Embedded Technology


Embedded software development is different from the normal SW development, mainly because the process is usually mission critical. Also the compactness of the HW (Usually Single chips) puts in a lot of constrain on Code size, which makes the SW more challenging.

This could further be divided into major categories:

1. SW development overlying above an Operating System (RTOS) -High end sol.
2. Independent SW development managing the complete HW -Low end Sol.

Embedded Programming Languages?

This presentation brings the facts about the aptness of C language for High level Embedded SW development. C or Java

The tougher way :

High reliability - Software embedded inside the Chip
High Speed - No mechanical storage media
Less Space - Mostly Single chip
Low cost - Use of OTP controllers
Rugged - Can work under extreme conditions
Highly Specific - Special purpose machines

Download embedded system software profile document

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