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The CowBull Game 
To begin a new game < strobe to start >, the computer stores a random number.
Then key in any 4 digit number ( your guess ) in the Edit box provided.
Once you have keyed in your Number the Status boxes show the Number of Cows & Bulls that you have hit.
- Each Cow corresponds to a digit match with the positions being different.
- Each Bull corresponds to a Perfect digit match with the positions being same.
With the above feedback try to find the correct number, till you get 4 Bulls.
And finaly when you have made the Perfect Match, the Number of Attempts you had taken gets recorded in the Hall of Fame Register.

You also have settings for choosing the Number of Digits for play, other than the default 4 digit < Game, Game settings, ... >

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Download Cowbull1.0.zip


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