About Huskies

Siberian Huskies are in my opnion the greatest dogs. But they are definantly not for everyone! They are for active people who have sense of humor and are satisfied with the fact that they aren't always obediant. But the can be alot of fun! And they are indeed one of the most beautiful dogs as well. So if you the rough and tumbly down in the mud kind of person, who is a push when they gaze up at you with their big ice blue eyes then a husky is probably the dog for you.

What Huskies are.

Huskies are extremly intelligent and can be taught to do all sorts of neat tricks they are afterall very motivated by food! They can learn obediance but don't expect them to be perfect they like to do things their own way and will test you to see what they can get away with.

Huskies are hunters! If you have prexisting pets look out. My husky knocked over my rabbit pen and chased them all over the back yard until I caugt her (I literally had to dive to catch her because when those chase instincts kick in they won't even come for a biscuit!!) She killed a opossum almost caught a cat but it leaped over our fence at the last second. She has gone after skunks (but didn't get sprayed thank goodness) And my other husky Willow at 3 months old caught a crow and one of my hamsters (which I fortunantly saved from her jaws in the knick of time.) So be forwarned, huskies and other animals don't always mix, but they can get along with cats if brought up properly, start as young as possibly!!

Huskies are the most gentle creatures if you aren't a cat or a rabbit. They love kids and are very gentle towards them and even small puppies. This gentlness makes them terrible watchdogs!

Huskies are beautiful and come in a various array of colors from solid black to pure white. They even have various eye colors.

Huskies are supreme athletes! They love to run! If you own a husky or want to get one then some of your favorite activities should include: Hiking, jogging, biking, sking or rollerblading (for skijoring) mushing, and playing chase they love to be chased!

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