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Spoilers for all the shows

TV Guide Previews
This page includes brief spoilers for all soaps. A good spot to go to if you just want bare previews for the next week of many shows. The NBC previews are usually lacking in comparison to those for the other network's shows. Also includes news items and articles for all soaps on TV Guide Soaps main page. Updated every Friday.

Spoiler Central
Links to most of the major spoiler sites for each soap. Not all of the links are the best but, if you are looking to find one or two of the best spoiler pages, they do include links to some great sites.

Daytime Central
News, rumors, and spoilers for all soaps.

Formerly known as Turtle Run. Their spoilers have a little more meat to them than some other sites and they often "out scoop" other spoiler sites. Their comfortably sized spoilers are official so they are accurate. Spoilers for all soaps. Portions of the site are only available to paid subscribers.

Yahoo Soap City
Brief spoilers for each soap. Official, so it's always accurate.Updated weekly.

Day by day and detailed spoilers for all soaps. Usually updated weekly.

Soap Opera Spoilers
Day by day and weekly spoilers for all soaps can be found here. They are a nice length and depth and are updated weekly.

The Grainger Report
Spoilers in a message board format. Special spoiler forums are sometimes closed to non-members. Excellent spoiler selection for every soap opera. Updated daily.
Weekly brief spoilers for each soap are posted here. Click on the show to find the spoilers. Usually updated each week.

All Soap Scoops
News, casting news, spoilers, and rumors for each soap are posted here weekly by Deborah. Click on the show to find the spoilers, etc.

Yahoo Group for all soaps, filled with spoilers (and recaps) that are posted daily. Must join the group to view and post (free.)

The Steam Room
SoapBoy's rumor board. Ask him questions in the Ask SoapBoy forum and get the rumors from him for soaps from all networks. Updated daily.

Soap News & Scoops
Very hot board filled with news, scoops inside info, and rumors from Weirdwend and her pals. Check in every day for tons of spoilers.

Spoiled with Spoilers
AMC, Passions, and DOOL Spoilers are all here. Storyline spoilers for AMC, and day-by-day (very detailed for two weeks) for Passions and DOOL. Excellent and consistently updated every week. Uses
backup page for spoilers when needed.

Soap Notes: The Way We Were  
Spoilers, and links to the hottest spoilers, rumors and news of the moment, are posted in Dave's message board's "Spoilertown, USA" sections almost daily. Very, very, cool place to read spoilers and post your own. But I'm biased, because I'm the one who usually posts these spoilers and links!

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NBC Spoilers

Dustin's DOOL Page
This site has very detailed weekly spoilers, storyline spoilers, rumors, and casting updates. Each of these sections are updated at least once a week, so you have to check in every day to find out all the scoops for DOOL. The spoilers on this site are almost always accurate, and the rumors have an excellent reputation. This is one site that no self-respecting DOOL fan should miss!

The Early Edition
Formerly called "The Spoiler 3", they still give you tomorrow's DOOL episode, today! It is one site you have to see to believe. They post a very long, detailed, and accurate description of the next day's episode. It is almost like a transcript given to you in advance. Also includes archives, which can be viewed as very detailed recaps. A great place to go when you just have to know every detail of what will happen on tomorrow's show, or if you missed today's episode. Updated daily.

Kim's DOOL News, Rumors, Gossip, & Spoilers
DOOL news, rumors, gossip, and spoilers (just like the title) all in a message board. Usually updated daily.
DOOL news and spoilers (from NBC site) can be found here. Usually updated each week. 

DOOL Fans Spoilers & Scoops
Lots of storyline spoiler tidbits can be found here on this page of the DOOL site. Updated weekly.

Scroll down for links to Deborah's brief storyline spoilers in a message board format. Her spoilers often outscoop other sites. There is also a link to sign up for her free spoiler newsletter.

Soap City: DOOL
News, tomorrow's brief spoilers (Next on DOOL) and brief storyline spoilers (Forecasts) can all be found here on this official DOOL site. I guess that would mean that their spoilers have to be accurate!

