Sleeping Beauty

Someone has said --- who said it isn't important, really --- anyway, someone said, that there willl
always be fairytale-like stories existing in our world. They allow you to withdraw from our
horridly dreary and exhausting daily lives and relax the muscles that are screaming their
<smacked by a banana peel>
Well then, shall we start our mystical, heroic, and romantic tale of a lifetime?
Many many years ago, in a far away kingdom, a huge banquet was in preparation.
Three days ago, the only heir to the throne, a little princess, was born amidst the prayers of
all the citizens in the kingdom. This princess was a darling - her face as bright and sweet as
an apple. When she was not sleeping, her cat-like golden eyes would stare at the world around
her lazily and quietly. All in all, she was completely unlike other babies and kept to herself
(?!). <Unidentified pop-up: Special thanks to Roushi's sacrificing in the name of drama!>
King Taikoubou and Queen Fugen adore their daughter. In her name, they decided to throw a dinner
party. During this occasion, they would invite the top members of the League of Fairies and ask
them to grant the princess their favor and protection. <Pop-up: Special thanks to Fugen for
cross-dressing in the name of drama!> The three Fairies (!?) invited that night include: Dakki,
Shinkouhyo (aka. Shinko), and Yuukyou. Of course, they were all elite of the Fairy world.
"Ho ho ho...<3" A chain of
bell-like laughter flowed out from Dakki's mouth. "Such a precious pumpkin! I'll give you beauty
and good-heartedness as a birthday present! <3" As she spoke, a stream of pinkish light radiated off her hands and melted
onto the face of the sleeping princess. Yuukyou's serious yet gentle eyes rolled over princess
Roushi's smiling sleeping face. Seems pretty content huh? She thought. "My present will be
intelligence." "Yuu-chan! Girls are not as lovable if they are too smart.
<3  Why don't you...
<3"Just as Yuukyou was about
to reply, Shinko inserted an impatient hand between the two bickering fairies. "I suppose it's
my turn now?" Repressing his anger and muttering some curses under his breathe, he started near
the baby. "I...," he said, then stopped and looked skyward. Nothing happened. "I..." He repeated.
Still, nothing happened. Clearing his throat, he gave a loud growl, "I!!!" He raised his
Raikouben. "I'm coming, I'm coming!" With fear written all over his face, the figure of Taiitsu
suspended in  mid-air with wires finally appeared overhead. His eyes were tightly closed. "I..
I.." Feeling his life severely threatened by the Raikouben poised in front of his face, Taiitsu
repressed the urge to scream for help. Damn it, why do I always get stuck with the hard tasks?
Taiitsu lamented in his head. It's like getting caught between a rock and a hard place, I get
torn up either way. It's just not fair! "You impudent King and Queen! How could you not invite
the most magnificent member of the Fairy League, that is, myself, to this banquet of yours?"
Swallowing hard, he continued. "For this insolence, I curse your daughter to meet death at
the age of sixteen when she eats an ice cream cone by accident!" After forcing himself to finish
speaking, he hurriedly pulled on the wire he was hanging off of. Slowly, his figure retreated
into the shadows... followed by the King's angry outcry and the Queen's desperate wail. "My dearest
daughter!" The Queen fell limply into the King's arms, eyes brimming with tears. As if stupefied
by the sudden tragic events, the King did nothing but hold carefully onto the Queen's lightly
heaving shoulders, the corner of his mouth with a suspicion of a slight upward twitch. Rolling
his eyes, Shinko signed a little too emphatically and voiced his opinion on the situation.
"Taiitsu uses black magic and there's not much we can do to help the princess. I can only alter
his spell slightly so that the princess would not die if she eats an ice cream by accident but
only fall into a deep slumber from which she will awaken years after with the kiss of her
destined one." As he recited his speech, his hand drew imaginary circles over the princess' head.
Not wasting even a second, he disappeared as soon as he finished speaking. Dakki and Yuukyou
looked at each other with a sigh. Well, it was a miracle that he even showed up. They weren't
expecting him to be overly cooperative. Well, dearest audience. Isn't this a sad end to the
first stage of our story? Well, don't worry, we will be back immediately following these
commercials. I *know* you can't wait to experience my exquisite storytelling skills again!
Let's continue where we left off! Did everyone miss me? Well, you don't need to say it,
of *course* you did!
<Whisper A: "Mr. Shinkohyou's mood seems to be a tad bid on edge. ^^b"
Whisper B: "What else is new. Hey, how did we suddenly turn from King and Queen to stagehands?!"
"Don't get mad, the budget is very tight. You'll get wrinkles that way. Here, have some peach
flavored cake. Open your mouth... aaa~~~. ^^"
[Thought: YES!] Opens mouth wide: "AAAAAAA~~~">
Ho ho ho... the time was sixteen years later. Hoping to protect their daughter, the King and the
Queen ordered that the production and selling of ice creams be illegal in the land. In these
years, ice cream had become practically extinct.
The princess had also grown up. More often than not, she would be found playing in a crowd of
sheep. (Actually, the sheep were just pushing her with their heads, keeping her from falling
asleep again) She was the heart of the country. For her, all the people would risk their lives
and even pour their heart out. Umm... this phrase was a bit too untidy, can I change it? It will
certainly become one of the most glorious sentences to ever exist!
Ah, people these days do not have appreciation for good poetry and talented poets.
The three good fairies also came to visit the palace often. Besides taking turns playing
with the princess, they also checked to make sure there was no ice cream in the land.
Nothing had happened these years. Finally, it was the princess' seventeenth birthday.
Everyone's mood tensed up with the passage of time. There are three hours left to the princess'
