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Our Purpose
We are a general resource page for parents who have experienced the death of a child.
We have many links to various support sites as well as informative sites for certain types of death.
We also offer links for Subsequent pregnancies, pregnancy in general and after pregnancy.
If we can be of any assistance please feel free to email us at

Now Please
Come On In
Lyde William "Little Billy" Ramsey IV
Grief and loss
Group B Strep
Just for dads
My Angels Story
Just for Preemies
Pregnancy after a loss
Memorials and Tributes
This entire site is under construction.
All pages have some content.
So please feel free to browse around and sign our guestbook...and remember if you would like an angel added to the memorial
email us with thier info: Name, DOB,DOD,site info and any messages that you would like to be added along with your contact info.
Angel Chelle

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