The Witches' Sabbats, by Mike Nichols
Introduction to the Sabbats
Wheel of the Year
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The Death of LLew
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A Witch By Any Other Name
(The Great Wicca vs. Witchcraft Debate)

Mark Twain on 'The Witches' Rede'

The Ever-Widening Circle
A New Pattern Glimpsed in the Holidays

A Pagan Carmina Gadelica
Part 1: Invocations
Part 2: Seasons

Other Articles

About Mike Nichols (my publisher's site)
The Pentagram
Rethinking the Watchtowers
Old Guard Paganism
Celtic Numerology
Come-Ons at Pagan Festivals
An Irish Myth Concordance
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The Finer Points of Ritual
Looking for God in Unusual Places
The Ethics of Love Spells
A Pagan Perspective On Matthew Fox
Two Witches: A Craft Fairy Tale
A Neo-Pagan Filmography
Witchcraft & Law Enforcement
Witchcraft Reading List
Conversation on The White Goddess
Paganism & Pornography

Interview with Mike Nichols
from the Sept, 2005 c.e. "The Wiccan / Pagan Times" online journal [external link]
Interview with Mike Nichols
from the Oct, 2001 c.e. "Goat and Candle" online journal [external link]
Mike's Library
A full-text reference library on
Witchcraft, Mythology, and Folklore!
Ten Years Gone
the View from Heartland
of a Changing Pagan Community


Mike's Personal Links
~ all my non-Pagan interests ~
The Witches' Voice The Pagan Library
Tryskelion Mama Rose's Kitchen

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"Wheel of the Year" illustration by Joseph A. Smith
(from the book "Witches" by Erica Jong)

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