife, 64, keeping house, b. NY, parents b. NY
_______, Dean F., son, 27, Bee Keeper, b. MI, father b. VT, mother b. NY
Dodge, Ida, other, 23, house servant, b. NY, parents b. NY

Clark Augustus Griswald was “...born in Wilmington, Vermont and living in Bainbridge, NY from the age of 4 years to age 20 years in 1826. Bringing with him his aged mother and father moved to MI. They came with their household goods on the Erie Canal from Lockport to Buffalo and from Buffalo to Detroit on a sail boat. During the sailing trip they encountered a terrible storm. Upon reaching Detroit leaving his parents Clark Griswold walked to Dearborn where he hired a resident to move his parents and possessions by lumber wagon drawn by a team of oxen to Plymouth.....”

Yerks Cemetery, Wayne Co., MI
Griswold, Jared died July 28, 1845 "aged 81yrs"
Griswold, Eunice E. "his wife" died October 20, 1843
Griswold, Hannah "daughter of C.A. & F. Griswold" died August 9, 1866 "aged 23yrs 4mths 17dys"
Griswold, C.A. died October 3, 1880 "aged 84yrs"
Griswold, Fannie Dean "wife of C.A. Griswold" died March 8, 1886 "aged 71yrs"
Griswold-Yerkes, Hannah "wife of C.A. Griswold" died August 21, 1839 "aged 27yrs" See Yerkes
Griswold, Lottie "daughter of C.A. & F. Griswold" "wife of C.M. WIlkinson" died September 29, 1880 "aged 30yrs 11mths 3dys"
Griswold, M. Antoinette and Griswold, Pliny O "children of C.A. & H. Griswold" *nothing more*


1.1.4 Henry J. DEAN [son of Gabriel DEAN & Lydia BRADNER]
Born 5 January 1817, Henry came to MI with his Father's family about 1835 and settled at Livonia where he resided until he was 21. He spent a year or more in the south in the vicinity of Louisville, KY and after his marriage in 1846 to Calista Durfee [daughter of Harvey Durfee & Elizabeth Daggett] , he took to farming in Livonia.

1860 U.S. Federal Census Livonia, Wayne Co., MI, p.276-277, sheet 2
Henry J. Dean, 42, farmer, 3000, 500, b. NY
Calista Dean, 37, b. MI
Charles A. Dean, 18, b. MI
George M. Dean, 11, b. MI
Clarke A. Dean, 7/12, b. MI

In Aug 1863 Henry was recruited into his cousin Capt. Thomas J. Dean's Co. D, 1st Michigan Mounted Rifles, later known as the 5th Michigan Cavalry. On May 11th, 1864 at Yellow Tavern (about 10 miles from Richmond, VA) they engaged Lee's Army. When the order to dismount was given, Henry went into the battle on foot (though it was his turn to stay with the horses). He was shot through the abdomen by a mini ball which exited through his back. He was carried to a nearby house where he died within a few days and was buried in an unmarked grave on the property. He also has a memorial grave marker at Newberg Cemetery, Livonia, MI.

1870 U.S. Federal Census, Livonia Twp., Wayne Co., MI, #358, 347
Dean, Calista, 47, F, W, Keeping House, $3,000, $400, Michigan
Dean, George N., 21, M, W, Farm, Michigan
Dean, Clark A., 10, M, W, --, Michigan

1880 Calista was living with son, George N. Dean, in Livonia, Michigan.

Calista was a member of the Presbyterian Church. Received CW Widow’s pension #59,776 at Stark, $8 per month.


  • Sarah 'Alice' DEAN (1847-????)
  • George 'Needleton' DEAN ( 1849-1934)
  • Albert E. DEAN (c,1851-before 1860)
  • Charles A. DEAN (1856-1857)
  • Clark A. DEAN (1859-1878)

Henry & Calista (Durfee) Dean

Henry J. Dean &
Calista Durfee Dean

1.1.5 Charlotte Ann DEAN [dau. of Gabriel DEAN & Lydia BRADNER]
Born at Palmyra, NY 1 November 1820. About 1840 she joined the Presbyterian Church in Plymouth, MI. Charlotte married Charles SMITH November 11th, 1851/57. After her marriage she joined the Methodist Episcopal Church in Redford, MI. Charlotte lived in Redford from the time of her marriage until 1871 when the family moved to Northville. She also taught for 9 years in Michigan public schools.

1860 census, Redford, Wayne County, Michigan; Roll 564 , Book 1, page 341, sheet 67:# 519/517
Smith, Charles, 48, farmer, 6100 , 1426, b. Canada SW
_____, Charlotte, 39, b. New York
_____, Eugene, 17, farmer, b. Michigan
_____, Nancy A., 13, b. Michigan
_____, Lydia J. M., 3, b. Michigan
_____Narcissi H., 1. b. Michigan
Lute, John, 26, farm laborer, b. Prussia
Hutchinson, Sarah, 20, domestic, b. Michigan

1870 census Redford Twp., Wayne County, Michigan: Roll 710 Book 1, page 350A, sheet 79: #251/242
Smith, Charles, 58, farmer, 9000 , 1500, b. Ontario, Canada
_____, Charlotte, 49, keeping house, b. NY
_____, Nancy H, 23, teaching school, b. MI
_____, Jessie L. M., 17, without occupation, b. MI
_____, Narcissa, 11, at home, b. MI
_____, John G., 9, b. MI

Resided in Redford from time of marriage until 1871, when family moved to Northville.

1880 census, Northville, Wayne County, Michigan, page 296D
Smith, Charles, head, 68, retired farmer, . Canada, father b. NJ., mother b. NY
_____, Charlotte, wife, 59, keeping house, b. NY, parents b. NY
_____, Nancy A., dau., 33, school teacher, b. MI
_____, John G., son, 19, at school, b. MI

Charlotte joined the Presbyterian Church in Plymouth at the age of 20 (c.1840), after her marriage she joined the Methodist Episcopal Church in Redford.


1.1.6 Peleg Holmes DEAN [son of Gabriel DEAN & Lydia BRADNER]
Born in NY 1822 and died 1828 in NY
1.1.7 Miranda DEAN [daughter of Gabriel DEAN & Lydia BRADNER]
Born 1 Dec. 1824 and died 30 Aug 1828 in NY.

1.1.8 Edmund DEAN [son of Gabriel DEAN & Lydia BRADNER]
Born 30 Apr. 1827 (twin of Edwin) in NY. Edmund was living with his sister Fanny in 1850. He married his wife, Mary, 9 Dec. 1858 in Wayne Co., MI.

1870 U.S. Federal Census, Ward #5 City of Detroit, Wayne Co., MI #1827, 1769
Dean, Edmond, 44, M, W, Clerk in Store[?], $4000, $600
Dean, Mary, 30, F, W, Keeping House, New Jersey

1880 U.S. Federal Census, Plymouth. Wayne Co., MI
Edmund DEAN, Self, M, Male, W, 3, NY, Gardener, NY, NY
Mary DEAN, Wife, M, Fem, W, 40, NJ, Keeping House, NJ, NJ

1900 census, 2 Ward, Detroit, Wayne Co., Mi; Roll 747 Book 2, page 229, sheet 3A; #52/55
Dean, Edmond, head, April 1827, 73, mar. 44yrs, b. NY, father b. Ireland, mother b. MI, retired
____, Mary, wife, Feb. 1844, 59, no children, b. NJ, parents b. NJ

1.1.9 Edwin DEAN [son of Gabriel DEAN & Lydia BRADNER]
Born 30 Apr. 1827 (twin of Edmund). Edwin died 15 Sep. 1828.

1.1.10 James Calhoun DEAN [son of Gabriel DEAN & Lydia BRADNER]
Born in New York January 25, 1830, James was about five years old when his father's family moved from New York to Michigan.

James Calhoun DEAN [s/o Gabriel DEAN/Lydia BRADNER]
1830, Jan 25 born in NY
1836 family settled in Wayne Co., NY
1850 living where? [Not at Gabriel's house]
1850's James removed to Nevada Co., CA

1860 census Eureka Twp., Nevada Co., CA, Moose Flats PO; Roll 61, Book 1, page 380; 3867/ ---
J. C. Dean, 40, B Smith, b. NY
[If James - his age is off by 10 years. This appears to be either a large boarding house. The way everyone is numbered doesn't make a lot of sense. There are several men listed under household 3867 also a 1 year old Smith child. Then in household 3866, there is a 4 year old Smith child and other adults, not all are named Smith.]

