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Pontiac Historical Services  This company researches your Pontiac and documents it's pedigree.
Pioneer Valley GTO Association  This is the club I joined.
Bethel's Goat Farm  A California outfit which has been around for many years. 
Ames Performance Engineering  A great supplier of GTO / Pontiac parts.
Performance Years  A great supplier of GTO, Lemans and Tempest parts.  They feature a spectacular bulletin board/forum for Pontiac owners.
Kauffman Engineering  I have seen one of his engines in person.  All I can say is WOW.
1967 GTO.com  A very slick site
Summit Racing  Purveyors of a vast array of speed equipment.
Converting a Pontiac Safari from automatic to 4 speed  This guy performed a tricky automatic to manual swap in a big Pontiac.
4 gear trans  Muncie transmission rebuild kits and parts.
UltimateGTO.com  This site has thousands of GTO pictures as well as GTO related articles.
George Barris Customs  This is a great site!!  Turn up the sound for the opening page!!  George did the GTO Monkeemobile.
4 speed conversion  well, this is for chevelles, but it's a data point which may help
Automobile brochures  Tons of high res pictures of brochures and even some service manuals.  Quadrajet rebuild manual too.
http://57rustbucket.com/  This website features the restoration of 57 chevy.  Tons of pictures of sheet metal fab and welding.


Baystate Jeepers Club  These guys put on the Jeep Rally in Massachusetts. 
Rubicon Owners Forum
CJ-3B page  This page is fantastically detailed and an inpiration for simple yet impressive web page design.  And the ol' Jeeps are great!
Tom Woods Driveshaft  This company makes great quality driveshafts for a great price. 
Advance Adapters  Makers of all sorts of Jeep equipment, including Engine swap, transmission swap, steering conversion components
Novak  These guys also make engine and transmission conversion stuff for Jeeps. 
Mepco4x4  This company sells Jeep stuff.  I bought a GM conversion radiator for my Jeep from them years ago.

Webpage Stuff

Document made with Nvu Nvu software  This company offers free web authoring software, yep, even for windows.  Related to Firefox.
http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/  This is the firefox browser.  I really like using this browser.  My favorite is the tabs so you can look at multiple pages at once.
HTML lessons:
www.thefreecountry.com  lots of tips and tutorials
www.thesitewizard.com  a sister site to "thefreecountry"

Other Stuff

www.stellarium.org  Do you like astronomy?  I found this wicked cool FREE (open source) star program which shows you the night sky on your computer.  You can set it to any date, or just keep it real time.  Find constellations.  Zoom up on Messier objects.  Very beautiful graphics.  Even has meteors.

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Dave Miles
November 2004

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