Nick Holmes 


"Oh no! Not he! Benjamin is straighter than the tall bamboo tree!"

                                  This site is devoted to the wonderful actor/singer/dancer who did the role of

                                  Benjamin in the new video of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

* Update (OOH! Another One!))
Actually, a while ago I got Jesus Christ Superstar DVD, The day it came out! I put it on reserve!
*GRINS* Tony Vincent is beautiful as Simon, but oh yeah, that's my other page.
and you see him a lot. He's not one of "Herod's Boys" I don't believe, it doesn't list him
in the credits on the movie as one, though that is what it said in that list.
*Shrugs* But he's in it a lot more as a disciple (Not Apostle) of Jesus.
So he's around! :) Beautifully done!

* Update (Yes We Do Have Those)
Nick Holmes will be playing as an extra in the new up and
coming video version of "Jesus Christ Superstar". Don't get your
hopes up too high as he is simply an extra
but hey
You'll get to see him!!
To know when the release date is in your country go here.


Needless to say it was hard to find pics... that's him at the top left.

Here's another, he's the bottom left.


A parody sent to me by Cameo Anderson of Joseph based upon the Microsoft/Apple conflict.
This is great even if you're like me and not too big into the comp wars :)
The Parody

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                            Don't worry this page will get much much better in time. I just have to find more

                            information and pics... so if anyone knows or thinks anything... Please?!?!?!?!?!?



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