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My 1967 GTO

This 'site features the rebuild and restoration of a CJ-7, CJ-8, 1967 Pontiac GTO, and a minibike.

I love working on cars and anything with a gasoline engine and  I thought it would be great to share some of my experiences.  Please check out the pages and feedback is appreciated.

Auto to Manual Swap

Muncie 4 speed Rebuild

1968 Pontiac GTO

1967 Ram Air GTO Story

What's new:
GTO trunk

January 3, 2009
There is a new domain for these webpages:

www.squidsfabshop.com  You'll have to go manually since GeeeOHCiteeez won't let me link out.

By going to the new website, there should be no more issues with exceeded bandwidth, so you can surf the 'site without getting cut off.  These pages (the geocities pages) will be taken down in the near future so please update your links.  The new website is being rolled out, so please be patient with updates.  Thanks!

GTO wheel well patches under way
Jeep Main page

CJ-7 Year 1-4

CJ-7 Year 5-8

CJ-8 Scrambler

Ford V-8 in CJ-7

The Rubicon

Minibike Rebuild

Fall, 2006
I've come into two Jeeps.  I didn't want to see them towed to the boneyard.  The keeper (I'm crazy) is a 1950 CJ3A with a half cab.  It's wicked cool....See the "Other Rods" page.

March, 2006
Never posted a Jeep entry.  The Rubicon sway bar links gave up the ghost.  What a crappy design.  The end popped right out of the socket.  I'm sure some bean counter changed the design from a greasable joint to a hard rubber sealed unit.  Moog aftermarket parts are nicer and cheaper than Jeep parts.

Popped sway bar link
Other Rods

1968 GTO page
Site Map
Warning!  Sometimes the bandwidth of this site is exceeded and you will get locked out.  You'll have to try back in an hour....Geocities (the host) allows a limited bandwidth per hour, so if you're checking out the pages alot, it'll shut down with a message saying "bandwidth exceeded".  Just come back in an hour or so.  Until I get and pay for my own domain, that's the deal.

Minibike Rebuild


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