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Born on: August 12, 1998

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This site is owned and operated by Chris Klongpayabal.

My name is Chris Klongpayabal. Welcome to my world. I decided to do this to see if other people are in love with movies as much as I am. I have put together a bunch of movie quotes from my favorite movies. Ranging from easy to hard, I have compiled a list of things that I think people should know. It ranges from Ben-Hur to Dead Man on Campus...so come on in, and check to see how good you really are! And don't forget to sign the guestbook!

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What's New!

January 3, 2002.

Look for updates soon! This site is about to undergo a revamping. Stay tuned, and visit often.

Rules of the Game

The rules are very simple. Each category has five questions. Just answer them to the best of your ability. NOTE: You should put something in every box, if you want to see what the answers were (they won't tell you the answers to ones you leave blank).
Also, please be sure you have a valid email address, so I can confirm that you are who you say you are. That's it. The quotes will change about once a month, so come back and check for new quotes. I will place your name on the Winner's Circle according to how well you did. Here is my formula:

Easy-Must answer 3 or more right to be eligible
Medium-Must answer 2 or more right to be eligible
Hard-Must answer at least one right to be eligible
Master-Must answer at least one right to be eligible

What's been updated:
Movie Quote Section -- June 29, 2001
Movie Questions Section -- June 23, 2001

thai_actor@yahoo.com Feel free to email me with any input you might have...Any certain movie you want me to include in the trivia?

Other Trivia Spots

A really cool site I stumbled across was www.movielinemania.com, which is a daily quote game. Ten quotes, for points. It's a fun way to test your knowledge.

For movie question games, go to Fun Trivia.com. They have many movie question games, created by users. Have fun!

I also came across a really fun site, www.movie-mistakes.com, in which you can send in mistakes in movies, like editing mistakes, or continuity. It's arranged really well. Check it out.

Here's a really cool quote game, at www.moviequote.net where you guess at quotes, and if you get it right, you get to replace it with a quote of your own!

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