Jason47's Days Website
Includes casting news, contract status lists, brief previews of the next days episode, and his unique storyline previews for each character. Updated daily.

Salem Gossip
DOOL storyline spoilers and rumors in a brief list format. Updated less often than many others.

Salem Enterprise
Spoilers for the week.

Canadian spoilers in the form of captures of DOOL Marlena scenes from tomorrow's US episode.

Sami & Lucas Second Chances
Spoilers for DOOL's Sami & Lucas. Two weeks worth or spoilers are posted weekly on the Spoiler page, and occasionally Alison Sweeny (Sami) herself will post inside information on their message board.

Dustin's Passions Page
Very detailed weekly spoilers, storyline spoilers, rumors, and casting information are posted at least once per week here. Just like Dustin's DOOL site, it is a must see for all Passions fans. All information is pretty accurate, and you have to stop by every day because you never know when the big scoop will be posted.

Passions Central
This site includes day by day weekly spoilers, storyline spoilers, news, and rumors from a variety of sources. Very nice site. Slow to load (like Soap Links!) Usually updated weekly.

World of Passions
Passions day by day and storyline spoilers, news, casting news, long range spoilers, and rumors for this week and next. Updated daily.

Jen's Passions Page
Passions news, day by day spoilers, and detailed spoilers from various sources. Very comprehensive collection.

Passions For Life
Day by day spoilers on main site and more spoilers posted on their message board (requires registration to view.) Message board also includes very detailed Day Ahead spoilers. Updated daily.

Explore Passions
Day by day for this week nad next plus additional spoilers for Passions. Updated daily.

Passions Weekly Digest
Yahoo group that sends the Passions spoilers, news, and related info directly to your e-mail (or you can view it at the site if you join) every week. Message board membership required.

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ABC Spoilers

Eye On Soaps
For GH, OLTL, and AMC, this site has news and detailed storyline spoilers. All storyline spoiler pages are available in an easy to print format, very convenient for those who like to read their spoilers to the family at the dinner table. For rumors and eloquent opinions read Sage's Rumors. It is posted in a diary format and includes info on AMC, GH, and OLTL. He updates almost every day, so check often- you won't be sorry! Sage also has a board called Sage's Message Board to discuss his spoilers and rumors.

Soaptown USA
Day by day and weekly scoops, casting news, and rumors are all included for all ABC soaps in this magazine style spoiler site. Updated frequently. Site features SoapBoy's
Dirty Laundry a weekly column featuring ABC soap rumors and gossip.
Hosted by Karen, formerly of the now defunct Gedstern GH spoiler site. Includes scoops, rumors, news, exclusive star interviews, and humor.

GH Fans Scoops & Spoilers
News, long and detailed spoilers, and day by day spoilers can be found here on the GH site. Updated weekly.

General Hospital Happenings
Day by day and detailed storyline spoilers, news, casting news, rumors, and gossip for GH are posted here. Not an insider info source like Gedstern, but a good back up site. Usually updated each week.

Spoilers, rumors, and news for GH added just about every day. Very pretty site.

General Hospital Rocks!!!!!!
Fresh and wild, a GH site that's tons of fun.  It's pretty, with nice pics, & it is well organized. It contains news, casting news, and weekly, day by day and storyline spoilers. Also includes some OLTL daily and storyline spoilers. All updated weekly. Come and check this one out!

The Sonny & Carly Website
GH news, rumors, and spoilers can be found here. The spoilers are day by day and storyline for the whole show, but mainly for GH characters Sonny & Carly. This site looks pretty and their spoilers are great. Usually updated weekly.

Wicked Games
This site is also dedicated to GH couple Sonny & Carly. Their spoilers cover Sonny & Carly's plots only. They usually update their spoilers each week.

Llanview Online
OLTL spoilers, rumors, and casting information are all detailed here. Not updated consistently.

The Llanview Banner
Included here are spoilers, casting updates, and gossip for OLTL fans. This site is usually updated weekly.

