Let's just see how well you paid attention to the movie.
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Now for the questions:

1) What is the name of the "Hawaiian Burger Joint?"

2) Who plays Buddy Holly?

3) "The girl with all the shit in her face." What is her name?

4) What was the name of the pilot Mia Wallace starred in?

5) What type of soap does Vincent prefer to wash his hands with?

6) What does Jules call the guy lying on the couch?

7) What is the combination of Marsellus' briefcase?

8) What is the name of the book Vincent is reading throughout the movie?

9) What is Vincent's response this line from Lance: "Okay, you gotta bring the needle down in a stabbing motion."

10) Marsellus tells Butch that on the night of the fight, he might feel a slight sting. What is the sting Marsellus is talking about?

11) What is the Wolf's first name?

12) What is the punchine of Raven McCoy's joke?

13) "Que hora es?" means what in English?

14) What is the only thing Antwan Rockamora touched of Mia's and when was that?

15) What is Antwan's nickname?

16) If you get stopped by a cop in Amsterdam, what is it illegal for the cop to do?

17) How many people are in the hotel, including Marvin?

18) What kind of coffee was Jules expecting at Jimmy's house?

19) According to Vincent, what does Jules decide to be in the restaurant?

20) What is the name of the place where Jules, Vincent and The Wolf take the head Marvin and the car?

21) What does Mia snort that almost kills her?

22) What cartoon character is on Lance's shirt when he gets the call from Vince?

23) Finish the line: "Who's Motorcyle is this?" "It's not a motorcycle honey, it's a __________"

24) What happens a split second before Butch shoots Vincent?

25) What is your favorite quote in the movie? (There is no wrong answer to this)

After you hit the "submit" button, it will take you to a confirmation page. You can check your answers there. I will award the top people with awards. If you submit twice, you will be disqualified, so hit the submit query button only once, please.


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