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Come on in! Grab a chair, a cup of coffee and relax. I haven't done much, but I hope you like the stuff here. Most of them are one-offs, because I don't have the patience (nor the imagination, sadly) to write long fics with many parts.

I have decided to group all fanfics by series, regardless of the author. Makes to page a little less complicated, ne?

A word of warning: If you are offended by homosexuality, you can hit the 'Back' button on your browser now because a lot of the fics on this page deal with this subject. But if you're a die-hard yaoi fan like me, go right ahead! :)

Dang.. I didn't make a point clear when I set up this rating system. Fics rated R and Y contain either actual descriptions or citrusy hints of sex scenes which happen within the written storyline, while with SA rated fics the scenes (if they happen) happen outside the timeline of the text. Gomen to all of you who saw the rating system, read the fics and thought I was a total wuss! I'll try to improve, honest!

Here's what the ratings mean:

G -- A-okay for all ages!
PG -- Parental Guidance recommended. May contain violence, foul language and allusions to adult situations.
R -- Contains adult situations, suggestions of or actual descriptons of an explicit nature and is generally not recommended for readers below legal age. Proceed with caution!
Y -- Contains suggestions to, or actual YAOI material. That means M/M sex and stuff. Going all the way. You get what I mean. Not for those under legal age!
SA -- Shounen Ai. No sex, just lots of mushy M/M stuff. Still not for those under legal age though.

I suggest you follow the ratings... Hiei might not like it if you don't... ^_^'

Lord of the Black Dragon - Hiei

Saa, enough talk for now, let's bring out the fics!

Fanfiction sorted by series:

Sailor Moon Fanfiction

  • Journey My first fic. This came about when I wondered what happened to Naru after all the goings on in Sailor Moon. Rated G.
  • Twilight of the Heart Kunzite's point of view after Zoisite dies. Poor guy... Rated SA.
  • Beginnings The start of a beautiful friendship between Haruka and Michiru. Rated R.
  • Holy Hydras!! A silly Xena/Hercules/SM crossover fic. Read at your own risk! Rated PG.

Yu*Yu* Hakushou Fanfiction

Gundam Wing Fanfiction

Filksongs and Miscellaneous

  • The Eva Pilots' Song I dare you to mess with Tinky Winky... Rated G.
  • The Longest Time The old Billy Joel hit, GWing-style! Rated PG.
  • Falling Apart A PWP FFVIII fic. Squall and Seifer in the D-District Prison with yaoi, lemon and NC situations. Not for the kiddies! Rated Y and R.
  • Echoes of You New! A Rurouni Kenshin fanfic featuring Sanosuke. Nine years from tragedy and a successor to the sakabatou. Yaoi, lemon and angst. Rated Y and R.
  • The Weiß Yaoi Schedule for 4 Seasons... Fun in the sun (or maybe not) for the Weiß boys! By Cresent Star. Rated Y and SA.

Here's a gratuitous picture of our favourite youko...

Bishounen Alert!

The animated gifs on this page were made using GIF Construction Set Professional by Alchemy Mindworks with images ripped off from the Sailor Moon SuperS Fighting, Yu*Yu* Hakushou Tokubetsuhen and Gundam Wing Endless Duel SNES Roms. Please email me if you want the images, cos it took me quite a while to put them all together. Thanks!

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