Okay, since most of the pages are up, send comments to: sedumphy@bridgetown.edet.ns.ca
  Hey!! AnimeRocs, is now AR2, by the way DarkStalkers rocs!!!!!!!!_______Noremon
  My email is now: dumphyse@student.ednet.ns.ca
    The site is almost done!!!!! Well not really, but a few more pages, more content, and it will be!!!!
  Like the new layout??? What's that I hear? Tails is a idiot? WELL I DON'T CARE! I happen to like Tails. Just kidding, I bet a lot of you actually like Tails.
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  Happy Halloween!!!!!! As a treat here is a Peitit Dragon punkin pattern.
I just added a whole bunch of DarkStalkers screenshots, I took while playing my friends emulator. Also I now have a chat room, a guest book, and a poll.
  New Flash stuff, joined Dragon's thing, new layout and pages comming soon.
  New layout, got rid of the flash stuff, B/C it didn't work.  Like the Holiday layout???
     Emily:   Nor there is a Gundam, that's not Christmasy.
     Nor:   Sure it is, what says Christmas more than Sandrock???
     Emily:   That makes no sens-----
      Nor:   *Throws Emily out* Take the Holidays off.
  Ok a new layout for Feb. will be up soon (I'm done it but haven't put it up). I am adding some pics to the site.  But for now did everyone have a good holiday(s)???? Don't worry I did. Oh and Emily is fine.
So what's up???? By the way, if you haveany comments, conserns, or questines please email: dumphyse@student.ednet.ns.ca
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