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For Dean family in Livingston County, Michigan, especially descendants of Daniel Dean (c.1775-1840) and Ann Van Horn
who settled in Livingston County, New York and then Livingston County, Michigan
See my Livingston Co. Dean Family Webpage

Margaret Pearce <> May 21, 2009
   I am trying to locate information regarding my Grandfather, Lewis Dean. This is what I know so far. On his death certificate it says he was born on Jan. 22, 1889 in Sheepshead Bay NY. No birth record exists for him there. It states his father was Charles Dean, born in NY, His mother was Ada Gibson, born in NY. It was said his father was Iroquois and either dutch or english, and his mother was full blood Iroquois. Do not know which Nation or Nations.
    He was a vaudeville actor. Went by the name of "Lew Dean". He married Margaret Bellew in approx. 1908.
    He had a brother "Gary" who died by drowning as a child. Do not know what year.
    It was said he was orphaned as a child. There is a Lewis Dean on the 1900 census as a ward of the Fairfield County Home for Destitute Children, Norwalk CT. There is also a Myrtle Dean listed as well. I do not know if he had a sister. These two were also listed in the same census year in another location. But instead of Lewis, it states the name Charles Dean Western New York Society for the Protection of Homeless and Dependent Children, Cattaraugus Cty. Randolph NY. I do not know if this is my grandfather, and all inquiries have lead no where. The only response I have received is from NY stating I need to write to the County, but more than likely the records were disposed of. If they did exist I would need a court order to obtain them.
Census record:
Series: T623  Roll: 134  Page: 90
Surname GivenName Age Sex
Race Birthplace State
County Location Year

Fairfield County Home for destitute children.
Myrtle Dean, March 1890, age 10 Conn. unknown unknown
Lewis Dean , March 1891, age 9 Conn. unknown unknown
Series: T623  Roll: 1011  Page: 79 Previous PageNext Page
Surname GivenName Age Sex
Race Birthplace State
County Location Year
Enumerated 20 June
Western New York Society for the Protection of Homeless and Dependent Children.
Dean, Myrtle Dec 1889, age 10 NY NY NY
Dean, Charles Apr 1892, age 8 NY NY NY
It was said he ran away at some point and became a vaudeville actor.
I haven't been able to locate anything for a Charles & Ada Dean. In my grandfathers diary he said that his father and fathers father were also born on Jan. 22.
I know he mentioned Niagara Falls and the old home town in his diary. It was said they lived on a Reservation in NY for a time. Do not know when. There is an F. Dean shown on the Tuscarora Special Census Map of 1892, but can not get any info regarding that family.
I do know he had an Uncle who lived in Akron Ohio, Joseph Sheard. Another relatives name was "Lemons". Do not know where they lived or if they were relatives of his mother or father.
Any clues or possible family links that you may know of would be greatly appreciated.
 Margaret Pearce

In a message dated 2/7/09 <> writes:
Looking for the parents of Polly (Mary) DEAN b. 1783 in Orange Co. NY, d. March 1857 in Colchester, Delaware Co. NY.  She married Joseph GEE in 1800 and their children were:  Benjamin, Betsy, William, Joseph, Sally, Mary, Angeline, and Hannah.
Please contact D. Kruse
In a message dated 6/13/04, writes:
<< I'm looking for information about Aaron Dean and descendants in Saratoga Co., NY from at least as far back as 1830. I believe his wife married to Louise Philinda Rowland. I know they were in the Towns of Galway, Charlton, and Ballston. Thanks >>   Email me at:
In a message dated 2/27/04, writes:
<< I am trying to find information about Laura Dean, b. May 27, 1832 near Macedon, NY. She married Richard Jansen on 27 Mar 1856 in Allen County, Indiana. Her daughter, Ella Jansen married Arthur Stevens and moved west to Colorado to homestead.
Any information about possible leads would be greatly appreciated.
