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Hi! Welcome to my little collection of fanart. Some of these were inspired by other people's fanfics, nice looking pictures from anime products, or just by an overdose of sugar. I can't put up thumbnails because, being the technologically challenged person I am, I don't know how to make them! ^_^'

Just a little note before we begin: Some of the pieces here are original compositions, that is, I didn't copy them off collector cards or printed boxes. These are marked with an asterisk (*). So if you want them, please mail me first. It's not that I won't let you have them, it's just that I'd like to know where my stuff is going. The rest I ripped off copyrighted artwork, so I don't feel I have the right to exercise right of ownership over them. :)

Also, some of these pictures may be unsuitable for viewers below legal age because of depictions or suggestions of an adult nature. Please exercise discretion when viewing!

If you're visiting this page from a link somewhere, please take note that I am now in another country reading for a degree. As such I will be unable to put up any more fanart until I return home to my paints. ;_; If I do manage to put any up, it'll probably be during term breaks or something. Thanks for visiting anyway!

Here we go!

Fanart sorted by series

Evangelion fanart

  • Ayanami Rei Neon Genesis Evangelion. Copied off the box for the Limited Model of Eva 00' from Bandai.

Sailor Moon fanart

Tenchi Muyo fanart

  • Ryoko Tenchi Muyo! SD-Ryoko was copied from an issue of the Tenchi Muyo! manga by Okuda Hitoshi.

Yu* Yu* Hakushou fanart

Gundam Wing fanart

Weiß Kreuz fanart

  • Fujimiya Aya * This pic was done for someone special. I'm not telling who. :)
  • Aya and Ken * Yaoi and shounen ai implications. View at your own risk! Parental Guidance advised.
  • Yohji and Omi * Actually my first attempt at Weiß Kreuz fanart. Kinda makes you wonder where Yohji's other hand is... ^_^ Parental Guidance advised.

Harry Potter fanart

  • Phoenix * A friend of mine got me hooked on HP and Adobe Photoshop. So here's a pic of Harry and Fawkes. :)
  • Enervate! * Harry and Ron on a break between classes. Mild shounen-ai warning. I haven't properly coloured the pic myself yet, but here's a version coloured by Nanjo Koji.
  • Under the Moon * Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, as teenagers probably, becase they're in the Hogwarts uniform. Rated PG because of the comment tagged on the pic.
  • Dark Flower * Draco looking like he needs to be bonked, preferably sometime soon. Rated PG because of Draco's bedroom eyes and flawless skin.
  • Friends, right? * Ron turns on the charm.
  • Something Precious * Harry looking sufficiently guilty and Draco trying to get a rise out of Ron. And that's not the only thing he's trying to get a rise out of... Rated PG (duh) because of heavy umm.. yaoi undertones.
  • Your Choice * Pic of Snape reclining on heavy velvet cushions. Mmmm.. cushions....
  • Indecisive One * Tough choice, really. Harry between closeups of Draco and Ron.
  • The Marauders * Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs in a composite pinup. Hurray for boybands! Geez, what did I just say? >.<
  • Shades of Grey * Honestly, Snape wouldn't be caught dead in Muggle clothes. Rated PG for a fly on the brink of indecency. *wink*
  • Ron and Pigwidgeon * *New!* Just what the title says. Ron and Pig with lots of shoujo bubbles! I prefer to think of this pic as Ron from Harry's point of view. XD

Angel, my Angel ~ Original Characters

  • Don't be Afraid * People tell me angels shouldn't have faces that tempt sin. Too bad. :D Oh, and pardon my Japanese.
  • The Sword of Truth * The angel with his sword. Don't know if I'll ever colour this one. Heheh, get the feeling I like this character?
  • Freedom * Finally got around to colouring this one. Was I under extreme stress when I drew this one? How did you know? *_*...
  • Black Angel * The white angel now has an antithesis. Lovely, isn't he? This character shows a whole lot less skin than the white angel, but somehow manages to look absolutely slutty. I wonder why... :)
  • Opposite Numbers * But we're both on the same side... Portrait shot of the white and the black angels. Love them... together. XD...
  • Circle * I swear, the opening to Revolutionary Girl Utena made me do this! Am I obsessed with my angels? Yes. :)
  • The Spear of Conflict * Companion pic to "The Sword of Truth" which I am going to colour someday... one day... soon.. I hope... ^_^'
  • The Only Thing You Couldn't Do * *New!* Because love hurts... Rated PG for the general mood and comment tagged on the pic.
  • Kiss * *New!* An intimate moment... and my first actual kiss scene! Yee-haw! Rated R for the strong shounen ai theme.
Original Characters

  • Tragic Goddess * My depiction of the character from the popular Chinese myth "Chang-er's Flight to the Moon". Yes, this was drawn during the Mid-autumn Festival, but I only recently got around to colouring it. I changed the hair a bit from the original drawing.
  • Flight * The goddess in another pose. Another one that might or might not be coloured depending on my schedule.
  • Fey * Umm, this character doesn't have a name. It was done for a friend's birthday. Watercolour and pencil on drawing paper.

I've moved the awards I won from Christi-chan's fanart contest to a separate page since they were taking up too much space on this one. Click here to see them!

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