1866, Jan 26 elected official of Ind. Order of Good Templars, NV Lodge No. 201
1867 June 7 registered to vote, age 37, b. NY, living in Eureka Twp., NV Co.
1870 living where? [probably Eureka or Nevada City]
1874 in NV Co., CA subscribing to the 'Northville Record'
1878, Feb. James' father died, his obit lists James' residence as Nevada, CA
1878, Sep. 24 registered to vote; age 48, b. NY, res. Nevada Co.

1880 Census Dist. 60, Nevada City, Nevada Co., CA
J.C.Dean Self Single M W 50 NY Miner NY PA

1892, Aug 4 The Nevada Co. Great Register lists James Calhoun Dean as a resident of Nevada City, precinct 1, age 62, 5 foot 3 1/2 inches tall, light complexion, blue eyes, gray hair, occupation-nurse. Living in Nevada City in 1892.

1900 census, Nevada Twp., Nevada Co., CA, page 329A; 14/16
Dean, James C., head, Jan. 1830, 70, single, NY, NY, PA, nune, Living on Bowlder

Family papers say that he never married and there is no record in Nevada County of his marriage.

Apparently, James moved back to Wayne Co, Michigan. He was buried by Schrader Brothers Funeral Home (Detroit Casket Co., Record Book 1, p.78) on March 12, 1910.

James C. Dean
James C. Dean

1.1.11 Marquis 'Lafayette' DEAN [son of Gabriel DEAN & Lydia BRADNER]
Born 16 Mar. 1832 in NY. Married Dec. 16, 1857 to Emily A. BROWN.

1850 Lafayett was living in his father's house in Livonia, Michigan: "LaFayett Dean 18 M Farmer NY In School"

1860 U.S. Federal Census, Livonia, Wayne County, Michigan, p.287, sheet 18; #102/100
Lafayette Dean, 26, farmer, b. NY
Emily Dean, b. MI
A?? Armstrong, 19, farm labor, b. NY
Mary J. Dean, 20, school teacher, b. MI

In 1870 he was living at his father's house in Nankin, 1878 living in Plymouth. 1880 in Livonia. In 1914 he gave his neice Narcia Smith Dubuar the Musket that Lafayette’s father carried in the War of 1812 and David Dean carried in the Rev. War. In Dec. 1919 he was 88 years old and probably living in Plymouth, MI.

1880 census 334/334
Dean, Lafayette, 46, head, farmer, b. New York, parents b. New York
____, Emily, 44, wife, keeps house, b. Michigan, father b. New York,
mother b. not known
Stewart, Daniel, 23, farm laborer, b. Michigan, father b. Ireland

Emily was a witness on Gabriel’s application for military pension, April 1871.

Emily A. (Brown) Dean was buried February 28, 1909 by Schrader Brothers Funeral home. Lafayette lived in Plymouth, Michigan and died after 1919.

They had no children.

Lafayette Dean
Lafayette Dean

1.1.12 Mary DEAN [dau. of Gabriel DEAN & Lydia BRADNER]
b. 16 Jan 1835 at New York
d. 24th of July 1935 at Thompson Nursing Home in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI
m. Oscar Robinson, probably in Wayne Co., MI
Mary travelled to Michigan in a covered wagon at the age of nine months. She and her husband made their home in Maple Rapids, Michigan. She was a member of the Women's relief corps during the civil war. Member of the Northville Chapter of Eastern Star. Honored by President Roosevelt and Gov. Fitzgerald on her 100th birthday.

1860 census, Plymouth (Town of), Wayne County, Michigan
Roll 564 Book 1, page 501, sheet 41
Robinson, Osacar, 28, farmer, 1800, 474, b. Mich
________, Mary, 26, H. keeper, b. Mich
________, James E., 2, b. Mich

1870 census, Essex Twp., Clinton County, Michigan (PO Maple Rapids)
Roll 669 Book 1, page 518A, sheet 37
Robinson, Oscar W., 38, farmer, 7200, 1210, b. MI
________, Mary D., 34, keeping house, b. NY
________, Edmund J., 12, attending school, b. MI
Hudson, Gillian, 14, domestic Sv't, b. MI
Udder, John 22, farm laborer, b. NY

1880 census, Maple Rapids, Clinton County, Michigan, page 408A
Robinson, Oscar W., head, 49, farmer, b. MI, parents b. NY
________, Mary, wife, 45, b. MI, parents b. NY

1900 census, Bingham Twp., Clinton County, Michigan
Roll 707 Book 2, page 34A, sheet 1B
Robinson, Oscar W., head, Mar. 1831, 69, mar. 44yrs, b. MI, parents b. NY, farmer
________, Mary D., wife, Jan. 1836, 64, 1 child/ 1 living, b. NY, parents b. NY
________, Ethelyn, g-dtr, June 1889, 10, b. MI, father b. MI, mother b. NY, at school


  • Edmond J. ROBINSON (1857-1935)

Mary Dean Robinson, 100 years

Mary Dean


1.1.13 Nancy Jane 'Jennie' DEAN [dau. of Gabriel DEAN & Lydia BRADNER]
"Born at the farm homestead in Livonia twp. the 8th of April 1837, the thirteenth and youngest child. Jennie attended the State Normal College at Ypsilanti where she graduated in 1860. In her early youth she made a profession of religion and decided to consecrate her life to His service. In 1869 she went to Persia as a missionary and continued there for thirty years, with the exception of two periods when she returned home for the purpose of rest and recuperation. Her first work was under the auspices of the American Mission Board of the Presbyterian church, but six years later the Board of the Northwest was founded and took over her support.
Miss Dean was connected during the entire period of her missionary activity with Fiske Seminary, a protestant Mission school, supported by the Presbyterian church, at Oroomiah, Persia, first as a teacher and later as first principal. This center was the headquarters for all the missionary interests of the Presbyterian church in Persia. After long years of usefulness, her health not permitting her further stay in Persia, she returned to America, taking up her residence in Detroit. She identified herself with the Westminster Presbyterian church there and remained a member until her death. During these later years, until entirely incapacitated for such endeavor, she continually gave of her time and energy in aiding missionary and settlement work, as opportunity offered. She was held in high esteem and affection".

Jennie died in 1927 at the Thompson Nursing Home in Detroit.

Jenny Dean

1.3.1 Phebe DEAN [daughter of David S. DEAN & Catharine Munro]
Phebe was born about 1820 in Ontario, Canada.

On Nov. 4, 1841 Phebe married Edwin BRADNER (son of William BRADNER (1783-1855) & Deborah PARSHALL (1787-1875)) in Canton Twp., Wayne Co., MI, Andrew & Nathan Bradner were witnesses. Edwin was born on Feb. 1, 1818 in NY and died after 1880 census.

1850 U.S. Federal Census: Plymouth Twp., Wayne Co., MI, p.650
Edwin Bradner 31 NY
Phebe Bradner 30 Cananda
Electa Bradner 7 MI

Phebe and Edwin were living in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., Michigan in 1856 at the time Phebe's father died.

1860 U.S. Federal Census: [probably in Ann Arbor]

1870 Census: Township of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., MI, P.14, #198, #199
Bradner, Edwin, 51, M, W, Farmer, b. NY
Bradner, Phebe, 50, F, W, Keeping House, Canada ....
Bradner, Gertrude, 9, F, W, [at school is crossed out], Mich
Parker, Wm. J., 30, M, W, On Farm, NY

1880 U.S. Federal Census: 1st Ward, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, Michigan, Page 28D, FHL Film 1254608,
Edwin BRADNER Self M M W 61 NY Occ: Retired Farmer Fa: NY Mo: NY
Phebe BRADNER Wife F M W 60 CAN Occ: House Keeper Fa: NY Mo: CA


  • Electa Ann BRADNER (1842-1853)
  • Gertrude Bradner (c.1861-????)
1.3.2 Samantha DEAN [daughter of David S. DEAN & Catharine Munro]
b. abt 1821 Canada or NY
d. between 1861-1867 probably Mud Springs, El Dorado Co., CA
m. bef. 1844 probably at Canton Twp., Wayne Co., MI or Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., MI
b. 25 Dec 1815 England
d. 27 Jul 1878 Mud Springs, El Dorado Co., CA
buried in the Old City Cemetery, Placerville, El Dorado Co., CA

Thomas & Samantha were living in Washtenaw Co., Michigan in 1850. They headed to California during the Gold Rush and were living in Eldorado Co., CA by 1855. They were living in Mud Springs in 1860. They homesteaded land at Mud Springs in Dec. 1860. Samantha apparently died sometime after that as Thomas remarried in 1867 to Nancy Crowther. In 1870 Thomas was still living in Mud Springs with his second wife and son Dean. Thomas' probate records say that his only surviving heirs - Dan and Dean were living in San Francisco in 1878.


