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  Welcome to the Nurse's Daily Dose.  Your daily dose of news, information, laughter, and
   more.  Within these pages is a wealth of information on all areas of the nursing 
   profession, all in easy to navigate format. 

   In the
News room, there are constantly updated news articles on several different
   topics from many different sources.  There is also added bits that are submitted and
   those we find to be of importance.  If we see it and it peaks our interest, you will see it

   In the
OR, you will find some updates on the newest techniques and procedures to hit
   the medical field.  Check in often to see what's new.

Stat brings you the latest information on infectious diseases as well as seasonal ailments
   and what is being done to cure them.

Career page posts job oportunities, travel job options, and some of the latest career
   information in the Nursing field.

Seminars center posts upcoming seminars in the United States as well as the where,
   when, and how much.  There is also information about the CEUs you can earn from the

CEUs posting informs you of the latest online and other classes that are available for
   gaining those much needed CEU points.

Students page has a wealth of information to current nursing students as well as
   those just entering the field.  This page also gives information on publications and other
   resources to help ease the student through this tough but rewarding major.  Also included
   will be bits on the LPN, RN, or BSN debates.

NCLEX exam center has a wealth of information and resources needed by those who
   are facing the BIG TEST!  There will even be bits submitted by those who took, retook,
   are taking or who have passed the test. Hope you find this information helpful.  Good luck
   and congratulations on making it this far!

   The Nurses'
Lounge, the lighter side of nursing.  Here you will find jokes,
   poetry, games, links, and other lighthearted information to give you a break from the
   routine.  Come in, relax, and enjoy!

Scrubs Store has a wealth of links to the best scrub sites on the net.  Looking for a
   bright new look?  take a stp into some of these shops, they are sure to please!

Links page has many links to some other great nursing sites.  Some offer free email
   such as or  Proud of your new career choice?  show it with one
   of these email accounts!  Sign up for nesletters, and stay informed!  Enjoy your new
   found fame!  Even great for the veteran nurses who are looking for new and exciting ways
   to show off their career choice!

X-Ray department has pics of nurses at play and on the job.  Some funtimes and
   celebrations from work you want to share?  send your piocs along and well post them

Vitals chart is just that, the webmistresses vital info.  Meet the Nurses behind the
   page and get to know who we are!

Journal is the guestbook.  It's there for everyone to share thoughts, ideas, information,
   or whatever.  Even give us your feedbackl.  We really want to know what you think of the
   site.  Tell us what else we should add.  This is, after all, everyones site!

   Last but not least,
Email us with anything you want to add.  This site grows with the
   contributions of others.
Thank you and enjoy your Daily Dose!
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