Why I Love Judy
    So why do I love Judy? The reason I love Judy is that she was so filled with happiness. Meaning she was happy with her life and she lived it day by day, a step at a time except of corse when she practically committed suicide..
Do you know how many Websites you find when you search for "Judy Garland?" millions and millions.
Everyone knows who Judy Garland is, or at least should know. But my friend Emily, she doesn't even know who Judy Garland is neither does any other of my friends, so I'm happy I know who she is. When I think of Judy is when I'm listening and singing to her music. To me it is nice and peaceful. I usually go in my room, put the cd in the cd player and listen to her music. Did I mention I can sing
Just like her? I can. I discovered this "talent" when I was watching "The Wizard of Oz." Just about after the part
were Judy sings "Over the Rainbow" I say to myself, I have this cd, I think I should listen to it.
So that is exactly what I did. I took the cd, put it in the player. Copyed down the words to "Over the Rainbow"
And sang with the cd. "Oh, my gush." I said. "I can't belive it," "all this time I could sing like Judy Garland and
I didn't even know it!" So I moved on to bigger and better things. I memorized more and more Judy Garland
songs, I almost know them all! But then I put in the "Gigi" cd. "Wow" again, I said, "Now I know I can sing like Betty Wand (who did the voice in "The Night They Invented Champegne", and "The Pairisians" for Leslie Caron)
so I memorized Oklahoma songs, Gigi songs, My fair lady song, and any other musicals you can think of.
And that's my story.
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