  • Daniel LAMBERT (c.1844-????)
  • Ann C. LAMBERT (c.1846-????)
  • Dean LAMBERT (c.1855-????)
1.3.3 Amanda DEAN [daughter of David S. DEAN & Catharine Munro]
Amanda was born about 1822 and died 20 Jan 1871. She married Gabriel 'Davis' DICKERSON [s/o Thomas DICKERSON] (then of Nankin). After their marriage they removed to Kent Co., MI. Amanda was living in Grand Rapids in 1856. Davis Dickerson was born March 6, 1817 and died March 16, 1889 at Tallmadge Twp., Ottawa Co., Michigan.


  • Cerrion DICKERSON (1843-abt.1860/63)
  • Willard Wilmer DICKERSON (1848-1911)
  • Edwin DICKERSON (1850-1???)
  • Franklin Pierce DICKERSON (1854-1918)
1.3.4 Horace M. DEAN [Son of David S. DEAN & Catharine Munro]
Born in New York or Canada about 1824. Horace M. Dean married his 1st wife, Cynthia A. BURDEN, June 27, 1849 in Washtenaw Co., MI.  Living in Ann Arbor as a painter in 1850.  Living in Detroit by 1856.  

ISSUE of Horace and Cynthia:

  • Edgar S. DEAN (c.1851-????)
  • Clara A. DEAN
  • Cynthia DEAN
  • Harriet W. DEAN

“In this village, on the 27th instant, [should be ult.? 1849/06/27?] by the Rev. Mr. Hobart, Mr. Horace M. Dean, to Miss Cynthia A. Burden” [Michigan Argus (Marriage Column, p.3, Wednesday 1849/07/04]

1850 U.S. Federal Census, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., MI; p.407 (207?); Dwelling & Family #417
Horace M. Dean 26 M Painter $600 N.York
Cynthia S. Dean 22 F -- NY
Edgar S. Dean 3/12 M -- MI

Living in Detroit in 1856.

Married 2nd wife on April 16, 1857, Miss Elizabeth A. Smith (age 19) at the residence of George A. Patton, Pastor of the New Church Society in Detroit.

1860 U.S. Federal Census: Detroit, 5th ward, Wayne County, Michigan, p.375, sheet 17
Horace M. Dean, 35, painter, 6000, 5000, b. NY
Amanda Dean, 24, b. Wusterburg (???) German???
Edgar S., Dean, 10, b. MI
Arohe?? H. Dean, 2, b. MI
Herbert Dean, 3/12, b. MI

Near the end of the Civil War Horace enlisted in Co. G, 24th Michigan Infantry (March 11, 1865) at Chester for 1 year, was mustered March 25th and later discharged at Detroit July 6th, 1865.

1870 CENSUS: Ward #8, Detroit, Wayne Co., MI.
Horace, 45, Wallpaper & Painting; 65000; 11000; NY
Amanda; 32; keep house
Arch H; 12; at school; MI
Herbert L; 10; MI
Frank; 8; MI
Lizzie; 14; MI
Dora 25; F; Domestic Sevt.; Ireland
Mary; 17; MI

ISSUE of Horace and Elizabeth

  • Arch H. DEAN (1858-????)
  • Herbert L. DEAN (1860-????)
  • Frank R. DEAN (1862-????)
  • Royal W. DEAN
  • Eliza DEAN (1868-????)

Married 3rd wife, Mary, sometime between 1870 and 1880.

  • Clarence P. DEAN (c.187?-????)

1880 Census Detroit, Wayne Co., MI
Horace M. Dean Self M Male W 55 NY Painter & Store NY Can
Mary Dean Wife M Fem W 41 Keep House NY NY
Arch H. Dean Son S Male W 22 MI -- NY NY
Herbert L. Dean Son S Male W 20 MI Clerk NY NY
Frank Dean Son S Male W 18 MI Clerk NY NY
Lizzie Dean Dau S Fem W 14 MI At Home NY NY
John Munroe SSon S Male W 19 MI At School Can MI
Ella Robinson other S Fem B 29 Can Servant -- --

Horace Dean died on Apr. 14, 1892 in Wayne Co., MI. , his probate names his widow as Mary E. Dean of 83 State St., Detroit.

A Horace M. Dean buried in Elmwood Cemetery Lot 122 Section N in Detroit and was the Detroit Police Commissioner 1876-1891. Is this the same Horace M. Dean?

1.3.5 Minerva DEAN [Daughter of David S. DEAN & Catharine Munro]

Minerva is probably one of the girls in David S. Dean’s house that is either 5-10 or 10-15 on the 1840 census. So she was likely born between 1825-1835. She may havemarried before the 1850 census as she is not in father’s house at that time. Listed as Mrs. Minerva Kelby (or Kilby) on her father’s probate file in 1856

1.3.6 Marulda/Marilda DEAN [Daughter of David S. DEAN & Catharine Munro]
Born about 1824 in NY. Died after 1870, probably in Washtenaw Co., MI.

She probably married before the 1850 census as she is not in father’s house at that time. Her father's probate files names her as Mrs. Marulda Roberts, iving in Superior Twp., Washtenaw Co., MI in 1856.

Is this her?:

1860 U.S. Federal Census
5th Ward, City of Ypsilante, Washtenaw Co., MI, July 28, 1860, #1194/1197
William Roberts, 41, M, Boarding House, 700, 400, NY
Ma...dia Roberts [Marulda Dean?], 38, F, --, --, NY
[about 18 boarders]

1870 U.S. Federal Census
4th Ward Ypsilante City, Washtenaw Co., MI, July 6, 1870 #2/2
Roberts, William 45 M W Hotel Proprieter 6000 1000 NY
Roberts, Marilda 44 M W Keeping House -- -- NY
[at least 4 boarders in the hotel]

1880 census, Ypsilante
Wm. M. Roberts, 50 Hotel landlord, b. NY, parents b. NY
Emma Roberts [Marulda Dean?], 50, housekeeper, b. NY, father b. NY, mother b. Canada
(3 other people living there, Anna Banks, Mark Warner and ---- Warner


1.3.7 David Henry DEAN [Son of David S. DEAN & Catharine Munro]
David was about 6 or 7 years old when his family settled in Michigan. He left home before 1850 (he is not listed in household of David S. Dean in Canton Twp., Wayne Co., MI that year, nor is he on the 1850 Census index for all of Michigan). Where was David H. Dean in 1850? Probably in IL? In 1856 David was living in Iroquois Co., IL -- "Henry D., heir of estate of David S. Dean". Around 1857/58 he settled in Warren, Jo Davies Co., IL wher ehe married Lucretia Victoria Heydon in 1859.

1880 Census Warren, Jo Daviess Co., IL
David H. DEAN Self Male W 50 NY Blacksmith NY NY 
Lucretina V. DEAN Wife M Female W 40 MI Keeping House NY NY 
Dora DEAN Dau S Female W 20 IL At Home NY MI 
Willis H. DEAN Son S Male W 17 IL At Home NY MI 
Chester L. DEAN Son S Male W 15 IL At Home NY MI 
Hattie L. DEAN Dau S Female W 9 IL At Home NY MI 
Alfred C. DEAN Son S Male W 5 IL At Home NY MI 
Anna B. DEAN Dau S Female W 3 IL At Home NY MI 
Clorinda HAYDEN Mother M Female W 75 NY No Occupation NY NY 

1893 moved to Ackley, IA. 1900 moved to Galveston, TX to be near children. Moved to Pilot Rock, TX. 1902 moved to Houston near dau. Hattie. David died Feb 18, 1913.