Please contact Renee Stevens >>
In a message dated 11/12/03, writes:
<< I search for any information on a woman born ca 1776 who married Sherman Tanner. She is reported in some locations as "Lucena Dean" and in other sources as "Aceannath Dean". She must have died prior to 1825, when Sherman died. This was in Schoharie County, New York.  Any thoughts would be most appreciated.
Please contact Charles Mudd
In a message dated 5/26/03, writes:
<< Looking for my descendant Zephaniah DEAN born circa 1775. He married Kathrine Abbott ?Brooklyn NY. I have no info on either of them. They had a son Silas Dean born 1798 in Staatsburg NY. Silas married Eleanor Salisbury. They settled in Greene Co., Coxsackie area. I have visited Athens Cemetery, Athens NY and have pictures of the family gravestones. I have all info on their offspring down to myself. I have hit a brickwall re: Zephaniah. Any leads appreciated.
Please contact Anna Deane Old Saybrook, CT.>>
In a message dated 2/6/03, writes:
<<I'm interested in finding any information pertaining to my Great Great Grandmother, particularly her parents and birth information. Her name was MARY AUGUSTA DEAN and her birthdate would have been sometime around 1826 probably in Saratoga County, NY. She married WILLIAM ARTHUR CALDWELL and they settled in the town of Galway, Saratoga County, NY. I do know she died on 13 JAN 1904. Any help would be more than appreciated.
Please contact Ron Hilton>>

In a message dated 11/11/02 , Jjeufemi writes:
<< Does anyone have information on AMY DEAN b ca1810 in Upper Canada. Married in NY ca 1830's to James D. Pierce. She died 20 March 1886 in Kalamazoo Co.,MI. Had children: Alexander; Charles; Sarah; Francis; John Edwin; James M; Myron; Marion; Henry; Caroline; Emily and Eva. She could be related to a Chancey Dean; Alexander Dean, Isiah Dean and Margaret Dean all in Kalamazoo Co., MI. Any suggestions for me, this is my brick wall!!
Please contact Jacqueline Eufemi,>>

In a message dated 8/25/02 , writes:
...Joseph Dean born abt 1810 England; wife Harriet (Head) Dean born abt 1816 England; children
  Emma Dean born 1835 New York - who married 28 Nov 1861 in Detroit, Wayne County, MI to John Wesley Powell;
  Mary Dean born abt 1840 New York;
  Henrietta Dean bor abt 1850 Michigan;
  Charles Dean born abt 1854 Michigan.
Please contact  Brenda Hare>>
In a message dated 8/18/02, writes:  
<< My greatgrandfather was Leonard Dean who fought in the Civil War with the Michigan E16th and died in Girard, Michigan. Leonard had four siblings that I know of: Sarah, Adam, Mary, and Andrew. I believe that Sara and Adam were longtime Waterford, Ontario residents as I have the surmised the following information from their obituaries:
  Sarah Dean, Born 1832 Batavia NY, @1848 married A. S. Bezzo, died July 19,1911 at the home of her daughter, T. A. Jorgenson, in New York.
  Adam Bowlby Dean. Born 1839 "Buckwheat Street," Windham Township, died July 1, 1921 Waterford, Ontario, Canada
  Mary Dean married George Hicks. Lived in Delhi in 1911 and Simcoe in 1921
  Andrew Dean in Marshall in 1911
I have been trying to locate information about Leonard Dean's predecessors to no avail. If you know of any information that will help me with this.
