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1968 Pontiac GTO Convertible

Front 3/4 of the 68 GTO
(Click the pics to see large size)

What's new:  Dyno results for the KRE engine

This is a nice example of a fellow enthusiasts 1968 GTO convertible.  This car has been restored and looks stock from the outside, but is currently being "restified" with some upgrades to the drivetrain and suspension.
Side View of the 68 GTO
The beak of the Goat Originally a burgundy color, the car was painted black during it's restoration.  The Red Gut of the 68 GTO
Kauffman Engineering 400 CID Pontiac Power The engine has been swapped out for a Kauffman Racing Engineering unit.  I don't know the exact details, but it is a 400 with the KRE aluminum heads.  This sucker puts out 440 or so HP.  It runs quietly with no fuss and almost no lope to the idle.    

I took this car for a spin and I can tell you it MOVES.  There is a traction issue however.  HA. 
Dyno Chart

I looked the car over while it was on a lift to see how the clutch setup works and took some snaps:

Drivetrain detail  

The car features a lakewood bellhousing with a centerforce clutch.  The muncie trans is stock and seems to be holding up fine.

As mentioned in my 67 GTO pages, the 68 GTO is probably the easiest GTO to swap to a 4 speed.  A complete bolt in.

Note the Pypes crossover exhaust system.  It is bolted in waiting to be welded up.
Dougs Headers with clutch linkage

Convertible frame 1968 GTO Also shown is the frame on the 1968 GTO convertible.  You can see the sets of holes for the automatic location, and the manual trans location.  The '68 frame has clearance holes to access the holes on the top of the frame.  You can also see the holes in the outer frame rail which is all the hardtop cars have. Z bar frame tab

The Crew
These pictures were taken during some tweaking of the new motor installation.  While working it was determined the stud in the bellhousing needed to be adjusted to push the clutch fork out.  With a team of 4 people the transmission was on the floor in 12 minutes.  I was impressed. Goat in pieces

Not shown is the 12 bolt posi rear end.  Also installed are heavier duty springs and a rear sway bar with polyurethane bushings.   A quick ratio steering box from Ames Performance also contributes to vastly improved handling.

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Dave Miles
November 24, 2004

Updated January 20, 2005

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