  • Dora DEAN (1859-1884)
  • Elmer Elsworth DEAN (1861-1861)
  • Willis Henry 'Will' DEAN (1862-1922)
  • Chester Luther DEAN (1865-1951)
  • Albert Wood DEAN (1868-1870)
  • Hattie Luella DEAN (1870-1966)
  • Alfred Charles DEAN (1874-1963)
  • Anna Benelle DEAN (1877-1901)

"David Henry Dean, Early Settler
It is not known why David Henry Dean selected Warren, or the exact date of his location in it. It is probable that Mr. Dean settled in Warren around the year 1858, for he married Lucretia Victoria Heydon, Daughter of George Heydon, in Warren, on January 1, 1859. David H. Dean got, by this marriage, six brothers-in-law in Warren, for Mrs. Dean's sister, Mary E. Heydon, married Col., Thomas E. Champion, Attorney; Sophronia married Horace H. Peckman; Emily married Alvin Stowell; Hester married Charles Whitmore; Ruth married Wm. Lathrop; and Martha Heydon married Dr. W. H. Mills. Dean's brother-in-law, George W. Heydon married Jennie Hector, of Warren. With such a large family connection, David H. Dean felt content to remain in Warren until 1893, when he moved to Ackley, Iowa. In 1900 he went to Galveston, Texas, so as to be near his children, Willis, Chester, Alfred and Hattie. There her daughter Anna B. Dean married Albert Liefort, and they settled at Pilot Rock, Tex., where Anna died in about a year. The parents, too, had gone to Pilot Rock The year 1900 saw the great disaster in Galveston, where millions of dollars worth of property and hundreds of lives were lost by the tidal waves and tropical storm. All the Deans left that city, having escaped with their lives. Hattie had located in Houston, with her Husband, Ernest E. Kuhnel, and thither the parents went in 1902 and remained until their deaths, Mrs. Dean, on Sept. 8, 1907, and Mr. Dean on Feb. 18, 1913.
David Henry Dean was born in Buffalo, N.Y., on August 22, 1830. His life from this birth until he appeared as a skilled wagon maker in Warren in the 1850's, is unknown to his children, who, when little, did not interest themselves in family matters, and thus, have lost much data of value to them. This failure of children to grasp the significance of family history is characteristic of most of the young people of the Middle West, for, in my extensive correspondence with descendants of the Early Settlers, I find that some do not even know the names of their grandparents. How can we profit by the triumphs and failures of ancestors unless informed about them? This imperfect world would be tremendously handicapped had we no history to guide us and warn of failures. Our rich heritage is stored in the treasurer house of the past.
The Deans, while cherishing memories of happy days in Warren, never regretted their move into the balmy South, as Mrs.. Dean's health was benefited, and Mr. Dean enjoyed the mild temperatures.
Warrenites will recall the thrill that was experienced, at short intervals, when a new wagon was drawn up Main Street by two prancing steeds, the wagon fresh with its red, yellow and green paints, and proudly bearing the name, on the rear axle, "Made by D. H. Dean, Warren, Ill." The factory was located at the south-east corner of Main and Water streets and, on Main St. In front of it, was the "Town Pump" and its well. This well afforded fire protection for the business district, and relieved the thirst of man and beast. Old settlers will recall the mountain of ice surrounding this pump throughout the long winters. It was only a dug and blasted well, about five feet deeper than the bed of the stream near by. Why we Warrenites escaped typhoid epidemics in those days can be attributed solely to a watchful providence.
Mr. Dean was of a kindly nature and disposition. One who knew him intimately for many years, said "He was never known to speak ill of any one." He has left, in the evergreens or pines about his home on Water street, monuments of his foresight and thoughtful consideration. In the early days, when the creek near his shop was a bigger stream, and at times when he was not too busy, he caught fish from the branch, and I have heard many accounts of the enormous size of the catch. Generally, stories get accretions with age and repetition.
Mrs. Dean was born at Cold Water, Mich., in 1839, married Jan. 1, 1859, and died Sept. 8, 1907. She bore eight children, as follows:
Dora Dean, born in Warren on Oct. 3, 1859, completed her studies in the Public School and then became an assistant in the Photograph Gallery of Samuel L. Buser, where she remained until 1884, when she took a similar position in Wichita, Kan. She died, at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Horace H. Peckham, in Wichita, of Typhoid.
Elmer E. Dean, the second child, died on July 15, 1861 at the age of three months.
Willis Henry Dean, known as "Will", left Warren for Galveston, and thence for Seattle, and, later, for Los Angeles. He married Dora Evans in Los Angeles, and died there in Feb. 1922, aged 59 years. Will "had a wonderful smile and lovely disposition, and was liked by all who knew him." Gifted with no mean order of musical talent, he devoted his life to cornet playing in theatrical orchestras. His widow survives, as do his daughter (Mrs. W. Gardner) and two sons in Los Angeles.
Chester Luther Dean was the fourth child. He is known as "Chet." He married and has five married children. He is a barber in Los Angeles.
Albert Dean, the fifth child, died in Warren on Sept. 7, 1870 aged 2 years, 3 months and 2 days.
The sixth child, Hattie Dean, joined "Will", her brother, in Galveston, in 1893, and married Ernest E. Kuhnel. After the disaster in Galveston of Sept. 1900, they moved to Houston, Tex., where they reside at 614, Bayland Ave. She has a son, E. E. Kuhnel, Jr., engaged in the automobile business in Hutchinson, Kan.
Alfred Dean, the seventh child, is married and lives at 6209 S. Figneron Street, in Los Angeles. His son, Alfred, Jr., is married , as is also, his daughter, Hazel, and she has two children.
Anna Benelle Dean, the youngest child of D. H. Dean, married in Galveston in Dec. 1900 and moved to Pilot Rock, where she died in about a year."
Biography from "......e Warren Sentinel", Warren, Jo Daviess Co., IL, Date unknown (after 1922) by Jay M. Whitman

1.3.8 Charles B. DEAN [Son of David S. DEAN & Catharine Munro]
Born 30 Oct 1827 in New York, Died between 1900-1910. Wagon Maker


  • Edwin B. Dean (c.1858-????)
  • Nahum H. Dean (c.1861-????)

1.3.9 James N. (or M?) DEAN [Son of David S. DEAN & Catharine Munro]

James M. DEAN. Born about 1831 in Canada. Living in his father’s house in 1850. He was living in Detroit 1856.

1859: Living in Keokuk City (Lee Co., IA) with brother Luther Dean, both working as Horse & Sign Painters.

1860 U.S. Federal Census, 4th Ward Keokuk City, Lee Co., Iowa, July 6, #1340, 1226
James N. Dean, 24, M, Master Painter, $100, $750, NY
Luther M. Dean, 23, M, Master Painter, $100, $750, NY

married Lucretia A. SPAIN c.1860-1868

abt 1868 son Harry J. Dean born in Michigan

1870 U.S. Federal Census: 5th Ward, Detroit, Wayne Co, MI, June 10, #208, #191
Dean, James N., 36, M, W, Wall paper Dealer, $3500, $13,000, Canada
Dean, Lucretia, 27, F, W, Keeping house, Iowa
Dean, Harry. J, 2, M, W, Michigan
Dean, Clara, 18, F, W, Boarding [? crossed out], Iowa

abt.1874 son Howard S. Dean born in Michigan

1880 U.S. Federal Census, Detroit, Wayne Co., MI: FHLFilm#125461, p.213A
James M. Dean, self, M, Male, W, 48, NY, House D, NY, CAN
Lucretia Dean, wife, M, Female, W, 37, IA, Keeping House, VA, MO
Harry J. Dean, son, S, Male, W, 1, MI, At school, NY, IA
Howard S. Dean, son, S, Male, W, 6, MI, --, NY, IA
Hellen Philprick, other, S, Female, W, 30, ME, Clerk in store, __, __
Liz Taylor, Other, S, Female, W, 18, CAN, Servant, __, __


  • Harry J. DEAN (1867-????)
  • Howard S. DEAN (1874-????)

1.3.10 Luther M. DEAN [Son of David S. DEAN & Catharine Munro]
Birth: 1833 Ontario, Canada
Death: 3 Apr 1904 St. Petersburg, FL

c.1833 Luther M. DEAN was born in Ontario, Canada.

c.1836/37 when Luther was about 3-4 years old, his family moved from Canada to Canton Twp., near his Uncles Luther, Gabriel and William, in Wayne Co., MI where he was raised.