Please contact Elizabeth Vanasse>>
In a message dated 7/22/02 11:14:36 PM, writes:
<<I am trying to find out who my Grandfathers parents were but I run into dead ends everywhere. His name was Kenneth Guy Dean, he served in WW2 and had or has a brother. He had a rough child hood and did not like to talk about his family much. I think they were from N.Y. though. My father said that they moved back there when he was young before they moved back here [SC]. I know it is a long shot but please email me at
Please contact Robert E. Dean>>
In a message dated 7/18/02 12:03:32 PM, Rdwjvw writes:
<< I am looking for information on the ancestors of Sara Dean, wife of Richard Mount. She was born 29 Dec 1800 in Tompkins County, New York. The Place of birth may not be correct because I have records to show that their son John Dean Mount was baptized in 1830 in Cranbury New Jersey.  That is all the info I have. I would appreciate any help you can offer.>>
Please contact Robert Weaver
In a message dated 2/2/02 8:05:08 AM, writes:
<< Searching for info. on Susan Dean from Elmira New York; she was adopted by Jervis Langdon in the 1800's. I'm not sure but believe the Wishbey name was mixed in with knowing some about the Dean family.>>
Please contact

In a message dated 11/16/03 3:44:01 PM, writes:
<< ....Susan Dean...her father Colonel Elijah Dean; [she was Susan l. Crane]...

Looking for info on Stephen Dean (my great-grandfather) born in NY, moved to W.V. sometime in the 1860's. He was a brother to Susan [Dean] Crane of New York, (she was Mark Twain's sister-in-law) any info please. >>
Please contact  ken dean
In a message dated 12/9/01 6:36:09 PM, MarydeanW writes:
<My great grandfather, Harvey Harrison Dean, was born July 1837, Woodstock, Michigan. On his death certificate gave mothers name as Caroline. I found a Woodstock in Lenawee Co., Mi. I did not find him until his marriage in Aug 1858, Belle Plain, Mn. to Epenetus "Eppie" WISBEY/WISBY. She was the daughter of Joseph Wisbey and Mahala ROSS Wisbey. They had moved from Schuyler Co. Illinois between 1850 and 1858 to that area. I have not been able to find Harvey and Epenetus Dean on any 1860 census. He did go by the name Harrison also on one of the census. He died from wound received in Civil War, in his lung. He died 1872 in Shakopee Veterans Hospital.
They had four sons, Joseph Marion Dean, John Clarkson Dean, George Wellington Dean and Harvey "Walter" Dean.
I have researched on this since 1969. Do not know if he had any brothers or sisters or where his mother was..
Please contact
Nehemiah Parish and Elizabeth Dean were married November 23, 1786 Bethel, Windsor County, Vermont. They moved to Farmersville, New York around the turn of the century (1800). What were there childrens name?? Nehemiah died in Farmersville in 1832.
Please contact Roy Clement Jr. 10/6/00
Looking for information on Martha Dean b. 23 Sep 1794, d. 20 Jan 1868. m. William Haynie b. 27 Nov 1788. It is said she was of the Dutch family and when marrying, her family disowned her becuase she married outside of the Dutch. She was from PA. They came to Cabell Co., VA, later becoming Wayne Co., WV. They are buried here in Wayne Co., WV. She had a brother named Joseph Dean. There was a Herman Dean that lived here in Wayne Co., that did a family tree on the Haynie's and gave it to my gr-uncle. No one can locate that now. If her family disowned her, there may not be any record. Can anyone help??
Please contact, 4/13/00
I am looking for information on Leonard Dean, Sr., who was born on December 7, 1794; married Marie Brown on December 25, 1818; and had a son (Leonard, Jr.) in Frankfort, New York, on April 28, 1821. I'd also appreciate information on Leonard, Jr., who on January 29, 1843 married Mary Elizabeth Lee. They had a son, Reginald Merrill Dean, on January 1, 1853; and Reginald married Marietta Goodenough sometime in 1881 in Tonawanda, New York. Reginald and Marietta had a son, Herbert Lafayette Dean, in Tonawanda on August 25, 1885. Herbert was my grandfather. He died July 7, 1957, in Flint, Michigan.
