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The OTHER stuff

This is the other page of cars trucks clunkers and  junkers.

For the thrill and enjoyment of all, here is the first entry, my brother's Firebird, or, as he likes to refer to it,  THE FIRETURD.
Firebird Formula
the rear of the Firebird Formula
This is a....ahhhhhhm....73?  Firebird from Arizona.  Pretty much rust free but burnt to a crisp from the Arizona desert sun.  In fact, it used to be yellow.  Ha ha.  It now has a screaming 428 under the hood and it looks goooooood.  Also a 12 bolt posi upgrade.   Yea, yea, pictures to come.....

Below is a pic of the 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger I owned in the early 90's.  This car was PERFECT.  NO rust.  That was the original paint.  It was a 318 V-8, auto, 71/4 rear with flared drums, column shift, black bench interior. Came with the small bolt pattern rally wheels too.  I put in 340 dual exhaust and found a pair of 340 exhaust tips for 20 bucks at a swap meet (not pictured).  Recently I saw some Chrysler A body exhaust tips at a swap meet and the guy wanted 250 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I loved that car.  But it wasn't too good in the snow, and it always conked out and had to be started with manual opening of the crappy carter 2V carb choke.  I couldn't afford to upgrade to electronic ignition.  Not a terribly practical car for a daily driver when the kids started to show up. 

My ol' beloved Dodge Dart

This is a 1950 Willys Jeep CJ3A I just picked up.  I love these old flatties.  I've known about this Jeep for a few years, and they were finally given to me.  The other is a '83 DJ (Postal Jeep)  Click on it to see a bigger pic.  Fun stuff!  
The ol' Flattie with a cool Koenig superhalf cab
It's got a Koenig Super half cab.  Glass shot out by kids according to reports.  I love a challenge.  
back view of the ol flattie
More to come...
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November 10, 2006

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