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History of the NorthWest BattleGroup

(New pictues on the gallery page as of 9/6/08)

The NorthWest BattleGroup came into being in 1991 with a group of friends and enthusiasts playing Avalon Hill's "Napoleon's Battles". Other games were tried such as "Push of Pike" (English Civil War Rules), "Axis and Allies" (a World War ll board game) and "DBA" (De Bellis Antiquitatis), which they started playing with cardboard counters.

Some of the players have been involved in wargames since their very early teen years (now long past). The group now uses 20mm Napoleonics but have also used 5mm Heroics Ros Napoleonics. Due to very limited resources and the unavailability of supplies and materials in the far off reaches of Tasmania it was decided to use plastic figures.

Where are we Now

Games are usually held at members' homes and we still play mainly Napoleonics using the "Shako" rules by Arty Conliffe. Battles are currently centred on Napoleon's northern campaigns but most of our battles have been based on the Peninsular War, which was fought on the Iberian Peninsula from 1808-1814. Click here for more background on the Peninsular War.

We are well into 2008 and no battles have yet been fought or scheduled. The players are largely busy with family and work commitments, but the Battlegroup is still ongoing. At present most of the players reside in and around Devonport, although one (the site editor) resides in Wynyard. Most wargaming energy is, at the moment, being put into painting armies for a variety of periods. Napoleonics accounts for the greater part of the endeavour but some effort is being put into armies for the English Civil War and Late Roman, Viking and Early Russian armies for the Ancient to Medieval Period. These armies represent a revival of interest in periods other than the age of Napoleon. To refight these periods, "DBA" and "Push of Pike" are the rules that are most likely to be used.

Like most other wargamers, the members are always on the look out for new periods that catch their interest, exciting new rules or shiny boxes of soldiers to add to their ever growing stash. At the moment the great victories of Marlborough are sparking interest for some players as is WWII. Whether these interests are developed further remains to be seen, but it often depends on time, budget, and the availability of plastic figures for the period. Although the Baccus 6mm metal figures are looking tempting.

The ancient and medieval period looks to be in for a huge revival with the release of Osprey's and Slitherine's new rules "Field of Glory". They appear to be a very well polished set and give a good game if reviews are anything to go by. In the meanwhile, the editor is quite happily reading Neil Thomas's book "Ancient and Medieval Wargaming". It is a good read, with a quite refreshing set of rules to ease the jaded heart of an old wargamer. It will be interesting to have a few games using them.

The website will be continued for the foreseeable future and may even get updated from time to time. If you are interested in wargaming then please contact us at the email address below.

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Napoleon Archduke Charles Wellington

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Feel Free to contact the Group at nwbg@tasmail.com


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