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uCOS-II Priority based preemptive RTOS -by Jean Labrosse uC/OS-II official site
8051 port done by Gianpaolo Macario www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Pines/5004
8051/251 port done by Rene Voorberg uCOS port to 8051/8052 and 80C251
FreeRTOS A portable, open source, mini Real Time Scheduler http://www.FreeRTOS.org

Embedded :

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Embedded A magazine for Embedded Technology www.embedded.com
eLABTRONICS PICmicro Programmer/Controller & more... www.elabtronics.com

Electronics :

Datasheet Archive Search engine for electronic component datasheets The Datasheet Archive
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Engineers.com The Engineers' Club The Engineers' Club - Online Resources

Home Pages :

Arul Raj Classmate At Karunya Institute Of Technology Home Page
Max Jaison Classmate At Karunya Institute Of Technology max-jayapaul.n3.net
S Arumugam Colleague At HCL Technologies Tutorials

Micro controller Embedded Technology Real time O S CowBull Game
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