sixteen year. Presently there were only the three good fairies left in the sitting room in the
palace. Everyone was preparing for the princess' birthday party.
<"Did we forget an important section? ^^b"
"I'm not sure... let me check Disney's script.">
"I think I heard something." Picking up his Raikouben, which he didn't use very often, Shinko
rushed out the door. No one's here? Filled with confusion, Shinko turned around. Walking towards
him was the yawning Princess Roushi.
"Good evening, Princess." Shinko bowed politely.
"wow wor wiew." Princess Roushi replied in an incomprehensible language. I really want to sleep,
Roushi thought. His eyes then landed on Shinko's hands, and the Raikouben. His eyes brightened
as a slightly devious smile crept onto his face.
"Hey, what's that?" Shinko stood dumbfounded, a bit confused that these lines weren't in the
script. Pointing to Raikouben, Roushi asked, "can I eat it?" Without waiting for an answer,
Roushi took a huge bite at the poor Raikouben...
Following the horrified howl of everyone, a huge light burst from Raikouben overtook the entire
universe as everything brightened and then darkened. Oh, I cannot bear to look anymore.
After everything had calmed down, the first thing that came into view was Roushi's unconscious
form lying on the ground and Shinko staring at him with mouth hanging open.
"Now what!?" Worried tone.
"There's nothing we can do. Well, since the princess fell 'asleep' as originally planed, let's
just keep it this way."
"Wait, then how is she suppose to wake up!? In this script there's this prince person too."
"Oh, I knew I forgot something!" Tone of sudden realization.
A cold wind blows pass everyone--- the neglectful director is crucified.>
<"Now what should we do? The orphans that Gyokutei brought with him are still waiting outside
to see the ending. " Though with slight panic, the voice is still gentle as an angel's.
"Don't worry about it." His companion takes the chance to pat his shoulders comfortingly.
"Since Shinkouhyo caused the mess, he's going to have to clean it up."
"But..." Huge purple eyes fills with tears.
"Leave it to me. By the way, is there more peach cake?"
"Um hum! Here, open~~~."
Silent yet suggestive staring session. Far away there is the sound of someone crashing painfully
to the ground, followed by the screams of that person's huge fan club.>
<"Boo hooo hooo. I only accepted the role of the antagonist because I wanted more air time.
Now look, I only had one scene and it was taken at far angles! Poor me..." Taiitsu wails.>
The heartbroken King and Queen asked the three fairies to surround the castle with magic so that
the princess would be safe while she awaits the one who would free her from the curse. Ahh, the
passage of time makes one realize how inconsequential human life...
Damn it, why should I be responsible for waking Roushi? Shinko grumbled.
Shinko, who had been "volunteered" by the rest of the crew to wake Roushi closed in onto the
dreaming figure with a threatening air. Despite wanting to burn everything to the ground,
looking at the many eagerly awaiting young faces... he has no choice. Ho ho ho... it seems that
Mr. Shinkouhyo, who had always stressed his position as a non-involved and non-concerned
spectator also has a chivalrous spirit like my own. Not wanting to let down...
<A huge ring of thunder.>
<"This narrator has just been struck with Raikouben at 100% power! Take him to the hospital
There is chaos backstage for a good while before they push the replacement onto stage.
"Ho ho ho... darlings, this calls for OT fees!  ">
Three hundred years later, the adorable Prince Shinko managed to pass all the barricades and
arrive at the bed of the princess.
"Yo, wake up."
"NO! That's not the way to wake her up! The prince has to kiss the princess!" Unaware of the
danger involved, the kids call out to Shinko. "Shh, settle down kids." Gyokutei's face is a
little bit stiff. Shinkouhyo looks... a bit scary...
"Kiss?" A dangerous smile passed Shinko's lips. Princess Roushi seemed to have shuddered in
her dreams.
"Well then," Shinko continuec, "let my beloved Raikouben help 'kiss' away her spell." Waving
Raikouben over Roushi, he said in a low tone, "look, I know what you're pulling. When you bit
Raikouben it was controlled only to 2% of its normal power. There was no way it could harm you
at that level. But right's fixed to 100%, would you like to try it out?" As he said that,
he raised Raikouben over his head.
"I'm awake!" Roushi's figure bounced up from the bed and disappears backstage.
"Happy ending!"
Taking advantage of the period of shock that is currently passing through the childern, Houshin
theater group hurriedly comes onto stage to thank the audience, then at a spectacular speed,
packs up all the props (included wounded workers) and disappears into the far distance, leaving
a trail of unsettled smoke.
A few moments later... the children finally recovers and starts after them.
"No way! The prince has to kiss the princess!
<The two hiding in the tall bushes look leisurely at the disappearing crowds.
"It seems no one noticed that we were missing. ^^"
"Good. I want more cake and... that... " His face flushes as his finger points toward...
"All right. ^^">
Ho ho ho! the two darlings seem to have forgotten my existence. "Hey, my sweet little children,
there's a prince kissing a princess over here!  "

A's babblin:
Well.. what can I say? >_< WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I can't help it! =)
I personally love spoofs. Hehe... and of course, this is a sequel to "The Little Angel," part of
the "Fairy Tale Series." ^^...
Actually, the Chinese version of this story is the 1 years anniversary present I wrote for Deep
Blue and just decided to use it for my own one year present for everyone. ::nuclear fusion'ed::
I know I know... I'm really lazy. (gosh, and I'm doing this translation on Lunar New Year's Day
Anyway, regarding characters I honestly DID NOT think about Shinko/Roushi. It just turned out
this way. Hey, can you think of a better person for "sleeping Beauty" over Roushi? ^^ No right?
Besides, you can see where my "loyalty"lies by looking at the small details.. ho ho ho...

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