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SERCOM has proven to be a very good alternative for STDIO when programming controllers like 89c1051/2051, which puts a lost of emphasis on CODE size.
Functions :
serial_ini BAUD, Fosc(MHz) void serial_ini( 19200, 11.0592 ); macro for initializing com port
para : 8 bits, 1 Stop bit, using Tmr1
sendstr char * void sendstr( "To test SERCOM" ); sends a string via com port
senduchar UBYTE void senduchar( 23 ); sends an unsigned short int
sendch char void sendch( '#' ); sends a single character
waitstr char * void char name[20];
waitstr( name );
waits for string terminated by CR or 
LF character
waituchar UBYTE * void uchar i;
waituchar( &i );
waits for an unsigned short int termin
-ated by a CR or LF character
waitch void char char ch;
ch = waitch( );
waits for a single character

Code & Time efficiency :
SERCOM library functions produce smaller CODE sizes and also execute at faster rates.
#include <reg51.h>
#include <sercom.h>

void main( )
data char i = 34;
serial_ini (19200,11.0592);
sendstr ("\nThis is the value of i :");
senduchar ( i );

#include <reg51.h>
#include <stdio.h>

void main( )
data char i = 34;
PCON |= 0x80;  /* 19200 Baud setting */
TH1 = 0xFA;
printf ( "\nThis is the value of i :%d", i );

CODE SIZE 532 Bytes 843 Bytes
EXEC. TIME 2.464237 ms 4.615968 ms

note : For ease of operation sercom.obj was included in the C51s.lib file of the Franklin's C 
( ProView 32) & the sercom.h was put under the inc folder. SERCOM works well with the Franklin's ProView, In case you are using any other compiler and you find that you are not able to link with the Object file (sercom.obj), Please mail me at MichaelAnburaj@hotmail.com

Download Sercom.zip


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