1850 U.S. Federal Census:
Living in his father’s house. [Luther Dean, 17, M, Farmer, Canada]

1856 at time of father’s death Luther was living in Detroit, as was his brother James.

c.1857-1859 Luther apparently moved to Iowa as did his brother James - there they worked as “Horse and Sign Painters”

1859 Keokuk City Directory
DEAN J.N. & L.M. Horse & Sign Painters, w s 4th b Main & Johnson
DEAN James N. (J.N. & L.M.D.) bds St. Charles Hotel
DEAN Luther M. (J.N. & L.M.D.) bds St. Charles Hotel

1860 U.S. Federal Census, 4th Ward Keokuk City, Lee Co., Iowa, July 6, #1340, 1226
James N. Dean, 24, M, Master Painter, $100, $750, NY
Luther M. Dean, 23, M, Master Painter, $100, $750, NY

Did Luther have a son Horace abt.1862 who died before 1880 census? 1900 census said that he married about 1864 to Kate and they only had 1 child and she was living. Possible that Luther had an earlier wife (c.1860-1862) who had a son, Horace Dean, and that she died by 1864.

abt. 1864 Luther married Catherine ‘Kate’

1870 U.S. Federal Census: Memphis, Shelby Co., TN [listed twice, once in Memphis Ward 5 as a painter and again with a family in Memphis Ward 7 as a painter]
Memphis Ward No. 5, Dwelling 120, Family 148
Baxter, John, 24, m, w, OH
------, Lilly, 23, f, w, Keeping House, England
------, Albert, 4, m, w, MI
Dean, Edgar, 20, m, w, Painter, MI [Nephew of Luther - son of Horace M. Dean]
----, Luther, 37, m, w, Painter, Canada
Cowen, Gabriel, 30, m, b, Laborer, PA

Dwelling 911, Family 1216
Levhert, Joseph, 56, M, W, Tailor, Belgium
-------, Aleta, 50, F, W, France
-------, Mary, 19, F, W, France
-------, Susan, 14, F, W, France
Dean, Luther, 38, M, W, Painter, Canada
----, Kate, 34, F, W, Keeping House, NY
----, Horace, 8, M, W, Iowa
----, Hattie, 6, F, W, [?]
Wright, Chas., 26, M, W, Carriage Painter, Penn
------, Frank[?], 22, M, W, Penn
Meyers, Mary, 11, F, B, Servant, Miss

Inst # Inst Code Grantor/Debtor Grantee/Secured Part Date
79-478, WD, HOPSON HORVIL R, DEAN LUTHER M, 01/01/1871
79-478, WD, HOPSON HORVIL R, DEAN LUTHER M, 01/01/1871

1879 Memphis directory: Dean, L. M. & Co., Wall Paper, Window Shades, &c., 381 Main street

1880 U.S. Federal Census, Memphis, Shelby, TN, Enum June 3, Dwelling 159, Family 173
L.M. Dean, self, M, Male, W, 43, Canada, Picture Store, Canada, ?, ?
Mrs. K. Dean, wife, M, Female, W, 37, NY, Keeps House, NY, --, --
Hattie Dean, dau, Female, W, 16 IA, At School, Iowa, --, NY
[This record has his age at 43, born in Canada. That would make his birth date 1837. However, I think 1833 is correct. He was 17 on the 1850 census. I did not try to look for Kay Dean, his wife...I wonder if he was perhaps a "fine painter" rather than a house painter. His stationary advertises "Pictures and Picture Frames" and says "Painters' and Artists' Materials Generally." [Dick Tyler]

1880 U.S. Federal Census, Memphis, Shelby, TN, District 5 [In a boarding house]
Henry A. CARROLL Single Male W 30 NY Paint Brush Merchant ENG IRELAND

Formed some sort of partnership with Henry Ambrose Carroll who was a paint brush dealer. Their business moved from 381 Main St. where it was in 1879 to 346 Main St. sometime in the 1880's. Luther transcribed a family Bible and sent it to his brother William in California. The information the copied is the birth of the children of David Dean and Phebe Borland. [To download a copy, click here]

1880’s Luther Dean transcribed a family Bible (his father or grandfather's?) and sent it to his brother William Warren Dean in California. He wrote it on an 1880’s page of his business letterhead of "DEAN & CARROLL...No.356 Main Street" who sold Wall Paper, Window Shades, Paints, Brushes, Pictures, Frames, etc. This is the Family Record found in family Bible of William W. Dean.

Inst # Inst Code Grantor/Debtor Grantee/Secured Part Date
205-92, WD, HOUSTON JOHN W, DEAN L M, 01/01/1891
205-92, WD, HOUSTON JOHN W, DEAN L M, 01/01/1891

1900 U.S. Federal Census, St. Petersburg Town, Hillsborough Co., FL, Pct. 1, Enumerated June 11-12, p.377, 2d Av (4th Av N), Dwelling 377, House 377
Dean, Luther M., Head, W, M, Feb 1837, 63, M, 36, Canada, Canada, Canada, reads-writes-speaks english, owns home free of mortgage-house
Dean, Catherine M, Wife, W, F, Mar 1842, 58, M, 36, 1 child, 1living, NY, NY, NY
Dean, Hattie M., Dau, W, F, Mar, 1873, 22, S, IA, Canada, NY
Rily, John, Servant, W, M, Mar 1875, 25, S, TN, TN, TN

1900 U.S. Federal Census, Tennessee, Shelby Co., Memphis, Ward 5, District 74
H.A. Carroll, a wall paper dealer
[Henry Ambrose Carroll died 7/9/1931, aged 83 years He may have married as many as 5 times]

Inst # Inst Code Grantor/Debtor Grantee/Secured Part Date
334-468, WD, DEAN L M, SEESSEL ALBERT, 01/01/1903
343-532, MISC, DEAN L M, 01/01/1904

Dean, L.M., Died 04-03-1904 age 71, Male, White, File #0, Notes: Died in St. Petersburg, Fl.

1: Catherine ‘Kate’
Birth: Mar 1836/42 NY
Death: aft 1900 perhaps St. Petersburg Town, FL
Marriage: abt 1864


  • Hattie DEAN (~1873-19??)

1.3.11 Willaim Warren DEAN [Son of David S. DEAN & Catharine Munro]
Birth: 1836 Canada
Death: 26 Mar 1894 Oakland, Alameda Co., CA
Burial: Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, Alameda Co., CA
Occupation: Fireman, Locomotive engineer for the Central Pacific Railroad
Father: David Swezy DEAN (1792-1856)
Mother: Catharine ‘Katie’ MUNRO (1798-1860)

William W. DEAN. Born in 1836 in Canada. Living in his father’s house in 1850. Still living Canton Twp, MI in 1856 and administrator of father’s estate. Inherited father's land and was the only child of David S. Dean that was mentioned in David’s Last Will & Testiment.

1860 Census? Where is Warren

1867 sold land in Wayne Co., MI
Grantee: Dean, William W., Grantor: Swift, George W.; Book 127, Page 404, Year 1867

1870 census, 4-Ward, Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA, page 338B, sheet #40; Roll 77 Book1; #332/338
Johnson, Seymour, 35, engineer,, b. OH
_______, Antoinette, 28, keeping house, b. MI
Dean, William, 35, fireman on engine, b. Canada
[note: sister Antoinette Dean Johnson & family also in 4-ward Sacramento in 1870 census]

Moved from Sacramento to Oakland between 1870-1878

1878 & subsequent years listed in Oakland City directory

Locomotive engineer for the Central Pacific Railroad.

1880 Census?

Death notice in Oakland Tribune said he was a Mason, member of Oakland Lodge No. 188.

Buried in Plot 27, Lot 53 of Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, CA.

Marriage: 7 May 1872 Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA
Spouse: Mary Emily BEACH
Birth: Mar 1834 OH
Death: 23 Feb 1913 Oakland, Alameda Co., CA
Burial: Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, Alameda Co., CA
Father: Julius BEACH (1802->1880)
Mother: Elizabeth HUMPHREY(S)

Misc. Notes
Mary Emily BEACH (C. 1834 - ____) • BIRTH: C. 1834, Ohio

1860 census, Secret Ravine PO, Sacramento Co, CA; 607/554
....Beach, Mary E., 23, OH....

1870 census Roseville PO, Placer Co, CA; 62/58
....Beach, Mary E., 30, at home, OH....