Please contact Bradley P. Dean,, 9/27/99
Searching for my husband's ancestors, Thomas MCCARTY. (and a brother, Ransome MCCARTY) Thomas was born on 13 Oct 1827 at Sandy Hill, (Now Hudson Falls) Washington County, N.Y. He married Agnes DEAN, born Dec. 1, 1833/35 (New York City First Street Hospital), on 3rd Oct. 1852, by the Rev. Mr. Convan at Elysian Fields, Holboken, New Jersey. Newlyweds Thomas and Agnes McCarty sailed for CA. on the 19th of Oct., 1852 from New York, through the Ismuthus of Panama and arrived in San Fran on Dec. 31, 1852. They lived and died in Calaveras County, CA, town of Copperopolis. Any help, insight, suggestions would be extremely helpful!
Please contact Lori Deardorff Marquette, Tempe, AZ. 8/25/99
Searching for JAMES HARRIS DEAN(E) moved from NY to PA prior to 1870. In PA lived near Brown Hill in Crawford County. Wife's name was ELIZA JANE (?) DEANE. Had at least two sons, one of them was ELLSWORTH STANLEY DEAN(E). Married a MAUD (?). He (Ellsworth) was a teacher and preacher in western PA and possibly W.VA. Any information on the ancestry of this family would be greatly appreciated.
Please contact Dixie,, 8/13/99
I am looking for information on Sarah Martha Dean - Theall . She was born abt. 1813 . Her father was Benjamin Dean of Westchester. She was married to Thomas Theall in Newburgh, New York on August 28 , 1829. After Thomas died she married John Snead. She died August 10, 1886 in Newburgh, New York . Thomas and Sarah had 6 Children.
Please contact Laurie Theall-Scarano,, 7/26/99
Looking for parents of David Dean born Sparta, Sussex Cty, NJ April 6, 1858; d May 1931 Long Island City, Quenns Cty, NY buried St. Michaels Cemetary. David m. Catherine Price b Bason Wales Dec 13. 1859; d Dec 22 1910 buried St. Michaels Cemetary, Astoria, Queens, NY. David and Catharine aka Cassandra had 7 children - 1) Sarah Jane b 6 Apr 1878 Ashley, Luzerne Cty, PA; m Willis Liebenow; d 18 Sep 1905. No descendants survived 2) George Francis Dean b 21 Mar 1800 Patterson NJ; m Lizzie Westphal 2 Sep 1899. 3) Harry Dean b 17 Jun 1884 Patterson NJ; m Margaret Cofty; d Jun 1923. 4) Laura Dean b 19 Sep 1887 NYC, NY; m Albert Harker 7 Nov 1907; one daughter; d 16 Feb 1912 buried St. Michaels. 5) Willard Dean b 19 Dec 1896 Long Island City, NY; m Josephine Griffiths; d abt 1962 Jackson Beach FL. 6) Edith Dean bn 26 Sep 1900 Long Island City, NY; m Charles Conley 25 Dec 1917, Brooklyn NY, numerous descendants; d 30 Apr 1960 bur Peacedale Cemetary, Highland Falls, NY; 7) Howard Dean bn 2 Nov 1903; d 1 Jun 1905 Any help would be appreciated. No one seems to know David's or his wife's parents names or any thing about them.
Please contact Evelyn Weidig ,, 7/26/99
I am looking for information on Georgianna Dean 1828-1878 m. Alexander Mason Agens 1826-1906. Lived in Orange, NJ until 1846 when he and his family moved to MI on account of the poor health of his wife. They settled in Free Soil and after several years when it was believed her health was restored he returned to Kalamazoo and went into business with his brother George. Wife's health again caused a move this time to Ludington when he farmed. Farm was purchased by son, Martyn in 1871.
Children were Martyn Livingston Agens, Alexander Monroe Agens and Cornelia F. Agens.
Martyn m. Eva Holmes and their children were Georgiana Dean Agens, William Homles Agens, Mason Delos Agens,Henry Martyn Agens, Jessie Lousia Agens, Penninah Agens, and James Hervey Agens.
