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historic simpsons how to draw anime html help cartoons download snesrooms and emulator
What's New?
        I am finally updating my site it has been a couple weeks since I have done any updating I am going to do some work not much though remeber to go to this site to talk to me personally
forums.davidmercer.com I will be there.

       When I thought I couldn't do better i just got permision to have downloadable games on my site from Gitex.com. and have some new
snes rooms and emulators for them.
Now I have a new
html stating site which will start you with html
       I have even added a catoon section these
cartoons i created any suggestion plz contact me!!!!!!!!!
Right now I have just produced a page about
how to Draw Anime

I have been working on page for the past 6 years and have learned all types of tricks and have given tips. My pages are meant for all ages and ethic types.But right now my how to do html is being redone.
Contact me
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Ask for an Web Page Help or building.
Dont forget to leave info like E-mail and other info like web page address.
A Little About What I Do

I make how to guides for anime still at work on the how to draw anime bodies.
Last update September 1 2004
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