Embedded Technology

Complete Solution

My preference :
80c31, 80c32 Intel Very large External Single Board External flash used
P80c592 Philips Very large External Single Board Embedded CAN
8 * 10 bit ADC
89c51, 89c52 Atmel Large Internal Single Chip Flash easy to program
89s8252 Atmel Large Internal Single Chip ICSP ( Incircuit
Serial Programmable ) Flash
89c1051, 89c2051 Atmel Small Internal Single Chip LED drive Outputs
Analog comparator used as ADC
87c749 Philips Small Internal(UV) Single Chip 5 channel, 8 bit ADC

Virtual Peripherals :
PWM : multi-channel, 8 bit Pulse width modulator
I2C : I2C master compliant with Philips

Code Libraries :
SERCOM : serial communication routines used in C instead of STDIO routines for better code efficiency.

Real time kernels :

Projects :

Micro controller Embedded Technology Real time O S CowBull Game
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