Georgiana Dean Agens m. George Thompson and I come from this line. Would like any information on Georgianna Dean. I have and will share family of "Agens" and "Holmes"
Please contact Georgiana Dorris,, 3/25/99 Looking for information on my great grandfather Lembert Jesse
Searching for info on Stephen Dean, served in the civil war, new york eng's moved to west va. after the war. He received letters and family farm was purchased by Susan Crane (sister-in-law to mark twain). He was my great grandfather and I have limited info on him. anyone can help please.!!!
Please contact ken dean 3/1/99
Looking for information on Byron Culver Dean, b.1852-NY? (some sources say Ohio) m. Mary Ann Hinch from NY in 1880, Calhoun Co., Mich. Children: Mabel C., Lola A., Bessie E., Josephine, Ida Luise, Culver Byron (later known as Bryson). Would like to find birthplace of Byron Culver and parents' names, birthplaces. Also, where does the name originate from? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Please contact M.M. Pacheco 2/7/99
Seeking info, descendants of Frederick W. Dean, born in England around 1799, came to US (Detroit area) around 1821. He was a butcher by trade. Married a widow, Barbara Troy, who already had three children. Family moved to Niagara Falls NY around 1848. Children of Frederick and Barbara Dean: Emma Dean b. 1828 md. 1) James Waggoner and 2) Benjamin Foose (they moved to Michigan in 1870s); Frederick Dean, Jr. (died young); Edmund Dean b. 1833 md. Emaline Colbath; Ann Dean b. 1833 md. Thomas Peck (they came to Calif. in the Gold Rush); William H. Dean b. 1837 md. Ada Marie Brook; and Lucy May Dean b. 1839/40 md. Benjamin E. Brown (they also came to Calif. in the Gold Rush).
Please contact Nancy Sicotte 1/22/99
DEAN. He was born in Stony Creek, NY on 4-24-1874 and died 1-30-1942 in Warren Co., NY. His fathers name was Francis Joiner Dean. I was told about a book of my Dean family called "Alexander Dean of Oakham, Mass., and Luzerne, NY (1764-1839)" by Edythe Haskell but cannot locate it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.
Please contact Lisa 1/6/99
I'm just starting out. This is all the information I have. My grandfather was born 1896, Marion Calvin Dean, Died 1968. His parents names were George Dean and Orcelia Edwards Dean from Upstate NY, around Fulton County or Saratoga County, from his birth certificate. I don't know if George Dean had any brothers or sisters, or were they came from. Family stories says that Orcelia Edwards was a full blooded Mohawk Indian or half, but there is no proof. I don't even know if there were any other children born to George or Orcelia. Thanks for any help.
Please contact 12/21/98
Edward L. DEAN b. 3/16/1810 somewhere in NY m. Almira Hill b. 9/2/1813 (also born in NY). Family info says that Almira was one-half Native American. First child, Amanda b. 2/4/1833 in NY. Second child Rhoda b. 2/6/1839 in Fredricktown, Knox Co., OH. Third child Asa b. 5/29/1842 followed by Horace b. 12/5/1845 and Mary Maretta b. 8/26/1848. Asa, Horace and Mary were also born in Knox Co., OH. Family moved from OH to Beardstown, Cass Co., IL in 1854 and from there to Oxford, Worth Co., MO in 1857 where they are all buried. On the 1870 census, living with Edward and Almira were two infants Laura, 10 and John, 7. The census reports them as being from NY also. Living with Horace was Nancy, 24, also from NY. All the census material that I have reviewed only shows NY as being the birthplace and marriage locale for my family. Nowhere is it county or town specific. Also, there is no obituary for either Edward or Almira and Amanda apparently died in OH at a very young age (probably during childbirth) and likewise there is no obit for her.
