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Here you will find fanart and fanfics that I've dreamed up while I should have been doing something else (like work, for example..), and random stuff that seemed like a good idea at the time. Click on the links below!

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Important news: Parts of this site may not be updated for the time being come end-June 2000. Please click here for details!

My deepest apologies to everyone who's been visiting the Seiyuu and Anime Mp3s page, because I have had to shut this part of the site down due to lack of storage space for my mp3s. If anyone knows of a place that will store 20 to 50MB of mp3s safely, please let me know so that the music section of my site can be resurrected. Thank you!

New stuff: Two new pics in The Gallery, one of Ron Weasley and Pigwidgeon, and one of the black and white angels.

Added on the 18th: Another pic of the two angels in The Gallery, and a temporary halt to further fanart updates because school's about to start. ;_;

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