Rice Water Polo
Here are some pictures of me playing in the southern texas (or something) conference tournament in the fall of 04. Rice polo was a lot of fun, I met cool people, and EVEN STARTED! I got a lot better at the game too, since we got to play so many good teams. We even went to Chicago for a tournament. In spite of my best efforts, we still broke .500 for the season, which is respectable, since we are all nerds from a school 1/80th the size of all the other ones.
ladies, you know you want some...
Lets see if I can get this right:
Out of the water, from left to right: Nick, Andrew, Me, Luke (got rolled), Marc (asst coach), Dave (head coach), Hector, Cheese, ??, James, Guyton
In the water from left to right: Tyson, ??, Dean, ??, ??, Chris, ??
Sorry guys, it's hard to tell. It took me a while to find myself.
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