Persians from Mewssouri
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Updated Nov 24, 2002

Thank you for visiting Persians From Mewssouri. We are located 40 miles south of Kansas City, Missouri on 20 acres of trees and wildlife. Our cats share their home with five dogs, a pot bellied pig, a miniature donkey, two hens and a llama. Animals have always been an important part in my life and this is why I chose to breed and show top quality persians. Their outstanding beauty and disposition made them an easy breed to choose. The artistry of grooming and the challenge of the show ring got me "hooked" quickly.

Many of our cats are raised underfoot. Our males are confined in runs that allow them to run, jump and climb and be on the floor. There are no small cages here. Kittens are born in our bedroom so that they can be monitored closely and to assist in their socialization. All of our cats respond to their names, are affectionate and content. They are fed a diet of raw meat, vitamins and dry kibble. They are bred for type, health and temperament. Producing show quality persians is our aim but occasional pets are available to loving homes. Interested in a Persian From Mewssouri? We are experienced in shipping and welcome your inquiries!

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