1900 census, 4th ward, Oakland, Alameda Co, CA
Roll 82, Book 2, page 62; 206 8th; 68/70
Dean, Mary E., head, march 1845, 55, wd, 2 children/ both living, Oh, CT, CT
____, William E., son, Aug. 1874, 25, CA, MI, OH, Law Student
____, Beach H., son, Sept 1876, 23, CA, MI, OH, Law Student

1910 census, 1 ward, Oakland, Alameda Co, CA
Roll 69, Book 4, page 62A; 581 Edwards Ave.; 169/185
Dean, Mary E., head, 60, wd, 2 children/both living, OH, CT, CT, own income

Mary’s date of birth:
1860 age 23 - b.1837
1870 age 30 - b.1840
1900 age 55 - b.1845
1910 age 60 - b.1850


  • William Edward DEAN (1874-1946)
  • Beach Humphreys DEAN (1876-1945)

1.3.13 Antoinette DEAN [daughter of David S. DEAN & Catharine Munro]
Born in Wayne Co., MI in July 1840. Antoinette married in 1858 at Canton, Wayne Co. to Seymour JOHNSON.

1860 census, 4 Ward Ypsilante, Wastenaw Co., Michigan, page 844, sheet 172; #1169/1167
Johnson, Seymour, 24, Engineer, b. Ohio
_______, Antona, 19, b. MI
_______, L. (male), 6/12, b. MI
Roger, We???, (female) 22, b. Canada

1870 census, 4-Ward, Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA, page 338B, sheet #40; Roll 77 Book1; #332/338
Johnson, Seymour, 35, engineer,, b. OH
_______, Antoinette, 28, keeping house, b. MI
Dean, William, 35, fireman on engine, b. Canada

Seymour Johnson was a railroad division master mechanic in Tulare, CA by 1876:
[From the autobiography of J.M. Fulton, Dec. 1930] “I recall my first call for service with our company in March 1876. I was advised that engine No. 137, a Rhode Island Locomotive would arrive at Sacramento from Rocklin and I was ordered to take it over from the Rocklin man, got orders and proceed as directed by division dispatchers to Tulare (then shops and division terminal) and report to Seymour Johnson, division master mechanic.”

1880 census, Tulare, Tulare Co., CA, page 101B
Johnson, Seymour, head, 41, R/R master mechanic, b. OH, parents b. NY,
_______, A.C., wife, 38, at home, b. MI, father b. NY, mother b. Canada
(6 boarders marked as other living with family)

1900 census, 1-Ward Berkeley, Alameda County, CA, page 119, sheet 17A; Roll 83 Book 1
living at 1600 Milvra?; #444/465
Johnson, Seymour, head, Aug. 1835, 64, mar. 42yrs., OH, NY, NY, R/R engineer
________, Antoinette, wife, Sept. 1840, 59, 1 child/ 0 living, MI, Scot., Canada

1910 census, 37th Dist., San Francisco County, California, page 191B, sheet 7B; Roll 98, Book 3; #92/140
Johnson, Seymour, head, 73, mar. 52yrs., b. OH, parents b. NY, own income
_______, Antoinette, wife, 70, no children, b. MI, parents b. MI

Unable to find Antoinette Johnson with that spelling of her first name. Did find an Antonett C. Johnson, age 75, d. 26 March 1916, Alameda Co., CA. Spouse initial is S.; Death Certif # 74(?)12. (not sure if that is a 4 or not. too blurry -- Dee)

Seymore Johnson died 18 July 1919, Alameda County, CA.; age 82; spouse
initial is A.;  Death Certif # 27464


  • L. Johnson (1860-bef.1870)
1.4.1 David DEAN [son of William B. DEAN & Sarah Ann McCOMBER]
David was born in NY about 1828. He married Susan S. SPOFFORD.
  • William Herbert DEAN (1857-????)
  • Edward DEAN (c.1858-????)
  • Herbert E. DEAN (c.1858-????)
  • Almon DEAN (1860-????)
  • Clarence DEAN (c.1870-????)

1.4.2 William B. DEAN [son of William B. DEAN & Sarah Ann McCOMBER]
Born about 1830, William died 26 Dec 1836 and was buried in the Newburgh Cemetery, Livonia, Wayne Co., MI.

1.5.1 William B. DEAN [son of Jonathan DEAN Sr. & Elizabeth MUNRO]
Born 28 March 1819 at Flamborough West, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada. Died 2 September 1890 at Kalamo, Eaton Co., MI.


"In June 1836 he came with his father to Michigan when his father purchased 160 acres in Section 12 Kalamo Township in Eaton County. On July 3, 1837 he crossed the Detroit River from Canada into Detroit, Michigan with his father's family and spent the summer in Plymouth (with his three uncles, aunts and grandfather). In November he and his younger brothers, Silas and Allen began the journey from Plymouth to Kalamo, driving ahead of them 13 cows and two hogs. About Dec. 8 the boys reached their land in Kalamo. With the help of "neighbor" boys they built a rough log shanty. On Dec. 23, 1837 the rest of the family arrived."

Wm. B. Dean



  • Mary Elizabeth 'Libby' DEAN
  • Sarah Samantha DEAN
  • Edmund A. DEAN
  • Earoline A. 'Carrie' DEAN
  • F. Alice DEAN
  • Emme D. DEAN
  • William B. DEAN
  • Ida May DEAN
  • Hattie E. DEAN
  • Horace LaRue DEAN

1.5.3 Silas M. DEAN [son of Jonathan DEAN Sr. & Elizabeth MUNRO]
Born 1 Nov. 1822 at Ontario, Canada. He died in 1903. "Silas' obituary in the Charlotte paper says he was the Nimrod of the family and kept the table well supplied with venison and wild fowl. In 1849 he went to California and mined for gold for several years. After returning home he visited the Pacific coast twice again. He was a physical giant, an athlete and a hardy man. He was a reader of history. Gibbons was his favorite historian. His grandson, Leo (son of Floyd), filed a Centennial Family History; with the Eaton County Historical Commission, undated. The history says Silas came from Whidbey, Canada (probably Whitby, Ontario). It also says he settled on Shaytown Road in Vermontville."

sons of Jonathan Dean


  • Louis DEAN
  • Bert DEAN
  • Roy DEAN
  • Floyd DEAN
  • Mary DEAN
1.5.5 Mary Ann DEAN [daughter of Jonathan DEAN Sr. & Elizabeth MUNRO]
She was born 1827 in Canada, and died c.1885 in Virgil, Greenwood County, Kansas.  She married 31 January 1844 in Roxand Township, Eaton County, Michigan to Timothy BOYER, SR. Timothy was born 23 February 1820 in Manheim, Herkimer County, New York, and died 23 February 1890 in at home 2 miles west of Virgil, Greenwood County, Kansas. Mary Ann Dean was his second wife.

ISSUE of Timothy BOYER and Mary Ann DEAN:

  • Alan L. BOYER (1844-1882)
  • Margaret BOYER (1848-aft1920)
  • Silas Morley BOYER (1849-1915)
  • John Francies BOYER (c.1852-c.1905)

1.8.1 Capt. Thomas Jay DEAN [son of Luther DEAN & Ruth BRUNDAGE]
Born: May 22, 1826 Canandaigua/Hopewell area of Ontario Co., NY
Died: July 17, 1883 Grand Co. Colorado

For a biography of Thomas and his descendants:

1.8.2 William Day DEAN [son of Luther DEAN & Ruth BRUNDAGE]

For Biography of William and his children:

1.8.3 George Brundage DEAN [son of Luther DEAN & Ruth BRUNDAGE]
Born in NY June 13, 1831, George was just an infant when the family settled in Michigan. George was living at the family farm in Livonia with his widowed mother in 1852. Where was George living in 1850? The only George on 1850 Census index in Wayne Co., MI was in Detroit (p.142). In a July 1852 affidavit listing residence of heirs of Luther Dean - George’s resisdence is listed as Livonia, MI. He presumably moved to California sometime between 1852-1861.

1860 U.S. Federal Census: Where? Not in Wayne Co., Michigan so he probably moved to California by this census but can not find in California.

MARRIED: In this city, May 19th, by the Rev. Wm. H. Hill, George B. Dean to Rosalie Nelson, all of Sacramento. [Sacramento Daily Bee, Monday Evening, May 20, 1861]

George earned $218 of taxable income in Sacramento County in 1865.