Please Contact Bob Dean
GGrandmother Sarah Margaret DEAN McNEELY (1860-1911) came to OT (now OK) in c1890 by wagon from Mexico MO. Her parents were Henry Washington DEAN (1833-1880) and Eliza KIMPSON (1835-1908). His parents are Hugh Abraham DEAN ( - ) and Sarah SHOUSE ( - ) I would like to learn more about these people and to share what little that I have...
Please contact J. R. SHARP,,
GEORGE DALLAS DEAN [son of Samuel DEAN (b. NY) & Myra MASON] was born 1845 in New York, and died 28 September 1914 in Ganges, Allegan Co., MI. He married (1) MARY C PARRISH 22 April 1867 in Allegan Co., MI. He married (2) MARY D BIRD 21 May 1869 in Allegan Co. MI, daughter of HENRY BIRD and DESIAH VAN HOESEN.
Children of GEORGE DEAN and MARY BIRD are:
  i. LAURA M DEAN, b. 21 September 1870, Allegan Co., MI; m. GEORGE B FIELDS, 11 October 1885, Allegan Co., MI.
  ii. EVA DEAN, b. 1875; d. 1937; m. LEONARD SEYMOUR.
  iii. GEORGE E DEAN, b. 19 Sept 1878, Ganges, Allegan Co., MI; d. 27 Jul 1966, Hollywood, FL; m. MARY ANNA RIDLEY, 23 Dec 1903, Allegan Co., MI
  iv. BELLE DEAN, b. 26 January 1884; d. 20 June 1886, Ganges, Allegan Co., MI.
Please Contact Jerry Clark,
Edwin David DEAN
23 Aug 1823 Born in NY
1852 sailed around 'the Horn' to CA, went straight to Nevada Co.
1862, Jul 3 m. Charoty/Charity A. HOUSELL in Nevada Co., CA (she was b. MI)
1866, Jun 6 registered to vote, age 38, b. NY, res. Nevada City
1879, Mar 7 registered to vote, age 55, b. NY, res. Nevada City
1892, Sep 24 registered to vote, age 69, 5' 10 1/2" tall, dark complexion, brown eyes, gray hair, miner
1907, Mar 30 died at Selby Flat, Nevada Co., CA
1907, Apr 2 buried at Masonic Cemetery, Grass Valley, CA
1920, Aug. 16 wife Charity Ann Dean died in Nevada Co.
ISSUE:  Adella DEAN, Lodema DEAN, Edward D. DEAN
My g-g-grandfather was William Henry DEAN, born in New York in 1835. Census records in Texas in 1880 list his birthplace as New York, his father born in New York, and his mother born in Connecticut. The little family history we have, states that he and his family moved to Michigan between 1844 and 1850. Also family history states that he married a Mary E. ? who was born in Michigan in 1842. He married 2nd to Sarah Melissa Thompson on January 1, 1867 in Smith County, Texas. (I know this is true, have marriage record). Sarah and William Henry DEAN had two children:
1. Wesley Nicholas DEAN, M.D. b.Oct. 15, 1869, Cherokee County, TX; d. April 17, 1959
2. Erastus DEAN

William Henry DEAN died at Lone Grove, Chickasaw Nation, IT in January 19, 1894, where he lived with his son Wesley Nicholas DEAN, M.D. Would be happy to share any information I have. Thank you for any pieces you might help me with in my puzzle.
Please contact Peggy Dean-Atwood, 12/7/98

I am looking for information on Alanson Dean b Sept 16th 1807; d Jun 26 1885 Married Mary Bishop Camp. She was the Daughter of Gad Camp and Sara (Sarah) Merrow. As far as I know they are from NY. Mary Bishop Camp is buried in Moravia. I can't find Alansons Grave yet.
Alanson and Mary had 7 Children
Edna, Ellen M, Emma C, Cassius N, Ada, Florence, Lillian M
I am the second Great grandson of Alanson. Any help would be Appreciated. Thanks.
Please contact F.Deane Gilbert,

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