My Latest Project...
The Sig Skybolt
This is my Sig Skybolt project that I started Feb 2, 2002. It will be powered by an OS max 61FX and will be covered in a red, white and blue color scheme. Check back to see the progress. If you have any advice on this project, please email me by clicking here:
Day 1, Feb 2, 2002. Basic fuselage frame up
Day 2, Fuselage nearly complete
Wingspan: 51" Length:42.5"
Weight: 6.5 lbs. Engine: .60
Day 3, Bottom Wing taking shape
Day 4, Bottom wing done
Day 5, Cabane Strut (also known as, %&$#@$!!). This is probably the step where most modelers question their interest in this hobby. Skybolt was almost shelved 3 times during this step. 3 words to remember when considering a biplane
Day 6. Top wing coming together. Still realing from the cabane strut fiasco! Almost time to start thinking about color schemes!
Day 7. Top wing and all ailerons complete. Everything is basically done except for finishing the wing mounting hardware setup, Radio and engine installation. And, oh yeah...covering! Feeling better about this project.
Day 8. Top wing covered.
Day 9. Top and bottom wing covered, struts done. Aileron linkage installed. Moving on to fuselage and tail surfaces. Getting there!
Day 10, Covering almost complete, flight controls hinged and pushrods/pull-pull system installed.
Day 11, Radio, landing gear and engine installed. Cowling has been cutout and being painted. Next picture will be of a completed Skybolt!!!
My Skybolt was finished on Feb 19th 2002. To see the pics....
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