1870 U.S. Federal Census: Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA
Deane, G B age 39 NY page 270 B Sac City Ward 3 twp
Deane, R E age 36, place of birth unreadable? to transcriber, page 270 B Sac City Ward 3 twp
Deane, Geo M age 8 b CA page 270 B Sac City Ward 3 twp

1880 U.S. Federal Census: 2nd Ward, Sacramento CA,
George B. Dean Self M Male W 48 Carpenter MD MI
Rose Dean Wife M Fem W 39 LA Keep House LA LA
Georgiana Dean Dau -- Fem W 17 CA At Home MI LA
Cora Dean Dau S Fem W 4 CA -- MI LA
Ah Lee Fong Other -- Male A 19 China Cook China China

1890 Living in Sacramento at 822 M St. [now Capital Ave.]
Not listed in 1898 Sacramento telephone directory.

In the 1900 census, 6th Ward, Sacramento, Sacramento Co. CA pg 290
Dean, George B., head, --- 1831, 69, mar. 40 yrs, b. NY, parents b. UN
____, Rose, wife, ---1843, 57, 2 children, 1 living, b. UN, parents b. UN
Bahn, May, g-daughter, ---- 1885, 15, b. CA, father b. KY, mother b. CA, box maker
[Troy, I just couldn't make out the month of birth on any of them. Looked a whole lot like squiggles. What ever the month was supposed to be, it looked exactly the same for all three of them.]

GEORGE B. DEAN CLAIMED BY DEATH -- The death occurred this afternoon of George B. Dean, the contractor, at the age of 70 years. Mr. Dean suffered a stroke of paralysis a year ago. He had done much contracting work for the county in the way of building bridges,
etc., and was widely known.
Mr. Dean was a native of New York. He leaves a wife and two daughters, and
a sister, a resident of San Francisco. [Sacramento Evening Bee, Tuesday, November 12, 1901]

"DEAN - In this city, November 12, 1901, George B. Dean, husband of Mrs. George B. Dean, father of Mrs. Georgia Bredrick and Mrs. Carrie Stiegler, a native of New York, aged 71 years. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral Sunday at 2 p.m. from I.O.O.F. Temple, Ninth and K Streets. Interment City Cemetery." [Sacramento (California) Bee; Saturday 16 November 1901; page 5; source located at Sacramento Public Library, 828 I Street, Sacramento, CA]

City Cemetery, Sacramento
Dean, George B; 70y 5m; Nov 12 1901; Vol B, pg 117; Lot 9; headstone; NY;
heartfailure; charter memb Industrial Lodge 167; IOOF
Dean, George Dana, 2d; Feb 24 1865; Vol B, pg 117, Lot 9
Dean, Rosalie, 90, Jan 23; burial Jan 25 1922, Vol B, pg 117, Lot 9,
headstone; LA; senile dementia


  • Georgiana M. DEAN (1862-1906)
  • George Dana DEAN (1865-1865)
  • Cora Miriam DEAN (1875-1962)

1.8.4 Marian Lucina DEAN [daughter of Luther DEAN & Ruth BRUNDAGE]
Born 23 July 1833, Marian was the first of Luther and Ruth's children to be born in Michigan. Is this the same Marion DEAN of Livonia who m. Hiram COON, age 22, of Redford July 3, 1849 at Livonia? [If not, who is this other Marion Dean in Livonia?]

Marion L. Dean is listed on 1850 census at home of her father Luther Dean. If this is the same Marion who married Hiram Coon, then Mr. Coon either died between July 3, 1849 and the 1850 census or they separated/divorced in that same time frame.

Marian must have married about 1851/52 to George W. Pope as she is listed as Mrs. Marian Lucina Pope, a resident of Ionia Co., MI in July 1852 according to Luther Dean probate info.

abt.1854 son Albert D. Pope born in [Iona or Eaton Co.?] Michigan

1857 daughter Harriet E. ‘Hattie’ Pope born in [Iona or Eaton Co.?] Michigan

1860 U.S. Federal Census: Kalamo, Eaton County, Michigan, pg 844, sheet 158, #1272/1244
George W. Pope, 31, farmer, 1200, 800, b. NY
Marien L, Pope, 26, b. MI
Albert D. Pope, 6, b. MI
Harriet E., Pope, 3, b. MI
Edwin Watson, 22, farm labor, 600, 150, b. NY
What happened between Marian and her husband George Pope? They must have divorced before May 1870. [George said on the 1900 & 1910 census that he was a widower]

May 1870 Marian married Samuel Smith, the following month they were living in Chicago. [ I was unable to find marriage record for them in Illinois archives. Maybe they married some other state, or it could be the marriage record is missing from the archives. - Dee]

1870 census, 11th ward, Chicago, Cook County, IL; Roll 206, Book 1, page 74A; emunerated on June 23, 1870; 772/954
Smith, Samuel, 43, R/R Employee, b. Conn
_____, Martha, 36, keeping house, b. Mich
Pope, Hatty, 13, at home, b. Mich
____, Albert D., 16, patent???age, b. Mich

1870 is the most recent mention of son Albert he certainly died before 1900. - listed as patient? in 1870.

Marian moved to California between 1870-1880.

Marian married her 2nd (or 3rd) husband, Samuel W. Smith, before 1880 when they are found in San Francisco:
1880 census, San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA, page 89B
Smith, Samuel, 55, head, R/R Clerk, CT, unk, unk
_____, Emma, wife, 46, keepshouse, MI, NY, NY
Gray, Lewis E., son in law, 32, Sea Captain, ME, unk, unk
____, Hattie, dau, 23, at home, MI, CT, MI
____, Mabel, g-dau, 5, CA, ME, MI
____, Samuel, g-son, 3, CA, ME, MI
[Note: Marian is listed as ‘Emma’. Daughter Harriet is also living in the same house with her family and Marian’s son Albert Pope is not here.]

1900 census, San Francisco, San Francisco County, CA; Roll 102, Book 2, page 168A, sheet 10B; 529 San Jose Ave.; 143/224
Gray, Harriet E., head, ..........
Smith, Samuel W., father, June 1821, 78, mar. 30yrs, CT, CT, CT
_____, Marian, mother, July 1833, 66, 2 children/ 1 living, MI, NY, NY
[Note: 1 child - Albert D. Pope - died before this census]

Brother George B. Dean’s obit in 1901 “Sacramento Bee” says that George had a sister living in San Francisco - this must refer to Marian.

1900-1905/10 Marian’s husband, Samuel W. Smith died. Marian moved from San Francisco to 837 Cowper St, Palo Alto Santa Clara Co., CA sometime between 1901-1909 .

1910 census, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County, CA, Enmuneration Dist. 80 - April 20, 1910; Roll 105, Book 2, page 255A, sheet 9A; 837 Cowper St.; 167/171
Smith, Marian L., head, 76, wd, 2 children/ 1 living, MI, NY, NY, own income
Gray, Harriet E., dau, 53, wd, 3 children/ 3 living, MI, NY, MI, own income
Seed, Frank, boarder, 44, wd, Eng, Eng, Eng. (1886), credit man, bank

CADI records, sheet # 10194: Marion Smith. d. 5/13/1918, Santa Clara Co., CA. age 84, state file # 19153

Died at home 837 Cowper St. in Palo Alto of Bronchial Pneumonia.

ISSUE of Marian Lucina Dean & George W. Pope

  • Albert D. POPE (abt.1854-18??)
  • Harriet Eliza 'Hattie' POPE (1857-1945)

1.8.5 Harriet Elvina DEAN [daughter of Luther DEAN & Ruth BRUNDAGE]
Born in Livonia 22 December 1835. Harriet married Henry DEVERING about 1853.

Living w/mother in Livonia July 1852.

