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Shin Seiki Evangelion
(Neon Genesis Evangelion)

The following are scans from the card series produced by Bandai in 1997. I haven't got all of them, and there are no thumbnails because I don't know how to make them! Gomen ne! But I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I do. :)

Spoiler Alert: The descriptions on this page may contain elements that give away the plot of Evangelion. It's okay for me since I've watched the show, but if there are enough people who want a graphical preview of the images without the descriptions, I'll see if I can do it.

Disclaimer: The images on this page are owned by Gainax and Project Eva. I'm not making money off this, so please don't sue me, a lot of my cash goes into buying your merchandise anyway. *weak grin*

The tour begins...

  • 5child.jpg Shinji, Rei, Asuka, Kaworu and Touji together in the same picture.
  • shinjieva.jpg Once upon a time, in a city far, far away, there lived a boy... and his Eva...
  • reieva.jpg ...his friends had Evas too...
  • asukaeva.jpg ...and together they went about their business, merrily stomping Angels to a pulp.
  • shinji.jpg Shinji in his school uniform.
  • rei.jpg Rei in her shcool uniform.
  • asuka.jpg Asuka in the yellow dress she first appears in.
  • kaworu.jpg The enigmatic 5th Child, Nagisa Kaworu.
  • touji.jpg Nice arm, Touji. Easy now...
  • gendou.jpg The paragon of parental responsibility himself, Commander Ikari Gendou!
  • fuyutsuki.jpg He looks like he's having a migraine in this one.
  • aoba.jpg One of the dedicated techies at the frontline in Nerv. I love his hair, don't you?
  • kaji.jpg The double agent for Nerv and possibly Seele. Things are not what they seem...
  • kensuke.jpg Aida Kensuke with a Handycam. I wonder who he's filming?
  • naoko.jpg The brilliant but tragic computer genius.
  • pen2.jpg A pet that takes his own baths, and chugs down beer and noodles like there's no tomorrow. What more could you ask?
  • lorenz.jpg Is it just me, or does this guy look kinda like Geordi LaForge?
  • eva01.jpg Shinji's Eva iwth the Prog-Rifle and Prog-Knife, ready to go!
  • eva00.jpg Rei's Eva after the accident, painted blue and holding the Longinus Spear.
  • eva02.jpg Asuka's Eva holding two Prog-Rifles.
  • eva02-2.jpg Another shot of Asuka's Eva, during the battle with Gahgiel.
  • eva03.jpg Touji's Eva, holding what looks like a very large handgun.
  • adam.jpg Adam, the First Angel, giving you the eye.
  • unknown.jpg The mysterious Second Angel which we never really see in the anime. The kanji on the card reads: Giant of Light.
  • sachiel.jpg The Third Angel after Nerv pitches an A-bomb at him.
  • shamshel.jpg The squidlike Fourth Angel, the first to be captured intact.
  • israfel.jpg Sing, my angel of music! Double the fun!
  • sandalph.jpg Hot stuff! The fiery Eighth Angel that looks like a flounder gone terribly wrong.
  • matarael.jpg The spidery Ninth Angel with an incredible reach and acid wit.
  • ireul.jpg The virtual fiend! This picture shows the Eleventh Angel after it attacked Eva-00.
  • leliel.jpg The zebra-striped Twelfth Angel that caused Shinji to be temporarily 'erased'.
  • zeruel.jpg Another popular Angel. This one ended up as food for Eva-01. Poor thing.
  • arael.jpg Hallelujah! Angel number 15, who mind raped Asuka in her own Eva.
  • armisael.jpg Looks like circular DNA...
  • tabris.jpg The Final Messenger. Isn't he cute?
  • lilith.jpg Creepy looking picture of the mysterious being that hangs crucified in a pool of LCL in the bowels of the Nerv complex.
  • shin_asu.jpg Shinji and Asuka in happier times.
  • shi_rei.jpg Rei reading a book, while Shinji comtemplates a leaf. 'Course we all know he's really looking at her...
  • rei_asu.jpg The girls during gym class.
  • sh_re_as.jpg Looks like Rei is whupping Asuka's @$$ at Nintendo... Tsk... trust a non-gamer to make a mistake... That's a Sega Saturn, not a Nintendo... Thanks to Confliction for the info!

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