OLTL Scoops & Spoilers
Detailed OLTL spoilers and casting news from Updated weekly.

One Life To Live Fans
Weekly spoilers for OLTL.

Sonny's Scoops & Stuff
Very detailed spoilers for AMC are posted here. They are usually updated weekly.

The Pine Valley Bulletin
Pretty detailed spoilers, news, and casting information for AMC can be found here. Usually updated weekly.

News, spoilers, and rumors for AMC are posted on this site at least weekly.

Meredith's Finola Hughes Page
Spoilers relating to AMC character Alex can be found here.

CBS Spoilers

Get Into It Soap Pages
Spoilers, rumors, news, and casting news for all the CBS soaps - ATWT, BB, YR, and GL. Very cool site. Updated weekly.

CBS Soapland
Spoilers posted daily for all CBS soaps. Message board forum, with spoilers posted on each soaps' board.

ATWT News & Previews
This site has spoilers, casting updates, and news items for ATWT. Usually updated weekly.

As The World Turns
Included here are ATWT spoilers and casting news from varied sources (magazines and other sites.) It's really nice one stop shopping, hopefully they have permission from their sources! Updated weekly.

Paul Leyden
Although this site is dedicated to ATWT's Paul Leyden (Simon) the spoilers and casting news here cover all characters and plot lines (Simon's dead but the spoilers go on!). Here you'll find an excellent selection of ATWT spoilers from many print and net sources.

Paulas ATWT Page
ATWT spoilers are updated here weekly.

Soap City: ATWT
This official ATWT site from Columbia/Sony includes spoilers.

The Official ATWT Fan Club
News and casting info related to ATWT can be found here.

Toni's YR Spoiler Site
Contains brief, viewer submitted spoilers, rumors, and scoops for Y&R. Highlights include Tomorrow's Show Today, very detailed spoilers from Canada (where they are a day ahead with the CBS soap). Site usually updated weekly.

The Genoa City News
Also called YR News, this site contains very detailed Y&R and B&B spoilers and news items in a cool newspaper style. Features include News Brief, their very detailed tomorrow's show today section. Usually updated daily.

The Young and The Restless Watchers Anonymous
YR spoilers and rumors can be found in the Crystal Ball Prediction section.

Genoa City Gazette
Here you'll find Canadian recaps (Tomorrow's Tales, spoilers for us in the US.) These are posted on the day before the episode airs here. Also included here are Gazette Gossip and spoiler tidbits.

YR Teens For You
Comfy sized weekly YR teen spoilers are posted here every week.

YR Teens
Formerly known as Walnut Grove Online and Mac & Billy Online, this site has YR teen related news, casting news, and spoilers.

Features daily Canadian 'day ahead' BB spoilers in the BarbS Spoilers section.

The Bold & The Beautiful
This site includes detailed spoilers and rumors for BB. Usually updated weekly.

Monique's B & B Fansite
Brief, weekly, BB spoilers and rumors are updated weekly.

Soap City: Guiding Light
Day by day, and brief storyline spoilers and news for GL.

GL spoilers posted daily in a message board format.

GL Fans 2000
News and spoilers for GL are posted in the "News & Updates" section weekly.

Guiding Light News & Previews
It has spoilers, casting updates and news items for GL. Similar to its sister ATWT site, it is not updated frequently enough.

Guiding Light Fan Club
The site for the official GL fan club includes news, casting news, & spoilers in the news section.

The Guiding Light Spoiler and Discussion Board
Spoilers for GL are posted here in a message board format in "The Springfield Update" section. Consistently updated.

GL Buzz Board
This site includes spoilers and rumors for GL  (and a little for ATWT, AMC, OLTL, & GH) in a message board format.

The Kim Zimmer Fan Club
This official site dedicated to GL's Kim Zimmer (Reva) includes casting news, and weekly spoilers. Spoilers are separated into Reva and Non-Reva related. All are equally represented and updated weekly.
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