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The Rubicon.
Rubicon pix... I bought this beast new in January of 2003.  I think it was one of the first batches of Rubicons outa Toledo.  It was made in October 2002.  In fact I think my particular Rubi was used for local Auto shows.  They were only supposed to make 8000 of the buggers but they turned out so popular they opened the floodgates and now there's scads of 'em all over the place.   Rubicon shod with ugly winter meats
Follow along with my inane natterings..... Rubi with winter meats
March 29, 2006
This is the first entry as this is the first thing I've had to fix on the Jeep.   Overall, this has been a great vehicle.  Jeeps have come a looooong way since the CJs.

So, the first failure are the blasted sway bar links.   It's got 55K and the links are toast.  Mind you, this is a grocery getter right now; no abuse, just road miles,  I've only off roaded the thing several times.  (I won't go more until it's retired as my daily driver)
Anyway, I got some big clunks and disconcerting handling characteristics so I thought I'd replace 'em.
I priced new at Jeep and the dealer wants $55 ea.  Whoa.  I priced aftermarket Moogs at $37 ea.  And they're better too since they're greasable.  
Pop goes the weasel.
Rather disconcerting to drive
Notice BFH. half hour later....
Moog.  Made in Canada, with poly bushings made in USA. Love those zerk fittings.
a nice ride.
Well, that's it fer now.  
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Dave Miles
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