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I really like Magic Knight RayEarth and I think I've always promised to make a homepage
about it, but never had the chance, so, here, this is my page dedicated to Magic Knight RayEarth.

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Magic Knight RayEarth is about three girls, who're mysteriously transported to a weird planet and are told to fight for that planet's peace. They are called Magic Knights. One of them, is Hikaru (Luce), who has the power of fire, the other one is Umi (Marina), who has the power of water, and the third is Fuu (Anemone), who has the power of air. It starts when the three girls happened to be in the same place at the same time. Hikaru, was admiring the view on the telescope when she ran out of coins. Well, naturally, helpful Fuu gave her more coins since according to her, she has finished looking through the telescopes. Hikaru was about to thank her when she realized the girl who had given her the coins was already gone. She went to look for her and sort of ran into the girls from a very exclusive school where only the rich and famous were. She noticed the girl with long blue hair and thought she was very pretty. The girl with long blue hair was Umi, one of the richest and prettiest girls in their school. There was suddenly a bright light that enveloped the tower (where they were), and in a matter of minutes, Hikaru, Fuu, and Umi found themselves on top of a large flying object in a mysterious planet called Cefiro. They meet a person named Guru Cliff, who explains to them their mission - to stop the one who destroys the planet, the one called Zagato. They were given powers each and for their powers to get stronger, they would have to find RayEarth, Selece, and Windam, the beings who could improve their powers, and tell them a lot. Together, they fought and had lots of adventures, at the same time, learned the real value of friendship.


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