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Thanks for visiting! Here are some more places you can go to satisfy your anime habit. These sites were found through random surfing, or I was looking for something specific on that particular day, so I included the link here.

I know I haven't been updating this page for a while (what an understatement.. ^_^'), but I'm trying now! I'll have to go hunt around for broken links...

Follow the links to go to some awesome sites...

General Anime/Manga Links

Specific Links  

Music Links

Seiyuu and J-Pop

  • Hitoshi Doi's Seiyuu Database Hurray for Hitoshi! The *best* place on the net to find your favourite voice actors!
  • Marine Entertainment Home Marine Entertainment's official site! Japanese only, but *the* place to go for the latest news on Weiss Kreuz and Crashers: Knight and Ran.
  • Koyasu and Hikami's Game Drama Night The official site of the radio program hosted by Koyasu Takehito (wai, wai!) and Hikami Kyoko. Updated every week, and has a downloadable voice clip of the two that's refreshed every week! In Japanese.
  • Machine Messiah The official website of Yuuki Hiro. Check this out for info on Yuuki-san and his new group, Platonic Force Mode. In Japanese only.

 Miscellaneous Stuff
Just stuff that I found (accidentally or not) and put here for fun...

  • Guess all the links died.. Oops...

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