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About Squid's Fab Shop

The name

When I was a burgeoning teenager motorhead, the Squid's Fab Shop moniker was coined by my buddies who marveled at my tenacity at fabricating body panels with a bare minimum of tools for my old Plymouth Belvedere.  I made all my panels with a vise, tin snips, wood forms and a couple of pairs of pliers.  I'll try to dig up some old pics. 
We also did quite a few motor swaps in my parents tiny garage on 60's Firebirds, Camaros, Mustangs, MG's.  We were on Main St.  So everyone always knew what we were up to.

Web page building tool

I started out with a webpage on my Jeeps in 1999.  I had just completed a very low budget CJ-7 rebuild and I thought it would be cool to get a page up on the web.  There were a few things I had done that I was proud of so I wanted to show it off with a webpage.  That site lanquished for a few years and since then I've gotten some new projects going. 
So, these pages were created to help fellow automotive enthusiasts with their projects.  I'm certainly no expert, but along the way I came across information which could be helpful to others.  For instance, I recently was looking for information about rebuilding a Muncie transmission and I had a hard time finding good pictures on the internet, so I wrote up my own page with a bunch of pictures.  Hopefully some will find it useful.

My first attempt at creating pages was done with Microsoft Frontpage Express.  This is a very basic WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web page creator included in Windows 98 first edition.  It can be found for free download from various sites around the internet.  Basically, this sort of program allows you to build pages without having to learn html code.

Recently, I found another WYSIWYG web page program called Nvu.  It is also free and although a bit buggy, it's pretty nice to use when you get over a learning curve.  I like the tables feature the best; it allows you to structure the pages to look much more "professional" looking.

And the banner was made with MS powerpoint.  Saved as a .tif, then put into photoshop and saved as a high quality .jpg

Server space

I've put these pages up on www.geocities.com which is owned by Yahoo.   I didn't spend a lot of time looking for a web hoster, so I just stayed with what I chose in 1999.  They offer 15 M bytes of free web space.  But their ads are getting a bit more intrusive.  Now I notice they leave a couple of pop ups while visiting.  Sorry about that, but that's the "price" you pay to have free web hosting.


I welcome any questions or comments you have.  Email me at this address shown below.  Sorry for the jpeg, but I'm trying to avoid the incessant spammers with their scanning software.
my email address

Link to my site:

If you have a Jeep or Pontiac GTO oriented web site and you'd like to link to my site, please do!  Let me know and I'll link to your site too.  Links to and from web sites helps give them higher rankings in search engines. 

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