Dean Family Genealogy - especially early New York and Michigan
with an emphasis on the descendants of David DEAN (1763-1838) and his wife Phebe.

If you are a descendant or think you might be a descendant of David DEAN & Phebe BORLAND - let me know.
I am always looking for additional family members to share information with.

Created by Troy D. Schmidt, feel free to contact me with comments or suggestions and thank you for visiting this site.

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Important Announcement

Yahoo! has decided to close GeoCities later in 2009.
Therefore, all of my family history pages that have been accumulating for more than a decade
will either move to a new location or disappear all together.


For Family
For Researchers

Family Document Archive
David Dean and descendant's Pension, Bible, Wills, Probate, etc. Geographical Data
of David DEAN and sons

Dean Family
Cemeteries & burials

Our Dean Family buried at
Newburgh Cemetery
Livonia, Mich.
1/20/09 news regarding
David Dean's Headstone

New York Records Page
Rev. War Veterans, War of 1812 Veterans, 1790-1830 Census, Early Dean's from Orange Co., Orange Co. Probate, Ontario/Wayne/Marion Co.

Early Dean references found in Orange and Ulster Co., NY

Y-DNA Project
We need a male Dean descendant of David Dean (1763-1838) who would be willing to take a DNA test.

Bennett Luther DEAN
Diaries: 1902-1921
Updating & Adding Photos Mar 2009
Diaries of my great-grandfather. A postal carrier in Detroit, he witnessed many new things during his lifetime.

Michigan Records Page
1840 Census (Wayne Co.), 1850 census index, 1870 census index, Civil War Veterans, Dean Death Index 1867-1882, Pioneer Soc. Records, Wayne Co. Marriage Index, Wayne Co., Probate Index, etc.
DEAN Queries
for Dean family in early
New York & Michigan

Info about David Dean's wife - Phebe. Her maiden name was long thought to be SWEEZEY, but evidence says that it is BORLAND Big news 7/1/06

A Brief History of Nankin Mills, Wayne Co., Michigan once owned by Luther Dean, present structure built by William D. Dean during the Civil War.

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Goal of the David Dean Project

  • Identify the parents of David DEAN (1763-1838)
  • Identify the parents of David Dean's wife Phebe Borland (not Swezy) - see PHEBE'S Page Big news 7/1/06
  • Identify siblings of David and Phebe
  • Identify additional descendants of David and Phebe (to date I know of more than 695 direct descendants)
  • Share information relating to Dean family Genealogy

Latest News and Developments

Y-DNA Project

Are there any male Dean descendants of David Dean (1763-1838) who would be willing to aid the search by taking a DNA test? Results may not tell us exactly who our ancestor David Dean's parents were but they may lead us to a geographical area or show a connection to an earlier group of Deans that could aid in finding David's origins.  As the database grows so does the possibility of matching our family with other related Dean families with the same origin. This would be a big help!

Larry Dean (no known relation to our line) is coordinating the DEAN Family Y-DNA database. His "Dean Surname Y-DNA Project – results" page will give further information: .

If you are interested in ordering a Y-DNA test kit to be used by a male surnamed DEAN, contact Larry Dean (see site above).  If ordered through a surname project, Y-DNA test kits cost $99 for a 12-marker test, $124 for a 25-marker test, $149 for a 37-marker test or $248 for a 67-marker test plus a small shipping fee.  As a default, Larry recommends a 37-marker YDNA test.

Coming Next

  • Index of Dean family photos that I have. Does anyone have any Dean family photos to add?
  • More primary documents including some land records for David Dean and some of his sons in Ontario and Wayne Co., NY

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Personal Web Pages regarding DEAN Genealogy:
Dean Surname Y-DNA Project – results" Larry Dean is coordinating the DEAN Family Y-DNA database
Descendants of Abraham DAINS (DAYNES) b. abt.1640, some desc. spell their name "Dean".  [was at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Village/3233/dains.html]
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Descendants of Samuel DEANE (abt 1630-1707) who settled in Queens Co., NY
Descendants of Samuel DEAN Family settled in 18th century MD.
John DEANE Family Home Page Desc's of Walter and John who came to New England, 1637.

For information on Munro family. Sisters Mary and Elizabeth married David S. Dean and Jonathan Dean - Here is a PDF file by George R. Kent http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/k/e/n/George-R-Kent/PDFGENE6.pdf.

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