1900 census, Tekonsha Twp., Calhoun County, Michigan, page 298, #358/366
Blakeman, My?? ( Myron?), head, Feb. 1869, 31, b. NY, parents b. NY, farmer
___, Lena, wife, June 1868, 31, 4 children/ 3 living, b. MI
___, Garrett, son, Oct. 1891
___, Maud, dau, Aug. 1895
___, Bessie, dau, Aug 1898
___, Henry, father, Feb. 1834, 66, wd, NY, NY, PA
Devering, Harriet, mother in law, Dec. 1835, 64, wd., 9 children, 5 living, MI, NY, Unk

1910 census, Harriet is living with her widowed son, Luther Jay Devring. Lena May Davis Devering had died the previous year. (28 Feb. 1909)

1910 census, 4-ward, Albion, Calhoun County, Michigan, page 54B
Devring, Luther Jay, head, 51, widow, b. MI, father b. NY, mother b. MI, manager, farm
______, Harriett E., mother, 74, widow, 10 children/ 3 living, b MI, parents b. NY
W???, Anna M. servant, 24, b. MI, parents b. Germany, servant, in house
Brockway, Thomas, lodger, 25, b. MI, parents b. MI, book keeper, in bank

Death: H.E. Devring 1836 d. 11/4/1912

Children of Harriet noted by Herbert Day Dean c.1925-1935 [D-119] [Herbert was a nephew of Harriet, the son Harriet's brother William Day Dean] "Harriet Devering (Henry) --Wilie, Jack, Mott, Jed, Jim, Ruth, Jay, Lena, Day"
Note, some of these names could be middle names or nick names. He lists Luther by his middle name 'Jay'. He doesn't list a George - Could 'Mott' be 'George M'? We know there was a George M. as he was living with Ruth in 1870. I was going to sugguest that Willie and Day are the same since we find 'William D.' on census but no 'Day' but Herbert lists both a Willie & a Day. Did he list the same person twice? He lists Sarah by her middle name 'Ruth'

In another family tree [D-126] in a different handwritting, probably by Herbert's daughter Dorothy in the later 1930's: "Harriet E. 12/22/1835 - Wayne Co. - m. Devering. Had Jim, Mott, Jay, Day, Lena, Willie (Jed & Seth), Jack 7611 Ridgeland Ave. Chicago"

1900 Census says Harriet had 9 children, 5 living
1910 Census says Harriet had 10 children, 3 living
--I doubt very much that she had a child after 1900 - so either 9 or 10 must be a census taker mistake. Perhaps she had 10 children but only 9 lived to adulthood. If so 5 would have died before 1900 census and 2 died between 1900 census and 1910 census. 3 still living in 1910 [L. Jay, Wm. D. & perhaps Jack as his address is listed on D-126]. Herbert mentions 9 names on D-119 and Dorothy mentions 7 names on D-126 (she left off Jed and Sarah Ruth).

Jack only listed on Herbert & Dorothy's notes, not in census as Jack. But Dorothy even lists his address in Chicago, IL at 7611 Ridgeland suggesting he was still alive or recently alive as recent as the 1920-1930's.

Who is "Isa" on 1870 census age 8. Did she die young. Herbert only metions 2 girls, Lena H & Sarah Ruth so neither of them could be Isa


  • James DEVERING (abt.1854-????)
  • Luther 'Jay' DEVERING (1858-1921)
  • George M. DEVERING (1861-????)
  • Isa DEVERING (abt.1862-????)
  • William D. DEVERING (1863-????)
  • Jed DEVERING (abt.1866-????)
  • Lena H. DEVERING (1868-1900/05)
  • Sarah Ruth DEVERING (1874-????)
1.8.6 James Roe DEAN [son of Luther DEAN & Ruth BRUNDAGE]
James’ father died the day following James’ 12th birthday. He was living with his mother in Livonia July 1852. James was a minor of Luther Dean’s estate in Nankin in 1854, brother William appointed guardian.

A James R. Dean was m. 1857 Washtenaw Co., V.3, p.11

1860 U.S. Federal Census: Nankin, Wayne County, Michigan, p.773, #603/558
Roe Dean, 22, farmer, 1000, 200, b. MI
Amelia Dean, 22, b. MI

Civil War veteran; James R. Dean, enlisted 3 July 1862, listed residence as Livonia, age 24, Co. G. 17th Inf, Reg RC Co K 17th Inf. Reg. MI

Grand Traverse County, 1894 Michigan Civil War Census for Grand Traverse County Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Compiled and published by Washington Gardner, Sec. of State Whitewater Township, Traverse Co., MI: James R. Dean [is this James Roe Dean?]

A James R. Dean; Co D or G, 10th Mich Cavalry; widow Mary; pension cert #635827. Same James?

  • ?Charles DEAN

1.8.7 Polly Elizabeth DEAN [daughter of Luther DEAN & Ruth BRUNDAGE] Polly was the youngest of Luther and Ruth's children, born 8 January 1843

Living w/mother in Livonia July 1852. Minor of estate in Nankin in 1854, brother William appointed guardian.

Polly was living with her mother at the farm in Livonia in 1860.

1870 U.S. Federal Census: Nankin, Wayne Co., MI, p.266, Dwelling 91, Family 86, enumerated June 7
UNDERWOOD, Mary 32 F W Milliner $500 -- NY
GLASS, Emma 21 F W Domestic Serv’t -- -- MI
SIMMS, Joannetta 25 F W Dress Maker -- -- VT
DEAN, Polly 27 F W Milliner -- $500 M

Polly married Nathan CLIFFORD and had one known daughter.

Polly died on 14 April 1879, perhaps in Detroit. At the time of her death she had no will but owned property in Wayne and Tuscola County, Michigan.


  • Bessie CLIFFORD (abt.1879-aft.1920)
Fourth Generation:
Great-Grandchildren of
David and Phebe DEAN Henry M. WHITE [son of Harvey W. WHTIE & Harriet DEAN]
Henry was born 30 Jul 1837 and died 24 September 1909. He was married to Mary Jane "Jenny" HAMLIN [d/o William Perez HAMLIN (HAMBLIN) & Mary Jane SMITH] in May 1867 at Northville, Wayne Co., MI.


  • Mattie S. WHITE

Henry M. White
Henry M. White

Jenny White
Jenny White Hannah GRISWOLD [daughter of Clark Augustus GRISWOLD & Fanny DEAN]
Hannah was born in Northville, Wayne Co., MI on 25 Apr 1843 and died there on 9 Aug 1866, she was 23 years old and was buried in Yerkes Cemetery in Northville. Hannah GRISWOLD [daughter of Clark Augustus GRISWOLD & Fanny DEAN]
Hannah was born in Northville, Wayne Co., MI on 25 Apr 1843 and died there on 9 Aug 1866, she was 23 years old and was buried in Yerkes Cemetery in Northville. Charlotte 'Lottie' GRISWOLD [daughter of Clark Augustus GRISWOLD & Fanny DEAN]
Lottie was born 26 Oct 1849 in Northville, Wayne Co., Michigan. She married Charles Melvin Wilkinson. Lottie died 29 September 1880 and was buried at Yerkes Cemetery in Northville.


  • Charles WILKINSON

Lottie Griswold
Lottie Griswold Dean F. GRISWOLD [son of Clark Augustus GRISWOLD & Fanny DEAN] Dean was born about 1852 and lived past the age of 76 years. His wife was named Abbie.

Dean Griswold
Dean F. Griswold Narcia Harriett SMITH [daughter of Charles SMITH & Charlotte Ann DEAN]
Narcia was born in Redford, Wayne Co., MI. In 1914 Narcia's Uncle Lafayette Dean gave her the musket that was carried in the Revolutionary war by David Dean and in the War of 1812 by Gabriel Dean. She joined the DAR in 1930 and died in 1939. She was married to Charles Levi DUBUAR [son of James Francis DUBUAR & Mary Aurelia PURDY] Charles was born 10 Jan 1859 in Northville, Wayne Co., MI and died 10 Jan 1945 in Wanakena, NY.


  • Paul Smith DUBUAR
  • James Francis DUBUAR
  • Charles 'Carroll' DUBUAR
  • Dorothy Dean DUBUAR

Narcia Dubuar
Narcia Dubuar
Seattle, WA
c.1923 Jessie SMITH [daughter of Charles SMITH & Charlotte Ann DEAN]
Jessie moved to Florida with her daughter because of her daughter's poor health. Jessie died in Florida March 6, 1881.
  • 'Daughter' Bennett Luther DEAN [son of William Day DEAN & Lydia JOY]
b. 28 March 1868 at Wayne, Wayne Co., MI
d. 16 January 1928
m. 4 September 1895
Anna Louise CLARKSON [d/o Charles Eugene CLARKSON & Eveline Manning NASH].

Bennett learned the tin-smithing trade in Northville, Wayne Co., Michigan and later took a job as a mail-carrier in Detroit where he worked from 1895 until the 1920's. He also kept a personal diary from 1902-1921.


  • Howard Clarkson DEAN
  • Bennett Joy DEAN
  • Laurence Clare DEAN
  • Helen 'Louise' DEAN
  • 'Baby' DEAN
  • June Evelyn DEAN


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