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1983 Jeep Scrambler CJ-8  Beautiful RedI've loved CJs for years.  My interest in Jeeps started when I saw the new Scrambler for the first time on an AMC Jeep dealer lot in my hometown in the early eighties.  I remember thinking they were a bit odd looking actually.  But, the seed was planted in my brain, and I grew to really like Scramblers, especially since they were not too common.

In 1989, on my daily commute to work, I passed a used car lot on which a certain 1983 Scrambler sat for months.  As time passed, I thought it may be nice to upgrade from my Datsun B210 beater.  I finally checked it out, and found it to be a very clean rust-free specimen with low miles.  So, I bought it for $3900.  What a blast that truck was. After a few years, I sold it to help buy a house.  Ahhh, regrets.

So in '95, I searched for another Scrambler.  I never found a good candidate, so I picked up a1981 CJ-7 Painted International Green trashed CJ-7 to play with.  I never used it for a daily driver, but just tinkered and had fun with it.  Check out my pages of my experiences with fixes and mods, with a big emphasis on being CHEAP.  I never have had big bucks for my projects, so I've always made do with stock configurations, which entails lots of trips to boneyards and swap meets.  Lots of patience too!

After 8 years the rust monster started to win the battle.  I just couldn't justify getting a new frame.  I decided to get a 2003 Wrangler Rubicon.  What a nice truck.  I haven't done a thing to it and I really have no immediate plans.  The only thing I've done is put spacers under the seats.  They're a lot lower than the CJ seats.  The whole truck is lower than the ol' CJ too.  Someday I'll give it a boost.  As nice as the Rubicon is, I really miss my old CJ.  In a way, it was much more fun to drive. 

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Jeep Etcetera:

1981 Factory Photo Jeep CJ-7

This is a factory photo of a 1981 CJ-7 with the Renegade package.  Gotta Love that original look with the lever door handles and wagon wheels.  You don't see nice ORIGINAL CJ-7s much anymore.

2001 Jeep Rally in Shrewsbury Massachusetts

The old CJ-2As and CJ-3As and CJ-3Bs are really cool.  This photo is from 2001 at the Jeep Rally in Shrewsbury Massachusetts.  This event is put on by Baystate Jeepers.

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