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Major Alliance Education Centre (MAEC) is a Non Governmental Organization which is registered with REG.NO 05NGO/1895 under the Tanzanianís NGOís Section 12(12) Act NO 24 of 2002.It was officially registered 0n 22 Jan, 2007.It is doing its activities in Kagera region and its main office is located in Bukoba Municipal. MAEC was found to promote youthís rights.
MAECís mission is to provide necessary care and support to community members in their efforts to fight against AIDS epidemic, drug abuse, hunger and poverty with much emphasis to marginalized groups in the society particularly youth, women and children.
The vision of MAEC is to have a free society from poverty, AIDS impact and drug abuse. MAEC operates on the values that include but not limited to commitment, charity, responsibility, dedication, transparency and accountability.
MAEC is a member for Bukoba NGOsNetworks, that is BUNGOC, also is a member of Kagera Network that is KANGONET.Apart from that MAEC is a member for TEN, that is Tanzania Education Network.MAEC meets with other organizations to discuss activisms topics and to share other views

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