If you have any Houshin Engi related fiction, please send it in! I love recieveing such e-mails! *hearts*

Here are my rules:

1. Please don't send in anything unsuitable for children..R is ok, but please tell me the rating in the e-mail.

2. Include your name, e-mail, and if you have one( or if you want to mention) your website.

3. I repeat agin...NO HENTAI!

I know this may seem alot, but it's essential so that everyone can enjoy themselves at this site ^_^

Boku by nadeshiko A twisted and angsty fic. Dedicated to Aka-chan. YAOI

WISH by Aka Houshin Engi set in WISH storyline. YAOI

Sleeping Beautyby Aka Part of the fairy tale series. YAOI

Healing Hands by nadeshiko A sickenly sweet fic. AU. Taikoubou/ Fugen. YAOI

You Owe Me Nothing In Return by nadeshiko Angsty fic on the feelings about Fugen when he headed off to fight Bunchuu. YAOI. Taikoubou/Fugen.

Rain Song by nadeshiko A rather wistful fic featuring Shinkouhyou and Taikoubou. Angsty, and a tiny bit of romance involved. YAOI.


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